How women themselves have created the "man shortage" which they keep griping about.

 Tuesday, 16 May 2006

I hear lots of whining from American women these days about the supposed "man shortage" - the unavailability of "suitable" males with whom to have "relationships."

But it is American females who have themselves created such a "shortage."

Thirty-five years ago, when I looked at the state of American Genderwar, I thought that men just Didn't Get It.  I scolded them for their linear, rationalistic rigidity, for their sheep-like conformity, and for their too-frequent mistreatment of their wives, girlfriends, and subordinates in the workplace.

Twenty years ago, I thought that at last men were Getting It.  They still had some ground to cover, but it was clear that strong-hearted men had made enormous progress in re-inventing themselves and masculinity.  At about the same time, I began to have concerns about increasingly supremacist attitudes amongst Western women.

How speedily the floppie flips in these enatiodromic days, when seeming is not, good is evil, and shit is sold as soap.
By the early Nineties, I knew the worm had turned and started digging for China.  In a couple horrendous decades, men had largely Gotten It – at great personal and collective price -- and a huge chunk of the American masculine had reformed itself radically, raising its consciousness on various fronts.  This involved much sacrifice and courage on the part of the masculine, for manhood is ever defined according to the moment's cultural need.

Nineteen-sixties America marks the first instance in recorded history in which men attempted to define masculinity according to their own natures and needs, instead of allowing females, kings, nobles, or States to fashion of us what they would – fodder if there was war, laborers if not, fathers that have no power, lovers sold love.

That nascent attempt at male self-definition terrified the West sufficiently to send it scurrying back, full tilt and blindfolded, into the ancient matriarchies.  The feminine was artificially elevated and empowered, served by weak men.  Authentic manhood was demonized and sent to Scapegoat PIt.  There it remains, undergoing transformation.
Just as men were Getting It, women were Losing It.  In this new Millenium of onrushing Genderwar, women assume their moral, spiritual, and practical superiority over males.  They have now have reached just Don't Get It central.

Instead of re-aligning with the transformative masculine, the feminine embarked on a rampage of vengeance, selfishness, censorship and self-entitlement the likes of which even the Paleolithic matriarchies hadn't seen.  Men got trampled, and masculinity, rather than being created anew, instead was annihilated.  In the wake of the glorification of all things feminine, the scattered remnants of masculinity were driven underground – to cage, gutter, and graveyard.

Of course there were options – there always are.  One could hide behind the wife's hem, or one could whore oneself to the very institutions whipping one's back, and the back of one's brothers.  I chose the latter -- though a combination provides the greatest social protection for males.

In Femamerica, the new matriarchy, every male became fair game for the Empowered Witch, who wears the armor of a War on Women while wielding the legal knife.
By 1990 I knew that the nation had gone mad, and that the Empowered Witch ruled unopposed.  The remnants of  patriarchy were conserved only in organized athletics, and the neo-matriarchy was entrenched, back in business, an extraordinary coup pulled off virtually without resistance.  The few men who did resist were – and are – easily isolated and picked off.  Even the most docile attempts at brotherhood were either banned or ridiculed into extinguishment.

The Battle of the Sexes has been over for more than a decade now, in case you've been busy watching Law and Order or Ally McBeal.  Women won.

It was a slaughter.  One side was Empowered, the other trussed and muzzled.  The modest advances made by masculinity over the paltry last few thousand years now have been neutered.  No aspect of the culture, with the exception of athletics and a little art, authentically reflect the needs and values of the masculine.  Everything else – law, relational customs, education, commerce, communication – though fronted by men -- are institutionalized to serve the feminine.
After hearing for so long how it's a man's world, it comes as a shock to modern Western men to learn that civilization is not really about them.  It's about women and their children -- the matriarchal kinship unit.  It takes no magus to see the signs,  only an ability to confront the everyday reality of a culture fractured into a thousand points of greed, triple-think, and identity politics, where excellence and merit fall prey daily to the mediocrities of entitlement, privilege and power.

The new caste system in America is gender, with class running a distant second.

San Francisco, my city of residence during the Eighties, is the politically correct capital of the West, along with its near northern satellite Berkeley, and distant satellites Eugene and Boulder.  Denigration of the masculine became an art in San Francisco during the Eighties, and The City was not the open, fun place advertised.  It was, in fact, a hellhole for single masculinity, tolerant only if you were the correct gender
I wish I had a buck every time a raging single female in San Francisco told me there are no single men in The City.  They're all either gay, married or losers.  Now I knew lots of available single guys, including myself.  So this mantra translated was:  can't attract the males I want, therefore I will subtly demean all of them, including you.  That way my problem becomes your fault, and I get to unload my dumptruck of psychic crap on you.  You, of course -- being male -- are prohibited from defending yourself.  That's why we have laws, you know.

It's the same interpersonal strategy a three-year-old employs:  I can't Get My Way every instant, therefore You're an Asshole.

Amazingly, these same females would become even more enraged because I wouldn't ask them out.  Talk about Not Getting It.  By then, I was exhausted from two decades of feminist girlfriends.  I'd run clean out of apologies for being born male.

Any chance comment in the workplace could easily cost me my job.  It all depended on how any female within hearing range "felt" about it.  Ditto for the universities.  To varying degrees, they enacted "interpersonal behavior codes."  On some campuses, if I even looked at a female I was liable for disciplinary action, including expulsion.  Again, it all depended on how any female "felt" about it.
Astoundingly, American females never stopped to consider what their agendas of complete control might have on my desire to interact with them.

While living in Portland during the mid-Nineties, I noticed a subtle shift in the dynamics of power and desire between  American males and females.  Women, flush with victory and its spoils of power and wealth, were becoming much more aggressive in initiating relational contact.  To be sure, by the standards of initiating to which men are held, the signals of women were, and are, weak indeed.  But they were definitely making overtures less deniable than before.  Additionally, I began to notice that females in their twenties were increasingly loathe to embrace the gender-supremacism of their Baby Boom elder sisters.  The new generation had witnessed the destruction that feminism had wrought in their own families, schools and workplaces, and they wanted no part of that brand of liberation.  Meanwhile, however, their elder sisters clung tenaciously to their privileges, preferences, furious attitudes, and airs of victimization and moral supremacy.

Where, asked these Baby Boom women, were all the men?  I could have told them, of course, where the men were and are, but being already in possession of all correct wisdom -- not to mention Incarnated Goddesses -- no female ever bothered to ask me.  To date, not one has.  What could I know?  I am, after all, only a male.

The men – what's left of them -- are in hiding, of course.  That's what any refugee population does when war is made on it, and its homeland is laid to Waste.  Sister, understand: only the weakest of males serve the totalitarianism of gynocracy.  No real man, confronting his betrayal by American culture and femininity, will teach in your schools, for the lessons are false, and he knows he is conditioning more kids – especially more boys – into further betrayals.  No real man will drone in your corporations, corrupt collectivities hiding behind the stained skirts of  market forces.  Go to any indigenous town on the planet.  The market is the locus of women, their interests and their power.  As for the coerciveforces of the market -- well, modern American men know all about social coercion.

Man shortage?  Fuckin' A there's a man shortage.  America rapes anything even vaguely masculine.

Sister, you've spent the last four decades codifying masculinity out of existence.  You carry our balls in your purse, and now you're infuriated because we don't feel like having sex, much less a relationship?  As recent census figures confirm, men spent the Eighties and Nineties backing away from women, and right now they are in Full Flee -- not in vengeance, but in self-preservation.

Across the Pond, the song's the same.  Five-hundred women responded to an Edinburgh restaurant's promotion for a Single's Night mixer in honor of Valentine's Day 2002. Two males responded.  TWO.  The owner of the restaurant – a woman – said: We're a bit disappointed because we thought we'd get so many more guys than girls – after all, they'd have a room full of single women.  But I think men take themselves too seriously these days.

Ms. Owner Does Not Get It.  Western women criminalize masculinity, emasculate their men, assign males fourth-class citizenship (behind females, their children, and household pets) – and then are stunned that men are not crawling after them, demanding relationships?  Single women have spent the last forty years relieving Western men of their jobs, houses, children, money, basic civil rights, and self-respect.  Under highly advantaged conditions, enforced by their State, females now compete with males for the necessities of survival.

From a position of assigned inferiority, we must deal with over-empowered single females in every facet of our lives.  Why would we voluntarily pay to enter a room with FIVE HUNDRED of them gathered in power?  For a romantic relationship?  Under tyranny of the matriarchate's interpersonal, sexual and social Gulag?
Of course, it cannot be that males are simply avoiding females, out of disgust and very real fear.  That is an unacceptable conclusion, not to mention inappropriate and offensive.

Despite confirmation by the last American census, Western cultures MUST pretend that nothing is amiss between males and females.  To admit that males are desperately seeking escape from females and the neo-matriarchy is to admit that the West's endless empowerment of females and disempowerment of males may not be the progressive, everybody-wins bonanza that was, and is, shoved down our throats each day.

As Ms. Restaurant Owner smugly asserts, the problem – as ever – is with men.  This time, we are taking ourselves too seriously.  Females and Western feminist cultures, as always, share no responsibility for the sundering of male and female.
Western females want to rule over males, and simultaneously expect not want, but EXPECT – men to respond to them with chivalrous, puppy-dog romantic devotion.  They do not understand why their slaves do not to love them.
Much of the man shortage also stems from the fact that females rarely trade down in social and financial status.  Despite their protestations they want, as ever, for their mates to inhabit higher positions of power than themselves.  Empowered women of the new female upper middle class the SUV Set do not want janitors, fry-cooks, and hospital orderlies as intimate companions.

As females were artificially awarded positions of power in the West, the pool of acceptable males from which to choose shrank drastically.  As formerly middle-class males were divested of their jobs, kids, bank accounts, homes, and self-esteem by the matriarchate and its servants, women began to find the pickings falling somewhere between slim and none – and Slim didn't leave town, either.  He sleeps in its streets, under the very noses of his empowered sisters.  He's not feeling especially romantic.

While you were busy liberating yourself, dear Sister, our streets and prisons – the Male Shelter Movement -- filled up with the men whose jobs you took, under legally advantaged circumstances.  The remaining tatters of masculinity went underground. Now you own the SUV, own the house, own the children, and own the nation.   The Escapees are no longer interested in, or restricted by, your versions of sexuality or relationship.  They love women, but make no mistake: Things Have Changed.  Romance is the furthest thing from their minds, as well it should be, for romance is a predatory ideology in sheep's clothing, a subjugation of the masculine and a deification of the feminine.  The feminine must be elevated ONLY upon merit, not by coercion, the mass shaming of males, or codification.  When the feminine is elevated by force, or self-elevates, the Empowered Witch of the negative feminine is constellated.  Given any opportunity or pretext, the Empowered Witch will proceed to wreak bloody vengeance on the masculine, and upon all Creation, ever under cloak of righteousness, goodness, and the protection of children."

The Baby Boom Generation wanted to revolutionize the world through love, to bring heaven to earth, but when push came to shove, it found – literally -- that it lacked the collective cojones to pull off the transformation.  Instead of male leadership, the Boomers produced Bangin' Bill Clinton and his scary wife.

The spoiled Boomers thought Eden would be rebuilt in a day, and when it wasn't, and the Powers broke out the Big Nightstick, they turned tail and ran back to institutional America.  The revolution – that still must be borne -- quickly fractured into identity power politics, fundamentalism, intolerance, hypocrisy and coercion.  Led by feminism, the Left imploded and began, like the Right, to feed on its own citizenry, by instituting domestic tyranny and calling it "progressiveness."  Expecting heaven to reappear spontaneously, the Boomers faltered in 1968 when the Powers laid the Boot on them, and went scurrying for fundamentalist hideyholes, cocooning with desperate denial and isolationism.

Likewise Boomer women – even while chanting the mantras of peace and love – instead chose power and made war.  White females rule America.  They own everything except love.  Now their bank accounts are jammed, their careers have peaked, their wrinkles have deepened, and suddenly they're Ready for Love – whatever they decide that now means.

Now the Women Seeking Men columns in the personal ads often exceed the Men Seeking Women.  Overwhelmingly, the women placing ads are Baby Boomers.  Four decades of sending the best of American masculinity to the prisons, gutters, and graveyards, and suddenly the culture has recognized a problem … not that masculinity was massacred, of course … but that there seems to be a man shortage.  Which is to say, there's now A Problem because females are beginning to be impacted and dissatisfied.

Indeed.  But there's been a Man Shortage in the land for decades.  I can walk all day in America without encountering a real one.

The survivors of American masculocide -- The Escapees – have been underground a long time now.  These men who have opted out of Femamerica, who have repudiated its Empowered Witch and Toxic King, are left with only one sovereignty, only one area of culture and existence not under subjugation. Their love is their last prerogative, and they will no longer have their love – nor their bodies -- used against themselves.  They will no longer permit relationship by commerce, much less pay for sex, either overtly or covertly.  Who needs a date when one might as well arrange to be financially mugged?  When one can be arrested, and imprisoned, merely upon the word of a female or a child?  As for marriage, males are finally recognizing it for the matriarchal institution it is.  They are learning the hard way – as they had to learn eons ago under the yoke of matriarchy – that feminine institutions like marriage will not protect their sons, nor themselves.

Nolo me tangere said the Christos, following his betrayal and resurrection.  Touch me not. He was still within the magnetic fields of materia, not yet "ascended to the Spirit Father."  Likewise, The Escapees will no longer let unclean hands -- the hands of power -- touch them.

Only American women, in the madness of their powerlust and self-absorption, could imagine that men would repay betrayal with slobbering romantic submission.  Recently, one notices desperation creeping into Madison Avenue advertising spins, especially in liquor and automobile commercials.  American men are constantly told how fabulous and superior women are, how we should fall all over ourselves seeking female favor, how we should be pulling our brothers down so we can ascend the bloody man-rungs and win the favor of the Alpha Female.  Buy my car and women will love you!  Drink my beer and the babes will go ga-ga! Same old game – males pay for love, and then are supposed to feel grateful and lucky.  What kind of worm begs, mewls, and pays for love?
The "Man Shortage" – the lack of authentic masculinity in the modern West – is at the root of our cultural problems, especially amongst American boys.  And no wonder.  Manhood has been systematically denigrated, outlawed, and destroyed by the culture in the past half-century.  The void of authentic masculinity is filled by gangs, suicide, violence, substance addiction, depression, and schoolyard shooters.

Hunker down for the long haul, ladies.  Pickings are going to be scarce for quite a spell to come.  The "Man Shortage" ain't goin' away.  Men are goin' away, and many have no intention of coming back.  The Escapees will not meekly tiptoe back into the fold, begging forgiveness like the pathetic Promise Keepers.  Many of the Escapees do not want relationship with you under any terms, even if you could break the addiction to your Rules, your privileges, your power.  Which you cannot.

The good news about Genderwar?  Some young women are beginning to rebel against the feminist party line.  Our true Sister, who loves us without reservation, is constellating, composing herself like a walking symphony.  At last Gretel has sighted the Empowered Witch, and she will yank her Brother from the oven if she can.

Baby Boom females want to believe that men have abandoned them in search of fresh, nubile young'uns.  There is some truth to that – it's a bio-evolutionary fact.  But the deeper truth is that we are dead tired of your Me-First act – backed up by the increasingly totalitarian forces of your State.

"Man shortage?"  You bet there is, baby.  You ain't seen nothin' yet.  Five hundred single females, and two males.  Consider and get used to it.

Leading feminists have stated explicitly that the world would be better off without males.  Perhaps they will get their wish.

The days, the unit of the couple which has dominated since the late matriarchies, is broken.  The days, the twosome, is the fundamental unit of civilization, and of the family.  It is also the primordial expression of the opposites in human beings, which means that the couple as foundation of social structure necessitates Genderwar.

It is the responsibility of the feminine to share her home in matter with the masculine.  This is the balance for the sacrifice of male body and spirit.  If the feminine shirks her responsibilities, the masculine will withdraw first spirit, and then body -- perhaps for a very long time.

Not a day passes that I do not fail to pray that women and men will conjoin under new – and radically different – agreements.  I hope that real love will grow from this cultural dung and blossom again.  A new world groans in its birth-pangs, but it will remain inanimate until female and male finish their War.

Although women won the Battle of the Sexes, modern bi-lateral Genderwar is only now taking full shape.  Feminism has constellated the Empowered Witch and her Toxic King.  Likewise, it has awakened the male from his slumber in cultural chains.  Now, he too stands up.  He too scents his freedom.

That will not please women, and it will not please the Powers.  Both feed from male body and spirit.  There will be conflict of unprecedented proportion and kind.  This primal confrontation between female and male cannot, and should not, be avoided. This time around, Genderwar will force all the cards to the table.  Face up.

To borrow from David Crosby, it's been a long time coming, and it's going to be a long, long time gone.