Visitation Centers and the Feminist Propaganda that Drives Them

We need to investigate the ownership behind these supervised visitation centers.
How many are relatives of judges and/or lawyers? $60 per hour to "watch" and report behavior in what is probably 80% false allegations.
I visited one yesterday for my intake.
The walls were plastered with nothing but domestic violence posters.

Granted there is some of that and these centers will see the worst of the lot, but we all know the statistics say MOST DV reports are not true (even after convictions Florida found most were false accusations when they did an in-depth study).

I did the interview, which was not unreasonable to ask these questions but rules where like Nazi Germany.
All VERY overweight women.
I told her I wanted shared parenting and discussed how it has been proven best for children towards the end of the interview.
She said "I don't think shared parenting is always best" - I said "sure nothing is ALWAYS best, but when there are two fit parents. From that point on her arms were crossed (closed body language)
showing this was somehow threatening to her.

The LunaChics believe that the equal parenting effort is designed to eliminate child support, because that's what they are toldHowever, the complete and utter reverse is the truth.

The fact is; in almost every state the child support guidelines have three major factors that determine the variances child support awards.
  1. Time with the parents
  2. Income disparities
  3. Unilateral cost burdens (medical, child care etc.)
So the only time equal parenting cancels out child support is when both parent's earnings are within 5 to 7 percent of each other (varies from state to state), they have "substantially equal time with the children" (I believe it is less than two weeks difference in most states even without shared/equal parenting laws) and neither have any cost factors that the other doesn't. I'm told that this set of conditions only happens in about 2% of cases, but that figure is not yet confirmed.
So let's say both parent's earn the same, they have the kids exactly 50/50, but one has free day care at work and the other doesn't. There would be a child support order to cover half that cost factor. You can work the numbers with each of the three factors.
Somewhere on are the Child support calculators for each state. Sorry but I can't find the exact link right now and I'm not sure how up to date every state's calculators are against the current guidelines. But is should be fine for demonstration purposes if you can't find a good on some law firms web site in your own state.
Next: The US Census Bureau reports in there biennial report, "Custodial Mothers and Fathers and Their Child Support - P60-196," that parents that have access to the children (both men and women) are around 73% more likely to pay their child support, in full and on time. Those denied access are around 66% more likely not to pay their child support.
Visual aids help in any presentation we find.
So equal parenting isn't a way to eliminate child support by any means, it is arguably the most cost effective and effective way to enforce child support.
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Yours truly,
Terri Lynn

Equal Protection Under the Law is True Equality