Parental Alienation Syndrome - Understanding and Fighting For your Children

If the picture is painted of a "best of worlds" scenario, and one
applies a little reverse engineering then it should become even
clearer that it is the gender-bias status quo that is driving
current practices, and that only steadfast unity between concerned
mothers, fathers, and most everyone who comes from same, will bring
about the changes so desperately needed.

That said, the present scenario defies "reasonable people"
expectations and much needs to be done in the way of informing the
public of the great fraud to which all families are exposed, and
thereby threatened.

To elaborate on my concern for getting matters properly defined and
flushing the multitude of frauds and unethical practices into the
open, I believe it is important to educate others to the tactics
employed that play on people's naivete and causes failure to accept
much of the "unreasonable" ways and means that have confiscated the
halls of family justice.

Regardless of whatever lack of total confidence one might otherwise
have in "our justice system," that it is nearly a total sham is just
too inconceivable a thought for the uninitiated to it
would undermine inherently fundamental matters of trust and cause
too much disturbance to their overall well being. Hence, the
practices of "those opposed" always caters to such predisposition
with statements that thinly represent what people "want to hear" and
then announce their own credibility in such a manner that "who would
dare question" same, thereby masking what amounts to a brazen act of

Well, enough of those defining elements for the moment. My point is,
much like any detailed course of research into this subject matter
where one finds the original "rule of thumb" to be motivational to
those who have never had to live under same, the "politics of
hatred" proves source for exactly how families are placed under the
reverse-discriminatory practices of other thumbs. And it is my
contention that this "politics of hatred" operates, and has reached
it's present level precisely as the result of people who have not
had the experience of decent parentage and are unwilling/unable to
make peace with same.

The "blame game" that has replaced "justice" has been carefully
tailored in all manners that "justify" blame, and we are now well
beyond any doubt that men have been made extremely easy targets and
continue to be subjected to a relentless endless array of assualts.

This is simply a historical fact that cannot be denied if people are
to come to understand the course that matters have taken and can be
brought to see the transparency of such matters that only being
caught in the middle can reveal...where one can see the very real
potential of "unreasonable ways and means" slowly rising to power
and dictating terms to otherwise "reasonable people."

(If anyone saw a recent TV program about the succession of Kings in
Saudi Arabia, and followed the story of their increased wealth since
WWII and the eventual consequences of same, a parallel experience
unfolded. Having made the controversial decision to opt in favor of
creating educational institutions, it was also decided to hire their
educators from abroad. Although it was expected that Saudi values
would be fundamentally insured, it was later found out that such
expectations were being grossly betrayed, to great detriment to
their young and, of course, the entire fabric of their nation. To
present to their people what had occurred they had broadcast a play
on TV. The principle role was a Saudi teacher who realized something
was totally amiss and resolved to place his complaint to higher
authority. Upon entering such "halls of justice" he found three
people seated with their backs to the door. When he humbly presented
himself they turned around and he found himself facing those same
people with whom he had a complaint....Sound familiar?...)

Beyond the aforementioned history and the continued spurning by a
system that resists any hearing of its own bias, by its victims, I
would also like to chance being repetitive in adding that those who
are squeaking the loudest about not having Parent Alienation
Syndrome taken seriously, either because of its "syndrome" status or
because of the alleged miscarriages of justice that will result
(mind you these people are those that are "selling" the "existing
system of justice" to invite more unsuspecting clientele, while
being at the root of its dysfunction) are also those who give most
adamant support to "battered woman's syndrome." And I ask, exactly
what do you think the fate would be of any person who questioned the
validity, or anything at all about that use of vocabulary. "Those
opposed" have a non-negotiable point of view and are the first to
accuse others of having their cake and eating too…while already
happily partaking of the process themselves.

And lastly, but not last in priority, the story must also be told of
how such an unfair system has turned to backfire on mothers, as
well. Personally, years ago I was in no way prepared to make
association with "fathers' groups" because that would only have fed
further into the requisite adversarial framework. The
problematic "women's groups" very existence is based on the
exacerbation of such polarity and attacking some representation of
their own personal issues only brings completion to the entire
perverse equation. Of course, the unfortunate consequence of not
giving them the attention they desire has caused infiltration into a
system where they have "key player" status and have obtained
additional benefit of "friends of the court" status with
much "lended credibility." In the higher ranks, they are also those
that champion further judicial unaccountability, thereby insuring
and placing additional layers to their own lack of accountability.

Who would believe any of this crap?...which is precisely the way the
deck has been stacked: Concerned Parents' Credibility…Zero. Some of
the most judgmental persons that society has to offer…All. (I
reiterate…cake and eat it

At any rate, I chose not to enter this battle according to the
script where "the rules' had already been written and the only
possible outcome after entering the game was "you loose." I was
simply not going to join any organization that did not put children
and families first, and give all other distracting issues lesser
priority. Of necessity to a "best of worlds" scenario, are the
stories of injustices to both mothers and fathers and how such
insidious situations have evolved. And, how much more insidious it
would be if we do not unite and speak equally in each others behalf.
The "others' camp" is dissention-based thinking…and we should be on
guard against same, at all times. We can ALL speak to "the issues,"
whatever they may be, without any need to discount another's pain…
IMO, we must. If we can refrain from making certain judgments, those
who are presently enjoying that monopoly will be out in the open and
stand alone for accountability.

In my opinion, we have to dissect some of this strife and do a great
deal of reading between the lines. "Those opposed" operate from a
paradigm that's based on emotional insecurity and "operates better"
in this environment than anyone else, so they either create it or
exacerbate whatever they can find. "Your" emotional distress not
only validates their existence but affords them the opportunity to
exercise control.

Anyhow, I'm going to continue working on the definition and I most
appreciate the presence and input of both mothers and fathers. In
the end, so will everyone else.

Best to all, From Rick's peanut gallery.

p.s. If any what I wrote makes less than complete sense, perhaps it
will when I write out more of "my story"…where animosity was
virtually non-existent beforehand, but has been amply provided
since. PAS was/is the story of my ex's childhood and adult life, so
I've not only had an overview of same for many years, but I also see
the extended 3rd parties who have coerced and threatened her into
allowing same to be visited upon our children. The "secret" key
to "success" is knowing that the court will do nothing about it…and
we cannot allow that fact to remain a "secret" from the other
families out there.