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New Column: Duke, Media Spin New Study
to Hide Boy Crisis in Education
March 21, 2005

The audio archive of Sunday evening's show--"Schwyzer v. Alkon: Should Men Have Reproductive Rights?"--can be heard by clicking here. The show's theme has been debated furiously on many blog forums, including several feminist ones--click here, here, here and here

My latest column, Duke, Media Spin New Study to Hide Boy Crisis in Education, appeared in the Los Angeles Times yesterday (3/20/05). I've written before of the fake "girl crisis" in education declared by feminists in the early '90s (see my column Boys: The New Underclass in American Schools [Los Angeles Daily Journal, San Francisco Daily Journal, 4/15/02]). Some of you may recall a few weeks ago Duke University released a study on the well-being of boys and girls. Both the university and the numerous news reports on it declared that boys and girls are faring equally.

In reality, the study very clearly showed that it is boys who suffer from the "gender gap," not girls. The Times is the only major metro daily to have permitted a debunking of Duke's "no gender gap" claims, and is to be commended for publishing it. This is particularly true considering that the Times is currently under siege from feminist Susan Estrich and her coterie of angry women for not having enough women writers on its opinion page (click here and here). To comment on my piece "Boys or Girls: Pick Your Victim", write to letters@latimes.com .

In the same issue the Times also ran a letter from Warren Farrell on the wage gap (couldn't find a link for it--sorry). Warren is the author of the new book WHY MEN EARN MORE: The Startling Truth Behind the Pay Gap and What Women Can Do About It.

Also in the same section was a piece from the infamous anti-male feminist Catherine Mackinnon called Smut's Insidious Threat. Mackinnon, among other things, is noted for her view that in American "patriarchal society, all heterosexual intercourse is rape because women, as a group, are not strong enough to give meaningful consent."

My personal opinion of MacKinnon can be found in my column The Best Valentine's Day Gift for College Students: Gender Reconciliation (She Thinks, 2/13/03). She and Andrea Dworkin are the principal architects of what one might politely call "head case feminism."

Giving the Devil His Due

Hugo Schwyzer is many things to many people but whatever one's opinion of him, he certainly is  gracious and a good sport about receiving criticism. Referring to the hostility towards him from my listeners, he had the grace to write:

"One thing I'll say for Glenn, he sends my traffic spiking.  Last time I was on his show in January, I went from under 2000 unique hits a day to just about 5000.  In recent weeks, my hits had fallen back into the low 2000s, but today we're back above the 4K mark.  The only problem is that I fear Typepad will eventually start charging me more for the extra bandwidth."


"Glenn's fans are sending me some pretty heavy duty stuff. It's the insistence on personalizing the argument that I find a bit tiresome.  On the other hand [his] fans worship [him].  If Rush's folks are "dittoheads"...I'll just call them the Sackson Horde -- they'll like that."

Calling Texas His Side Listeners

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Best Wishes,
Glenn Sacks
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Schwyzer v. Alkon: Should Men
Have Reproductive Rights?

Nationally syndicated advice columnist Amy Alkon believes that men, like women, should have reproductive rights. Condemning women who get pregnant intentionally and "turn casual sex into cash flow sex," she notes:

"In no other arena is a swindler rewarded with a court-ordered monthly cash settlement paid to them by the person they bilked...Penelope Leach, in her book Children First, poses an essential question: 'Why is it socially reprehensible for a man to leave a baby fatherless, but courageous, even admirable, for a woman to have a baby whom she knows will be so?'...the law, as written, encourages unscrupulous women to lure sex-dumbed men into checkbook daddyhood."

The "Choice for Men" movement seeks to give unmarried fathers the right to relinquish their parental rights and responsibilities within a month of learning of a pregnancy, just as mothers do when they choose to give their children up for adoption.

Feminist Gender Studies professor Dr. Hugo Schwyzer, Ph.D calls Choice for Men "profoundly offensive," explaining that "every man who ejaculates inside a woman, whether or not contraception is used, is signaling his willingness to become a father...the only real choice that men deserve in this situation is whether or not to have sex in the first place."

Schwyzer and Alkon joined Glenn on His Side with Glenn Sacks on Sunday, March 20. To listen to the audio of the show, click here.

To learn more, see:

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