Suing Lawyers to Make Them Accountable for Their Behavior

You must fight for your rights or you have none. If you allow them to steamroll you without resistance, you can only blame yourself.

On the other hand being resistant can often force the other to back down.

My Ex sent me my son's report card after she spent (my estimate) $15,000 fighting me on it. I only got one report card. Then I filed an appeal and it cost her another $10,000 or so to deny me. Now of course the law is being revoked as it was bad law. Not due to my efforts in fighting it, but due to other federal government money. Again it shows that MONEY talks.

There is a reason my EX's attorney dislikes me. When ever I file a lawsuit, I put his name right next to hers in the Defendant's column. That removes profit for him. Then he hires a lawyer to defend himself and my EX has to hire another lawyer due to conflict of interest.

If these leeches on society and divorced dads are held accountable for their bad acts, they will rethink their position and perhaps their job. For example if had a PARENTING coordinator give me bad and unlawful advice resulting in great difficulties and child visitation harm for me, I would sue his ass off. Even if I did not win legally, he would be getting a message, tread carefully as you are responsible for your acts.

If all fathers hold interveners responsible for their bad acts, I have no doubt there will be major changes in the system by necessity.

A lawyer can not represent a client and be a defendant himself in the same lawsuit. It violates the code of ethics. I don't know which ethic, but you can not do it.