Title IV D - A Welfare Program Funded By Taxpayers to Support Middle Class Mothers

IV-D Key Points:

1. IV-D=Welfare but is not means tested [At least 70% of enrollees not eligible under means testing for Title IV-A--welfare for indigents]
2. 70 million+ parents & children enrolled now; [20% female noncustodial parents by 2009]
3. Ultimately affects approximately 190 million family members directly including grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins or two thirds of US population
4. Affects entire population by ruining social capital of United States
5. IV-D= 2nd largest federal program after Soc. Sec. for elderly
6. One of the worse failures of social economic policy in past 50 years: THE VIETNAM OF US DOMESTIC POLICY
7. Dr. Wade Horn and Health & Human Services Apparatchik Squad tout its limited success in reducing apparent size of welfare rolls failing to observe how it is destroying the US social and economic infrastructure.

IV-D Model:
a. custodial parent gets all the $ + all the responsibility and is too busy to be able to spend much time parenting the children
b. noncustodial parent pays all the money, gets no hands on responsibility, no respect and goes to jail when $ runs out or if any complaints
c. children effectively lose the best of both parents d. states get welfare $ from feds the more custodial-noncustodial situations created; max dollars generated if all marriages with minor children break up
e. criminal enforcement and prison resources diverted from protecting society from criminals to criminalizing parents and taking away moms & dads from
their kids.
National IV-D Project

a. Phase 1: State teams e-mail & snail mail info package with request to change 3 things about IV-D and congressional survey to all members of Congress & follow up by phone by constituent-activists: Time commitment approx 3- 4 man hours total divided among participants for initial mailing; each constituent caller will make 6-8 calls to secure follow-up appointments with congressman or senator
b. Phase 2: National team records replies, analyzes and disseminates results to public: will include article writing, blogging and politicking re: Title IV-D
c. Phase 3: State team educates state legislators in similar fashion and requests bill be introduced modeled after Minnesota HF 530 which would limit Title IV-D funding to a means tested population, i.e. the Title IV-A population, thereby eliminating 70% of funding and enrollees: Time commitment approx 10-12 hours total divided among participants for initial mailing; similar number of calls per constituent activists. Process can be abbreviated if activists leverage contacts already developed by other activists in each state
d. Phase 4: Intensified efforts to reform Title IV-D at state & federal levels
e. Phase 5: Regroup and extend project to reform other aspects of Title IV-D including Bradley Amendment

"Michigan's Family Rights Coalition (FRC) is spearheading the National Title IV-D Project. Volunteers in each state are needed to send several documents electronically and by US mail to educate congressional legislators and to identify particular US senators and congressmen who will provide leadership to reform Title IV-D welfare statutes.

To register as a national volunteer, please follow this link:


This initiative will show federal legislators and state legislators how provisions of the US Child Support Enforcement Program [42 USC Sections 651, 654, 658 and 659], against the original intent of Congress, enroll the entire US population of divided families in a social security welfare program designed for the poor. Nearly seventy five percent of those enrolled in IV-D by their states are not eligible for welfare benefits. This diverts $4.2 billion dollars of Social Security tax funds that could serve needy veteran, elderly or disabled recipients.

In support of this National Title IV-D Project, ACFC has established a webpage with documents available for downloading which describes the campaign, its goals and supporting material. ACFC will provide links to websites of affiliates and other groups participating in this effort. The Family Rights Coalition of Michigan would like volunteer coordinators and organizations to register for this effort at this ACFC website link:


To access the details of this program you will need to volunteer to participate in the effort. Brian Downs, Esq, Western Michigan Regional Director, and Michael T. Ross, FRC president, can be contacted for details at bc_downs@yahoo.com and mtross152@comcast.net respectively."


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