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Friday, January 20, 2006


1.    Family Law News from Around the World
a.     Read John Joels letter to the Editor of the Albany Times
b.    Also check out Glen Sacks latest “the law against men.”
c.  Also Phyliss Shlafly on the new politics of the family
d.    Governors Council will be challenged
e.    How  “Superdad lost his Mojo” a long story on Fathers-4-Justice with quotes from Ned Holstein and Dan Hogan of Fathers and      Families.      
f.   Do you too think “something smells fishy about the Leo Kidnapping Plot”? Was there a bribe?
g.    An e-mail from one of the alleged plotters in the plot to kidnap Leo.
h.    A double standard for child abusers by Carey Roberts
i.      A man commits suicide because of child support
3.    Putative E-mail from the alleged hatcher of the alleged to plot to kidnap Leo Blair.

Sunday, October 09, 2005
The law against men
By Jeffery Leving and Glenn Sacks

The Albuquerque Tribune
17 January 2006



Governor's councilor challenged
The Republican - Springfield,MA,USA


BOSTON - A member of a Greenfield political family says he is planning to run for the Western Massachusetts seat on the Governor's Council.

Thomas T. Merrigan, a lawyer and former judge, said he will challenge the incumbent, Peter Vickery, of Amherst. "I'm 100 percent serious and I will run," Merrigan, 55, said in a phone interview.

Vickery, 38, who is serving in his first term on the council, said he welcomed the challenge as he seeks re-election. "I think contested elections are good," Vickery said. "It gives us a clear choice."

RINALDO’S NOTE:  I recently sat a table with Mr. Merrigan at an event.  Also met Peter Vickery there, who also get this newsletter.  The governor’s council approves judges appointed by the governor.  David Ring, the person who wrote the story, is a nice guy. Mr. Merrigan was a district court judge.  I asked him about judges that support shared parenting, and he said that “I don’t like litmus test.”  Some have said the position is a relic, but Massachusetts is only one of 14 states that does not elect judges.  Interesting, nationally, while I hear much on efforts to change custody laws, I hear little of backing pro-shared parenting judges.  In Massachusetts, no fathers’ rights group became meaningfully involved a governor’s council race—a BIG mistake in my estimation since THEY APPROVE all judges.


Phyllis Schlafly and New Politics of Family
Human Events – USA

A Rinaldo Must Read


From shame to no blame: win for fathers living on the fault line
Sydney Morning Herald - Sydney,New South Wales,Australia


I cannot take any more, hanged father told agency
Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom - 16 hours ago
By Paul Stokes. A father was found hanging from a tree after writing to the Child Support Agency threatening to kill himself unless his payments were reduced. ...


Family Court system needs more judges
Elmira Star-Gazette - Elmira,NY,USA


Divorce is costly, so save, prepare carefully, experts say
By Elizabeth Lazarowitz, Daily News, New York


The Black Family: 40 Years of Lies
By Kay S. Hymowitz

City Journal
Winter 2006


Family Who Worked With Nixzmary Brown's Caseworker Want Her Fired
NOTABLE QUOTE: “A mother and daughter who had the same city caseworker as 7-year-old Nixzmary Brown, who was found dead in her Brooklyn apartment last week allegedly at the hands of her stepfather, had some strong words about the caseworker Tuesday. Their case didn't result in death, but they say it wasted 10 years of their lives. NY1’s Sandra Endo has the exclusive story.”

Court: State can let beaten girl die


A sister act: 20-year-old to raise teen after family tragedy
Boston Herald - United States

Marriage and Caste
By Kay S. Hymowitz

City Journal
Winter 2006


Commentary: The law against men
Albuquerque Tribune - Albuquerque,NM,USA

The Dowd side of feminism
Seattle Times - United States
... "I'm paid to be a polemicist. I've been congratulating myself in having revived feminism.". Though her platform is powerful, Dowd is tiny in person. ...

My lunch with an antifeminist pundit
Salon - USA

A noisy new ruckus in women's circles
Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA
... Most women (and men) don't have careers -- they have jobs. The second point is: Feminism, as I viewed it from the outside, was about choices. ...

Radical Feminists Reinterpret Title IX
Human Events - USA
by Phyllis Schlafly.

ACLU appeals custody order to protect straight, gay parents
pride source.com, MI - Jan 11, 2006
DETROIT - The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan is appealing to the Michigan Supreme Court on behalf of a divorced man whose overnight visitation with ...

Forum discusses challenges toward gay marriages
SIU - Daily Egyptian, IL - Jan 16, 2006

New war on gay families
Southern Voice, GA - Jan 13, 2006

Books by local authors
Pueblo Chieftain, CO - Jan 7, 2006
... “Families of Value: Personal Profiles of Pioneering Lesbian and Gay Parents,” by Robert A. Bernstein, Marlowe & Co., $14.95. ...

Washington Blade, DC - Jan 13, 2006
... 202-546-8200. GAY FATHERS COALITION/ Baltimore: Support group meets, Friday, Jan. 13, 7:30 pm at the GLCCB, 241 W. Chase St., 2nd floor, Baltimore, Md. ...

Intolerant Views
Derry Journal, Ireland - Jan 13, 2006
... uniformly reports findings of no notable differences between children reared by heterosexual parents and those reared by lesbian and gay parents." This article ...


Florida lawsuit draws attention to dilemma of same-sex families
Columbus Ledger-Enquirer, GA - Jan 3, 2006
... families. "The biological parent has all the power in the relationship," said Lisa Gray, head of the Orlando Gay Parents Group.


Man Faces Prison Time For Owing Child Support
Kansas City Channel.com - Kansas City,MO,USA


Feminists don't like women very much
Scripps Howard News Service - Washington,DC,USA


The politics of stereotypes
Town Hall - Washington,DC,USA

By Suzanne Fields, a columnist with The Washington Times


NOTABLE QUOTE: Post-feminism affects to emphasize "choice" -- a woman can choose motherhood or career -- but feminist rhetoric always tilts toward women who choose careers outside the home. Nevertheless, many thoughtful women, like Mrs. Alito, continue to choose to make the family the priority. Such full-time motherhood enrages the likes of Linda Hirshman, who sounds the alarm in an essay titled "Homeward Bound" in American Prospect, a liberal magazine.

 Women, she argues, must wise up, to acknowledge that feminism hasn't gone far enough: "The family -- with its repetitious, socially invisible, physical tasks -- is a necessary part of life, but it allows fewer opportunities for full human flourishing than public spheres like the market or the government." In her telling of it, home and family is still the deadly trap for women, a trap that Betty Friedan once called "a comfortable concentration camp."

County cracking down on child support
Rice Lake Chronotype - Rice Lake,WI,USA

Overburdened courts in line for some relief
Kentucky Post - Covington,KY,USA
... years. Boone Gallatin's family court judge, Linda Bramlage, has the fourth largest caseload in the state among that type of jurist. ...

Older mothers often have more lucrative professional careers ...
Newstarget.com - Taichung,Taiwan
... Nine years ago, I organized the first national protest in the history of the men's movement, over the movie "First Wives Club". ...

Bangor won't bend on bus policy

By Michelle Pittman, The Express-Times

The Express Times
18 January 2006


NOTABLE QUOTE: Bangor Area School District Superintendent John Reinhart says he sympathizes with parents who would like the flexibility of picking up their children at different bus stops, but he cannot condone the practice.

School board members said Tuesday they have been approached several times In the past by parents with joint custody of children, asking for exceptions to the district's bus pick-up and drop-off rule.

Child support enforcement law has limited scope
Pioneer Press - St. Paul,MN,USA

Be a Better Dad
ABC30.com - Fresno,CA,USA
Sam Jones, project director of the Birmingham Fatherhood Initiative in Alabama, helps turn the fathers' failures into successes. ...


Letterman Case Shows Problems with Restraining Orders
Men's News Daily - Guerneville,CA,USA

Double-Standard Treatment for Child Abusers

18 January 2006
By Carey Roberts

A Rinaldo Must Read


NOTABLE QUOTE: “Each year the federal Administration for Children and Families surveys child protective service (CPS) agencies around the country to spot the latest trends in child abuse. And according to the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System, women are the most common abusers of children. In 2003, females, usually mothers, represented 58% of perpetrators of child  abuse and neglect, with men composing the remaining cases. In that same year an estimated 1,500 children died of abuse or neglect. In 31% of those cases, the perpetrator was the mother acting alone, compared to 18% of  fathers acting alone.” http://www.acf.dhhs.gov/programs/cb/pubs/cm03/index.htm


Equal Parenting Crusade Continues
By Steve Fullhart

18 January 2006


The State - Columbia,SC,USA
Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about child support and how to get it. ... What is the application process to obtain child support? ...

Group monitors domestic violence court

By Eric Collins, Staff Writer News-Record (Greensbro, NC)
18 January 2006
Greensboro - A Greensboro-based watchdog group is trying to put pressure on Triad judges to grant temporary child custody to domestic violence victims.

FNF: Conservative party re-affirms its commitment to shared ...
Politics.co.uk - London,UK
... precautions. Actually, shared parenting promotes child safety. ... safety. ‘We welcome the stance of the Conservative Party on shared parenting. ...

How superdad lost his mojo
The Age - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia

Read the quotes from Fathers and Families in this publication!


From shame to no blame: win for fathers living on the fault line
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 3 hours ago
THERE is no need for single fathers' groups in Australia to conduct headline-grabbing stunts such as those by Fathers4Justice in Britain. ...


US activists share cause, but disavow the tactics
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia - 3 hours ago

A year ago a fathers' rights group in Massachusetts called Fathers & Families looked at the methods of the British organisation Fathers4Justice. ...


Stunts a scary topic for US group
The Age, Australia - 4 hours ago
By Mark Coultan, New York. A year ago, a Massachusetts fathers' rights organisation called Fathers & Families looked at a video of ...

Holy smoke! The Fathers 4 Justice film
This is London - London,England,UK

COLUMNISTS : Getting serious about visitation
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (subscription) - Little Rock,AR,USA
... in some adults and often leave non-custodial parents (usually fathers) bereft and ... have that access by awarding joint or shared custody, emotionally distraught ...


More happy than anxious after divorce
By Gareth Morgan, Western Mail

Western Mail
17 January 2006

Something smells very fishy about the 'Leo kidnap plot'
Telegraph.co.uk - United Kingdom

NOTABLE QUOTE: The more one read, the clearer it became that it was not quite what was advertised in gigantic print on the tin: "World Exclusive. Plot to kidnap Leo Blair. Cops foil Fathers 4 Justice extremists." We were told that no details had been disclosed of how anyone intended to snatch the child. A  security source" was quoted as saying: "Fortunately, we think this has been nipped in the bud at an early stage. There have been no arrests, although inquiries are continuing. It was good intelligence work."

Now hold it right there. If "Special Branch cops" really had "smashed" a genuine plot to do something as evil as kidnapping the Prime Minister's son, then why had they made no arrests? And what were they doing blathering about it to the Sun, when all stories about the security of the Prime Minister and his family are rightly blanketed in official secrecy?

One of our allies? Think again. Notable quote: “Now, I have no wish to go deeply into the grievances aired by F4J. My own instinct is that, when the courts are deciding which separated partner should have custody of children, the presumption should remain strongly in favour of the mother. Mothers, in my experience, make much better child-rearers - and there are often very good reasons why fathers are denied access to their young (as some of the personal histories of F4J's more militant activists have shown.”

RINALDO’S NOTES: I had the same thoughts about plot sounding fishy.  How serious could have been this plan? What evidence was gathered? What was said?  Who are the suspects?  Didn’t the police have a motive after being foiled a number of times by fathers-4-justice?  Did the Sun just want to sell newspapers?  There are no answers. As for the quotes about kids are better off with mom, I believe this is an honest answer and what most family court judges really think, but will not openly admit. That is the real bias.  Also, see putative e-mail regarding the alleged plot.


F4J "Kidnap Plot": Is The Sun Exposed in Bribery Scam?
Men's News Daily, CA - 2 hours ago

NOTABLE QUOTE: "On Thursday, Martin Matthews, one of the subjects of the police investigation said in a statement that a "3rd party" had offered him "£10,000 from the Sun newspaper" to accuse Fathers4Justice leader Matt O'Connor of masterminding the alleged kidnapping plan.”

Child support enforcement law has limited scope
Pioneer Press
19 January 2006

By Terry Nyblom

County cracking down on child support

The Chronotype
Rice Lake Online
20 January 2006
 By Eileen Nimm, Chronotype staff

Yahoo! News - USA

School board wants new resiedence ordinance
Maryville Daily Times - Maryville,TN,USA
... department has responded. The current ordinance also does not take into account divorced couples who have joint custody. The biggest ...

Divorce devastates personal wealth
Medical Study News

18 January 2006


Utah Family Law: Roadblocks to divorce would only increase pain
Salt Lake Tribune - United States
To say that making divorce decrees more expensive would preserve families is like saying that making death certificates more expensive would prolong life. ...


Something smells very fishy about the 'Leo kidnap plot'
Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom - 15 hours ago
By Tom Utley. The late, great Sir John Junor - editor for 31 years of the Sunday Express in much happier days for that newspaper ...


Angelides mirrors voters' gay marriage views
Bay Area Reporter - San Francisco,CA,USA
Today, he is an advocate for marriage equality and has repeatedly said he would sign into law a gay marriage bill if he were governor. ...

Focus part of group seeking gay-marriage ban
Colorado Springs Gazette - Colorado Springs,CO,USA
... The anti-gay marriage amend- ment may be flanked on the November ballot by a referendum that would authorize samesex couples to enter domestic partnerships. ...
See all stories on this topic

Gay marriage foes back ban
Wayland Town Crier - Framingham,MA,USA
Gay marriage foes are backing a bill to create contracts granting same-sex couples limited legal rights like hospital visitation, part of a plan by ...

Hidden flaws ignored on gay marriage edict
Virginian Pilot - Norfolk,VA,USA
It's easy to understand why the General Assembly leadership is moving so quickly to pass a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. ...
See all stories on this topic

Gay Marriage Proposal
KKTV 11 News - Colorado Springs,CO,USA
The leader of a group seeking to amend Colorado's constitution to ban gay marriage says same sex-couples might still enjoy some legal protections should it pass ...
See all stories on this topic

With a constitutional ban or not, gay marriage will remain an ...
Richmond Times Dispatch - Richmond,VA,USA
A ban on gay marriage seems sure to pass the second chamber of the General Assembly soon -- unless pigs suddenly fly -- and then head to the ballot in November. ...

Proposed gay marriage ban may allow some rights for gay couples
Summit Daily News - Frisco,CO,USA
DENVER - Same sex-couples might still enjoy some legal protections under a proposed amendment to the state constitution that bans gay marriage, the leader of a ...

Gay marriage - - where do teachers stand?
renewamerica.us - Washington,D.C.,USA
While pundits are debating whether "Brokeback Mountain" may herald acceptance of gay marriage, many taxpayers and teachers may be surprised to learn that ...

Gay Marriage Ban Gains Momentum In Pennsylvania
365Gay.com - USA
... a legal status identical or substantially equivalent to that of marriage for unmarried ... the executive director of the Center for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights in ...

Families Need Fathers:The struggle for children's rights goes on
Politics.co.uk - London,UK

... Yesterday we submitted our reply to the CAFCASS consultations document 'Every Day Matters' in which it is (finally) proposed that shared parenting should be ...

CAMPAIGN: 'Grandparents need rights too'
Peterborough Evening Telegraph - Peterborough,England,UK
THE fight for grandparents' rights has been taken to the House of Commons by city MP Stewart Jackson...



Deadbeat dad who faked death caught
Chicago Sun-Times, United States - Jan 19, 2006
COLUMBIA, SC -- Police arrested a man accused of faking his death more than 25 years ago to avoid paying child support. Johnny Sterling ...


Man Said to Fake Death, Keep Child Support
ABC News - Jan 18, 2006
COLUMBIA, SC Jan 18, 2006 — Police arrested a man accused of faking his death more than 25 years ago to avoid paying child support. ...


Man Called 'Ultimate Deadbeat' Sentenced
WLTX.com, SC - 1 hour ago
(Lexington County) - A man Lexington County Sheriff James Metts described as the 'ultimate deadbeat dad' had been sentenced for not paying child support. ...


Ex-wife wants justice, money
The State, SC - 9 hours ago
By LAUREN LEACH. For more than 20 years, Gayle Prince was stumped as to how her ex-husband got away without paying thousands in child support. ...


Police catch man who faked death to duck child support
WCNC (subscription), NC - 12 hours ago
Police in South Carolina have caught up with a man who ran from child support payments for more than 25 years. Johnny Martin was ...


Sheriff: Dad Faked His Death To Avoid Child Support
Today's THV, AR - 21 hours ago
Deputies in South Carolina have arrested a man they say faked his own death nearly 27 years ago to get out of paying child support. ...


Faked death | Ex-wife speaks out
The State, SC - 23 hours ago
Six months ago, Gayle Prince learned the secret that kept her ex-husband from paying child support for more than 20 years. While ...


Man Fakes Death To Avoid Paying Child Support
WTKR Your NewsChannel 3, VA - Jan 19, 2006
A South Carolina sheriff is calling him "the ultimate deadbeat dad." Police say Johnny Martin faked his own death 25 years ago to avoid paying child support. ...


Death ruse to avoid support payments
Edmonton Sun, Canada - Jan 19, 2006
By AP. COLUMBIA, South Carolina -- Police have arrested a man accused of faking his death more than 25 years ago to avoid paying child support. ...


Deadbeat Dad Jailed, Fined For Faking Death
All Headline News - Jan 18, 2006
Columbia, South Carolina (AHN) - A man faked his death 25 years ago to avoid paying child support. For his earnest effort he is ...


Deadbeat Dad Captured After Faking Death
North Country Gazette, NY - Jan 18, 2006
A Myrtle Beach man who now owes more than $30,000 in child support after faking his death over 25 years ago to avoid paying, is behind bars after police got a ...


Deadbeat Dad Arrested After 27 Years
About - News & Issues, NY - Jan 18, 2006
A South Carolina man who faked his own death 27 years ago to get out of paying child support has been arrested and now faces more than $30,000 in back child ...


KPVI-TV, ID - Jan 18, 2006
COLUMBIA, SC (AP) -- A South Carolina sheriff is calling him "the ultimate deadbeat dad". Police say Johnny Martin faked his own ...


Police say man faked his own death to avoid paying child support
Kansas City Star, MO - Jan 18, 2006
BY LAUREN LEACH. COLUMBIA, SC - When Johnny Sterling Martin took a few swigs of Wild Turkey 101, he would brag about not paying child ...


Police say man faked death to avoid paying child support
WTVM, GA - Jan 18, 2006
Police say Johnny Martin faked his own death 25 years ago to avoid paying child support. The 58-year-old man has now been recaptured ...


SC Man Fakes Death To Avoid Paying Child Support
WSOCtv.com, NC - Jan 18, 2006
COLUMBIA, SC -- A Myrtle Beach man who police said faked his death more than 25 years ago to avoid paying child support has been arrested. ...


Police: Man faked death to avoid paying child support
Hilton Head Island Packet, SC - Jan 18, 2006
By JACOB JORDAN,. COLUMBIA, SC (AP) - A South Carolina man who police said faked his death to avoid paying child support more than ...


Deputies: Man Fakes Death to Avoid Child-Support
WLTX.com, SC - Jan 18, 2006
(Lexington County) - Lexington County deputies have arrested a man they say faked his own death nearly 28 years ago to get out of paying child support. ...


Lexington County man thought dead is arrested
The State, SC - Jan 18, 2006
A man who is accused of faking his own death in 1979 to avoid paying child support for two children in Lexington County has been arrested in Myrtle Beach. ...


Man accused of faking death in 1979 now owes $30,000 in child ...
Houston Chronicle, United States - Jan 18, 2006
COLUMBIA, SC - Police arrested a man accused of faking his death more than 25 years ago to avoid paying child support. Johnny Sterling ...


Man Said to Fake Death, Keep Child Support
ABC News - Jan 18, 2006
This is an undated photo provided by the Lexington County Sheriff's Department shows Johnny Sterling Martin, 58, of Myrtle Beach, SC Martin, who police said ...


Police: Man faked death to avoid child support
Charlotte Observer, NC - Jan 19, 2006
COLUMBIA - An SC man who police said faked his death to avoid paying child support more than 25 years ago has been arrested, the Lexington County sheriff's ...


SC man accused of faking his death
The State, SC - Jan 19, 2006
By LAUREN LEACH. When Johnny Sterling Martin took a few swigs of Wild Turkey 101, he would brag about not paying child support, his fourth wife said. ...


Police: Death faked to avoid child support
Knoxville News Sentinel (subscription), TN - Jan 18, 2006
By Associated Press. COLUMBIA, SC - Police arrested a man accused of faking his death more than 25 years ago to avoid paying child support. ...


Sheriff: Man Was "Ultimate Deadbeat Dad"
First Coast News, FL - Jan 18, 2006
By WLTX. LEXINGTON COUNTY, SC -- Lexington County deputies have arrested a man they say faked his own death nearly 28 years ago to ...


Deadbeat dad faked death in '79 to avoid paying child support
9NEWS.com, CO - Jan 18, 2006
Deputies say one of their cold case investigators, along with the US Marshals Service, tracked Martin down. Investigators say Martin ...


Man said to fake death, keep child support
News & Observer, NC - Jan 18, 2006
By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. COLUMBIA, SC (AP) - Police arrested a man accused of faking his death more than 25 years ago to avoid paying child support. ...


Police: Man faked death to avoid paying child support
Myrtle Beach Sun News, SC - Jan 18, 2006
COLUMBIA, SC - A South Carolina man who police said faked his death to avoid paying child support more than 25 years ago has been arrested, the Lexington ...


"Ultimate Deadbeat Dad" Fakes Death To Avoid Child Support
WFMY News 2, NC - Jan 18, 2006
Lexington County deputies arrested Johnny Sterling; a man who they say made people believe he died in 1979 to avoid paying child support. ...


Man who faked his death to avoid paying child support arrested in ...
WIS, SC - Jan 18, 2006
(Lexington) January 18, 2006 - A Lexington County sheriff's sergeant who conducts cold-case fugitive investigations and members of a regional US Marshals ...

Shared parenting is best for children of divorce

A Rinaldo Must Read


Albany Times Union
19 January 2006

Letter to the Editor

Concerning the story "A matter of equity for women in family law" in the Times Union on Jan. 5, I'm glad the reporter gave the perspective of the opposing side of shared parenting.

That there are more than 900,000 non-custodial parents in New York state, as reported by the U.S. Census Bureau, the information from the Protective Parents Association of the Northeast should raise a few eyebrows.

For the record, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service Administration for Children and Families Office's report on 2003 perpetrators of maltreatment, more than 80 percent (83.9 percent) of victims (children) were abused by at least one parent.

Approximately two-fifths (40.8 percent) of child victims were maltreated by their mothers acting alone; another 18.8 percent were maltreated by their fathers acting alone; 16.9 percent were abused by both parents. Victims abused by non-parental perpetrators accounted for 13.4 percent of the total.

More information is available for those who are interested in reading the truth. Visit the Web site


I work in downtown Albany and decided to walk up to the Capitol to see the demonstration on Jan. 6. I counted 13 people and one toddler. When the group that I belong to did a candlelight vigil on the Capitol steps in September more than 25 people showed and spoke at that event but yet no one from the media showed. Why, may I ask?

When it comes down to the solution for children, it's better to have both parents in children's lives. Shared parenting can work if we give it a chance.

John Joel
Albany County Coordinator
Coalition of Fathers and Families of New York







From Ned Holstein,


Important Announcement from Ned

Meeting January 26 in West Newton

Fathers & Families received an unprecedented outpouring of gifts from our contributors at the close of 2005, allowing me to announce some positive steps forward.

With the approval of the Board of Directors, I have asked Dan Hogan, who is now our Managing Director, to take over as President of Fathers & Families. I will continue as a member of the Board of Directors, and my dedication to Fathers & Families will remain intense. I have no intention of abandoning the battle, but will now be able to channel my time and effort to where it will be most useful. I will have more time for writing, speaking, outreach to other organizations, lobbying, and fundraising.

I feel deeply fortunate to have a successor of Dan’s outstanding ability. Dan holds both a law degree and a doctorate in psychology from Harvard. He served on the Harvard faculty for many years. He has significant experience consulting to nonprofits and has served on many nonprofit boards. Dan is a divorced father with three adult children. He has worked days, nights and weekends for Fathers & Families for over two years. He is a talented organizer and has a warm human touch. He is an outstanding fundraiser. I could not ask for a better successor.

Dan 's effectiveness will be enhanced because we are in the process of hiring a fulltime Administrator to relieve him of much of the administrative burden of running this growing organization. This in turn is possible only because of your generous outpouring of gifts to F&F at the close of 2005.

I will attend our next General Membership Meeting, January 26th in West Newton (see directions below). The topic will be “2006 – Where Do We Go From Here?” I hope you will attend, so I will have the chance to personally thank each of you who has made my tenure as President so satisfying I also hope you will attend as a demonstration of support for Dan, as he takes over a tough job.

I know we will have even a better year in 2006!


Ned Holstein, M.D., M.S.

ITEM 3: An e-mail from the Fathes-4-Justice bloke who was alleged to have plotted to kidnap the Prime Minister’s child, Leo Blair.




I can NOT, NOT, NOT verify its authenticity, but it appears it might be reliable.


Was that you Ed, at the meeting?

This would explain the threat to shoot to kill (for which you, and others, should lodge a formal complaint) and the lack of arrests. Interesting that it only comes to light as private debt collectors are announced for 'child support'.  Looks like it was used as a justifier for harsher action against separated fathers.

This also appears on Men’s News Dailey:





Official Statement From Alleged Blair Kidnap Plotter

Thursday 19 January 2006

In any civil rights movement there will be good times and bad. In any large gathering of people there will be positive relationships and negative. Our equal child custody movement is no different. Most of us who report on these people we consider friends try to focus on the positive aspects, the positive advances we've made. I know I have avoided reporting things I felt would have a negative impact on our image. Those incidents do not reflect the love and devotion for their children of the parents we represent. They are a very small part of a large, and constantly growing, civil and human rights movement.

Matt O'Connor has stated he expelled 30 extremists last year. It just so happens that he said this was done at the same time that 30 members of Fathers4Justice walked out over poor management and started the Real F4J. Since that time both groups have gone on to do demonstrations in support of equal child custody.

There are Fathers4Justice organizations in several countries. A couple of them are O'Connor's sanctioned groups. The rest are run by individuals who refuse to be under his management. Without going into too much detail, I'll just say that for the last 3 years I have witnessed much frustration, disappointment and anger over O'Connor's management skills.

I'm pretty sure we'll be hearing from more ex-members now that O'Connor has officially pulled the plug. For now I offer you the official statement by the alleged kidnap plotter:

I, Martin Matthews, would like to make a few things clear about the Sun newspaper article about kidnapping Leo Blair.

1. At no time did anyone ever suggest anything of the sort.

2. The following people were present, Artur ­ 07833930788 a 58-year-old father who is `T ­Total,' Dyian, A photography teacher who also did not drink as he later went to work ­ 0760483250, Gary ­ 077064619381, Jolly, Graham, Eddie, and two women.

3. After speaking with the Daily Mail, Sun and Daily Mirror, I feel it necessary to point the following:-

On the 18th of December 2005, I was feeling unwell and only had two glasses of Coke in the pub. I do not have the slightest idea from where these roomers of a kidnapping came from. I have noted in the tabloids that Jolly Sainsbury and Graham Manson are quoted as saying, that I may have suggested this as a joke. However, after speaking with Jolly and Graham it must be made clear that they have been misquoted.

4. I found yesterday exhausting, as I had made it clear to the tabloids exactly what the position was. However, I find that in today's papers have reported that a conversation had taken place with fact or evidence to support this.

5. Late last night and early this morning I was approached by a 3rd party offering me £10,000 from the Sun Newspaper to lie and admit that the kidnapping plot was a Matt O'Conner idea and that he had asked me to look into it for the group.

6. I would like to thank Matt O'Conner for everything he has done for us and suggest that he should be included in the next honours list.

7. I did meet with Police Officers in Epsom on the 27th of December 2005. However, I find it particularly strange that if I did in fact suggest or take part in any kidnap plot on the 18th last, the police have not ever questioned me about this. In fact when I telephoned the Police Officer who spoke to me on the 27th last, about the Sun Newspaper article, and asked him directly who was involved he could not give me any information.

8. I am of the opinion that the entire saga is a complete fabrication by someone in power and ask most loudly that proof or evidence should be made available for public scrutiny.

9. As I am not a politician and have no experience with such matters all I can say is the only Party to benefit from this saga would be the Labour Party, by taking the heat of Ruth Kelly and off the front page of the newspapers.

Martin Matthews ­ 07944642688


At 09:43 PM 17/01/2006 Ed wrote:

I had the "SO 13" (terrorist mob) at my door last week telling me if I get
up and perform in public again, I will be shot!

Sikko bastards.

Good luck ozy blokes, may the force be with you!

All The Best


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The only way is up Baby!!!

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