Massachusetts Courts Broken and Mismanaged, Constitution Ignored- Chief Justice Marshall Should Resign

MassNews Planes in the Air with New "Billboard in the Sky" Banners
       Three planes took off from Fitchburg at 1:30 pm yesterday [Jan06] and flew to and around the Boston area in formation pulling newly designed messages about the state of the Massachusetts court system under Justice Margaret Marshall. One continued over Newton, Norwood, and Beverly, while the others flew over the MetroWest area.
       Today, the three will be flying again, with two leaving from Fitchburg, and one plane from Beverly to rendezvous in Newton and continue around the Boston area.
Here are the details on the banners:

1. Judge Marshall Resign billboard ----- overall dimensions 22.5 feet high by 85 feet long with the upper letters being almost 12 feet high and the lower letters being almost 8 feet high.

2. Court's a disaster billboard ----- overall dimensions 22.5 feet high by 85 feet long with the upper and lower letters being almost 10 feet high and the trailing letters being 5 feet high.

3. The "mired in confusion" banner had 5 foot high letters and was over 100 feet long.

someone asked about the MassNews planes.  Howard and I saw them on our visit to Cambridge Probate earlier re the Marshall court.

These were flown over the beaches recently:

Tens of Thousands See MassNews Airplanes Alerting Citizens to Illegal  Actions of DiMasi and Travaglini

           Tens-of-thousands of people at every beach from Cape Cod to the New Hampshire border saw MassNews airplanes over the weekend towing banners with the message that it is Senate President Travaglini and House Majority Leader DiMasi who were the political bosses preventing the legislature from voting last week.

            The banners were an extra-large 5-feet high with red letters.  In addition, some 20-foot high “flying billboards” are being manufactured which will be flying in a few weeks.

Democratic Leaders Are Repeating Illegal Maneuvers of 2002

Travaglini and DiMasi are the political bosses preventing the legislature
from voting, as required under the Constitution

            The purpose of the banners is to make citizens aware of the website where they can learn the truth about the political bosses of the Democratic Party who do not follow the state Constitution and are violating it every day that a vote is not taken of the legislators.

            The vote last week was 100-91 to adjourn with most of those voting to do so coming from the Senate, who voted 30-8 to do so.
            On the other hand, the House voted 83-73 not to adjourn without allowing a vote of the legislature.

Airplane Banners Alert Citizens

Tens of thousands were told by aerial banners of the latest ploy of the
legislature and were made aware of our website

            Many Democratic members of the legislature have a quandry because if they dare to disagree with Travaglini or DiMasi, he will refuse to allow any bill that would be beneficial to the voters in the district. No legislator wants to see his district punished by those two party bosses.

They're Stopping a Vote on Removing Margaret Marshall --- Also Illegally

            The two political bosses are also refusing to allow a vote on Emile Goguen's Resolution to remove from office Margaret Marshall and the three judges who signed her Ruling. This provision was made a part of our Constitution in 1780 when John Adams wrote it for us.
            They have no lawful power to do this.
Is the Answer to Vote Only for Republicans?
Many voters are wondering whether the only answer is to vote for every Republican legislator regardless of whether they are any good. It is too late for any candidate to decide to run regardless of which Party they are a member.
            It is possible to run as a write-in which can be accomplished with stickers, but that is a very difficult process.
            These voters say that anyone who is elected cannot be as bad at the present situation. It will definitely start some motion toward reform in the state. Every two years, both house and senate members are up for re-election in the state.
 Route of MassNews Planes
            The route of the MassNews airplanes was to cover every beach in the Cape Cod area and then to head north past Plymouth, Scituate, Nahant, Beverly, Gloucester, Rockport, Plum Island and Salisbury Beach.

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