Title IV-D - Government Incentives to Destroy Divorcing Families

Title IV-D is the federal welfare code.  It is the second largest expense item in the federal budget.  It has now been distorted into a funding system that essentially bribes states to destroy families of divorce. Hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars in financial incentives are offered to increase child support payments! 

No politicians have the backbone to ask what is this money really doing. Every family court judge now has a conflict of interest when awarding child support because this generated money for his state, the judicial system and even him personally.
The result has been disastrous and unconstitutional.

You will see that the FACTS are that our government system is now responsible for FOUR TIMES MORE fatalities of children and TEN TIMES more sexual abuse of children than the actual parents!

IV-D Key Facts:

1. IV-D=Welfare but is not means tested [At least 70% of enrollees not eligible under means testing for Title IV-A--welfare for indigents]
2. 70 million+ parents & children enrolled now; [20% female noncustodial parents by 2009]
3. Ultimately affects approximately 190 million family members directly including grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins or two thirds of US population
4. Affects entire population by ruining social capital of United States
5. IV-D= 2nd largest federal program after Soc. Sec. for elderly
6. One of the worse failures of social economic policy in past 50 years: THE VIETNAM OF US DOMESTIC POLICY
7. Dr. Wade Horn and Health & Human Services Apparatchik Squad tout its limited success in reducing apparent size of welfare rolls failing to observe how it is destroying the US social and economic infrastructure.
IV-D Model:
a. custodial parent gets all the $ + all the responsibility and is too busy to be
able to spend much time parenting the children
b. noncustodial parent pays all the money, gets no hands on responsibility, no
respect and goes to jail when $ runs out or if any complaints
c. children effectively lose the best of both parents d. states get welfare $ from feds the more custodial-noncustodial situations
created; max dollars generated if all marriages with minor children break up
e. criminal enforcement and prison resources diverted from protecting society
from criminals to criminalizing parents and taking away moms & dads from
their kids.

__._,_.___ States and courts are more destructive.

These are the facts; more children are killed and abused by DCF and other state agencies then by parents, as indicated by this sample. Many federal judges are ruling against CPS type services because the removal and separation of children from their families is more abusive than for the alleged reasons they were removed in the first place. CPS and DCF perpetrate more abuse and neglect and judges should be taking the children away from them instead of from parents.

Perpetrators of Maltreatment

Physical Abuse     Sexual Abuse     Neglect     Medical Neglect     Fatalities

State           160                  112             410             14                     6.4

Parents         59                    13             241              12                     1.5

Number of Cases per 100,000 Children

These numbers come from The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect (NCCAN).

These do not even include psychological abuse or the abuses perpetrated upon children by the whimsically named "family" courts as a result of their crimes through their custody / parenting time orders.


More data at: http://www.ndacan.cornell.edu/

Dept. of Health and Human Services Administration and Budget Discussion