Videos of Divorce Industry Victims

Children Kidnapped, Parents Steamrolled by Government and Bankrupted.
Divorce couples estate plundered by unneeded legal fees.

These are the true stories of a souless bureaucracy run amuck.

Divorce Industry Victims,

Thanks to all of you who were kind enough to share your horror story.  Please send supporting documents as outlined below if you wish.  I don't mean to preach to the choir but wanted to share some of the following with you.
There are several new short videos from the ACFC Conference at  I apologize in advance for background noise.  I've ordered a directional microphone to fix that problem.
Have you been screwed or raped by a "family" court judge?  If so, you need to tell the world about your story.  What are you waiting for?  Freedom of speech is vital to a democracy and must be used to if we are to ever obtain justice and restore our liberty.
In speaking about out of control government, West Virginia Senator Robert Byrd stated, "Government is like a baby's alimentary canal: a happy appetite at one end and no responsibility at the other." 
This describes the growth of the of divorce industry.  It has gotten out of control because We, The People have failed to keep tabs on our renegade family courts, the baby's head.  The "baby" is now a rapacious monster that devours families for profit.  It is oblivious to principles of law that should protect family life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. 
Family court proceedings are too important not to be video recorded, but family court corruption thrives in the "darkness" and "silence" of secretive hearings with no electronic record of the crimes of lawyers and judges. 
Therefore, divorce industry victims have a patriotic duty to expose that corruption to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution.  We need to document these crimes with our own personal testimonies on video.
1)  Have your day in court.  Most of us never got a day in court to tell our side of the story or if we did the court ignored our evidence and most likely the hearing was not electronically recorded. You've been duped and need to help expose the corruption.
2)  Know your compatriots - put faces on the cases.  Let all victims get to know each others' stories at their own convenience.  We know there are thousands of victims but rarely get the chance to see their faces or hear their stories directly from their mouths.
3)  We have to make our own media outlet. There are thousands of websites devoted mostly to text but this is the video age.  To get public attention, we need to work in video format: a picture is worth a thousand words/video is worth millions of  words.  Print does not adequately convey the ocean of emotional outrage.
4)  Video Petition for Redress of Grievances relevant for the 21st Century that we can use for exposing the problem to legislators and major news outlets.  Refer your local news media and lawmakers to the website to understand the reality of the divorce industry.  The goal is to have hundreds of stories on the website.
5)  A Continuous, Expanding Demonstration.  We often try to get media attention at demonstrations for exposure, but this is a 24/7 perpetual demonstration on the Internet that can be watched at one's convenience.  TV is good, but usually only a one time event.
6)  An important historical document.  Imagine a website that compiles thousands of horror story videos about family court corruption.  It would serve us now in seeking reform and justice, and as a warning to future generations.  There are already links to videos on other websites.  Hopefully this effort will be duplicated by others, with video testimonies from all "family" court victims, and sites linked together in order to fully expose the vast destruction by the divorce industry.
In general your focus should be on court violations of your rights, not the other parent of your children.  The courts hold the power to create and maintain the unlevel playing field which promotes tension between parents, not your spouse or ex-spouse.
Make a short (5-10 min.) or long version (up to 25-30) video about your case, or both. You can make your own video(s) and submit them to be posted on the Internet at no cost, or I'll record it for you depending on your location.
You can also submit text documents to help explain your case and highlight crimes against you, for those who either want more information on your case who don't have time to watch the video, such as:
 1)  Chronological Fact Sheet & Summary 
a) basic information: Your name, number of kids and their ages; jurisdiction: state / county / city, names of offending judges 
b) events: background info; type of custody ordered, the what, when, where, why, how and outcomes of all hearings, etc. (up to 6-8 pages)
2)  List Main Points to highlight the major court violations of your civil rights (1-2 pages)
Check out the videos and text documents on the website to get an idea of how to prepare yours. 
If you want to speak out about how you've been victimized by the divorce industry, call me anytime. 
Following the advice of our founding fathers - speaking truth to power,
Mark Young, Arlington, VA
(703) 798-7598