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Hello Folks,
A sad day and great loss for the fathers/mothers rights movement.
The night after Glenn died in the car accident, his wife called me.  Glenn had received various messages from me to talk about NACW.  He had mentioned to her that he was looking forward to discussing the Court Watchers procedure.  She mentioned that he had fallen asleep while driving.  He had gone to Arizona for a job intervies and had taken the 'red eye' flight and arrived back with practically no sleep or rest from so much work in all areas.
I was on his email list and his post were always with wisdom.
He will be missed.  Here is the letter that his wife asked that it be passed to all the groups.
National Association of Court Watchers 
Please feel free to honor his wife's request that we post this to as many groups that we can so that they will know why Glenn may not have responded to the many emails that he received daily.

My name is Andrea Eckles, and I am the wife of Glenn L. Eckles, Jr., or Gleckles.com, as many of you may know him.  Glenn died in a tragic car accident on Aug. 31, 2005 on his way home from work.  In the months prior to his death, Glenn worked laborously trying to get
legislation passed to benefit fathers and their children during a time of divorce, and sought every possible platform on which to speak on behalf of the injustice of our current (anti)Family Court System.   Because of this current system, two of his beautiful daughters were denied their fair share of time with their father, and now it is too late.

Some of the things you may not have known about Glenn are as follows.  Glenn was 42 years old and was an Engineer/Sr. Technical Manager for America Online Internal Computing.  He was a father to six beautiful daughters ranging in age from 4 year old twins to age 20.
(stepfather to the eldest).  He was an avid deer hunter, a Southern Baptist Christian man, and a huge John Wayne and country music fan.  Glenn was a true gentleman, and believed in integrity, truth and humility.  We loved enough to sustain me a lifetime.

Our oldest daughter, Susan, will be one of the cast members for a reality show that will air in the Spring entitled "Back On Campus."  Glenn and I along with 4 of our daughters will be in one of the episodes, and ABC FAMILY has already stated that episode will be aired
in memory of my husband.

I am grasping at straws at this moment, trying to figure out all of the people that Glenn emailed on a regular basis, so that they can be informed of his death, and not think he is just not responding to them.  I am asking for your help, to notify everyone in the groups about his untimely passing, as his email address has a constantly changing password of which I have no knowledge.  I will try as hard as I can to carry on his legacy. 

Those of you who communicated with him on a regular basis will agree with the Pastors final words at his funeral service yesterday:  "Well done, thy good and faithful servant."  We asked in his obituaty that in lieu of flowers that people donate to Acfc.org and the organization address was listed as well.

Due to his past military career (AF) Glenn will have an Interment into Arlington National Cemetary on Nov. 14th.  Time TBA.
Please pray for all of our beautiful girls, who will ironically be growing up without their Daddy, but who have the full knowledge that their daddy loved them and fought to the end for them and their own children.  I will miss him.


Andrea Eckles
308 Sugar Maple Lane
Gerrardstown, WV  25420
(410) 980-5438