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Billboard Does Feature Story on
His Side with Glenn Sacks
June 14, 2005

The audio of  Sunday's His Side--"Bridges: Reuniting Daughters & Daddies"--can be heard by clicking here.

Do You Need a Website?

My company, Sacks Media Group, LLC, builds websites quicker, better and cheaper than the competition.  If you'd like a website for your business or professional practice but haven't had the time or money to devote to it, we can get you your own domain name, hosting, and website quickly and without hassle. If you're interested and would like to see examples, click here. We can also help you promote your business through our websites and our E-newsletter (10,000+ subscribers).

Will I See You at the Men's Equality Conference 2005?

I will be speaking at the 2005 Men's Equality Conference July 15 and 16 in Washington D.C.--to attend, click here. Also speaking will be Warren Farrell, Stephen Baskerville, Jack Kammer, Carnell Smith, and Dave Burroughs.  The 2005 Men's Equality Conference will be held 3 blocks from the US capitol.  For more information, visit www.TrueEquality.com.

Last year's conference was exceptionally well-done. My speech to the conference last year was The Future of the American Father.

As I noted on the air last week, I will not be able to attend the Families and Fathers Conference 2005  June 16-18 in Detroit, Michigan. However, I also support that conference--to learn more, click here.

Is Glenn Too Nice to Opposition Guests? I Respond to Criticism of His Side

Recently some His Side listeners have criticized me for being too nice to opposition guests, including during last week's show with feminist writer Amanda Marcotte. I responded to these criticisms at the beginning of the show last night--to listen, click here.

Billboard Does Feature Story on His Side with Glenn Sacks

Billboard Radio Monitor, a major radio trade publication, just ran a 1,250 word feature story plus photo on His Side with Glenn Sacks. The story appears on page 8 of the June 3 issue. This is significant because while His Side has probably  garnered more publicity in the mainstream media than any small show in radio, it is radio management who will in the end decide our fate.

To read the article, click here.  To comment to Billboard about the article, email radioletters@billboard.com.

Interactive Dad Magazine Does Feature Story on His Side with Glenn Sacks

Interactive Dad Magazine just did a feature article on me called 'Defender of the American Male'. To comment on the article, write to them at info@InteractiveDadMagazine.com.

Glenn to Appear on the Al Rantel Show

I will be appearing on the Al Rantel Show on KABC AM 790 in Los Angeles on Wednesday, June 15 at 8 PM. The call-in number is 1-800-222-KABC. You can listen live via the Internet here.

More "Deadbeat Dad" Lunacy

Many times on the show I have read from the "Top 10 Most Wanted Child Support Evaders" lists put out by various states. As I've pointed out many times, the lists are usually full of unskilled laborers who owe fantastic sums of money they could never hope to pay off. Virginia's new list has just been announced. Of the 11 so-called "deadbeats" on there, only one--an electrician--has a real job skill or marketable talent. Yet in the article Virginia announces 'Most Wanted' child support evaders the Bristol Herald-Courier comments with a straight face that a laborer "owes" $103,094, a carnival worker "owes" $59,337, and a construction worker "owes" $91,000. In most of these cases "deadbeat dads" are being manufactured by the family court system and the child support bureaucracy.

To hear me comment on a particularly egregious case, listen to my three minute radio commentary on the Francis Borgia child support case. To learn more about the issue, see my co-authored columns It's Child Support Guidelines that Need Surgery, Not 'Deadbeat Dads' (Cincinnati Post, Kentucky Post, 5/12/04),   New Study Shows Child Support Guidelines in Need of Reform (Daily Breeze [Los Angeles], 6/20/04) and Divorced from Reality on Child Support (Newark Star-Ledger, 9/6/02)

Families and Fathers Conference 2005

The conference will be held June 16 -18 in Detroit, Michigan. Speakers include:  ACFC President Stephen Baskerville; family law attorney Jeffrey Leving Dr. Ned Holstein of Fathers and Families of Massachusetts; Dr. Stephen Walker of Families in Transition, Carnell Smith of US Citizens Against Paternity Fraud; and others. To learn more about the conference, click here.

The Dakapa Handbook is the story of how a father's love for his children enables him to create an adventure that will forever bond them together. Written by Tom Whelan, The Dakapa Handbook  is a feel good story based on the backdrop of a bitter divorce proceeding. Whelan's ingenious use of sarcasm and wit will make you both laugh and cry. To order the book, click here.

If you're a man struggling with relationships, depression, anger or anxiety, the Men's Center Los Angeles can help. The Men's Center Los Angeles offers individual, couple, family and group counseling with a focus on men's issues. In counseling couples, the Men's Center Los Angeles helps men and women communicate better, resolve conflicts and create intimacy. The Men's Center Los Angeles also offers workshops and retreats. Call them at (818) 348-9302 or go to www.MensCenterLosAngeles.com

 If you own a business or professional practice and are interested in advertising on the show, please contact Advertise@HisSide.com. To support the advertisers who support His Side, go to His Side Advertisers.

To become a His Side supporter and have CDs of all His Side shows for six months mailed to you, click here

As always, all information about the show can be found at HisSide.com. I welcome your comments and suggestions.

Best Wishes,
Glenn Sacks
Listen to His Side with Glenn Sacks

Bridges: Reuniting Daughters & Daddies

It has been said that a man never knows what love is until he has a daughter. Of all the bonds between family members, those between fathers and daughters are often the closest. At the same time, they can also be the most tenuous.


In her book Whatever Happened to Daddy's Little Girl? Jonetta Rose Barras asserts that many women suffer from what she calls "Fatherless Woman Syndrome," and that it often stays with women their whole lives. She believes that while the effect of fatherlessness on boys receives more attention, fatherlessness has a devastating impact on girls, too.


In her newly released book Bridges: Reuniting Daughters & Daddies, Barras uses illustrations pulled from the lives of real women and their fathers to help point the way to reconciliation between fathers and their daughters.


Barras joined Glenn on His Side with Glenn Sacks on Sunday, June 12. To listen to the show, click here.


To learn more, see:

His Side with Glenn Sacks can be heard on WSNR AM 620 in New York City and North-Eastern New Jersey, and on WWZN AM 1510 in Boston on Sundays at 10 PM EST. The show can also be heard in Southern California on KTIE AM 590 at 5 PM PST. To listen live via the Internet from anywhere in the world, go to Listen Live. Both radio and Internet listeners are encouraged to call and participate in the show live and on the air at 1-800-439-4805 (lines open Sundays from 5-6PM PST).

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