Story of Judicial Prejudice, Corruption and Denial of Due Process and Civil Rights

Judge Peter C. Digangi & Exposing the corruption in the Massachusetts Family Court.

  28 Jul 2006 (updated 31 Jul 2006)

My name is Ernest Wright. Everything Mr. Thompson is saying about this judge is true and accurate. He vomited his poison on me in my divorce case regarding my now 5yo son. He deliberately and blatantly omitted anything I had as proof. He lied, was viciously inappropriate, switched courtrooms if any other people where there so my case wouldn't be heard by anyone, all with the chuckling assistance of the court personnel in Middlesex. He even allowed the probation officer named Terry Toundry and his wife to alternate being the probation people in my case. All of this after he had exhausted my money and I was functioning pro se. My file was missing papers and phantom documents where in there. This judge sent me to jail for being late with a $260 child support payment to my millionaires ex wife and never made her produce a single document. He seemed especially appalled at my presence. I though it might have been only racially motivated because I'm Black and my ex is white but Then I realized it was about money and collusion. Not about my son, and only exacerbated by my skin color. My case is Docket 2001D0620DV1 in the Cambridge Probate Court in Massachusetts. Filed in March of 2001. Judge Digangi was the presiding justice in my case also. he currently lives in Danvers, Massachusetts. First, let me pay homage to Mr. Thompson for exposing the corruption of Judge Peter C. Digangi and the Massachusetts Probate Court. I want to thank him publicly and personally. It was unbelievable when I read an excerpt from this book. It was as if I was hearing my own story. Hopefully this will create a media firestorm and bring federal and
national scrutiny entities to Massachusetts to fully expose this Judge and the others who are a part of this crime syndicate. By the time this is unraveled its going to make the Catholic Church collusion seem like a spanking in terms of how many children's lives these judges have destroyed.
Because I know the totality of evil of Judge Digangi and his cronies having been stopped on the highway at gunpoint by the police after the judges buddies (the Law firm of Stephen N. Lander & Lander, Framingham, Massachusetts) who represented my ex put out a bogus complaint on me. I want to put information here in support of my son and others like me. Its the only way I can be sure someone else knows. The only way I can do that is to leave information here for everyone to see. Names included.

1.During the hearing for my divorce/custody case when Judge Digangi was informed of my ex's lifelong untreated polysubstance abuse he said in open court "so what" and disregarded it. I filed a complaint with the Massachusetts Judicial Conduct Commission and they did nothing. 2.During my case my ex shouted out that she had only tried to commit suicide once in response to a question by my attorney, the judge called a recess and the topic was never talked about again.

During my case a discovery master was assigned named Attorney Patrick M. Hart of Marlborough Massachusetts to decide how any financial information was handled. His father, Chief Justice Joseph L. Hart Worcester Probate Court heard the motion regarding finances while his son was discovery master and both decided against me. I filed a complaint against Judge Hart with the Judicial Conduct Commission and they did nothing. In my case discovery master Hart denied every request for me to see my ex state and federal tax returns. My ex had acquired a few million dollars in 2001. To date I still haven't seen them even though my ex put down on here financial statement that she made $800 a week She paid her attorneys over $100,000.Discovery master Hart received money upon money also. His dad ordered it. Somewhere in the neighborhood of $10,000. I remember that day because Judge Hart was outside talking to his court friends before court and he said to one of them "all my friends are here today, we even got Steve Lander here with us", but Attorney Lander Wasn't there yet. How did the Judge know he was going to be there? I also filed a Federal RICO case against Judge Harts son Patrick, Docket #05-1136 at the Joe Moakley building in Boston and appealed it and they did nothing. Interestingly enough the judge at the Federal District Court who handled my case was a former judge from Worcester name Woodlock. On appeal it was Boudin, Lipez, and Lippet. They affirmed that my appeal was frivolous.

3. The judge who is now handling my case in Cambridge is Judge Dorothy Gibson. She started handling it after Bostons Joe Bergantinos I team did a story on the Judges at the Cambridge Probate Court exposing their lack of coming to work. Judge Gibson has my file in her office. I put in a motion to have an evidentiary hearing so I could get my ex financial tax returns from 2001 and at the hearing she wouldn't let me call any witnesses even though they where there and she tried to submit documents for my ex's attorney Stephen N Lander when I refused to accept his. She already had copies when I arrived at the court. She like Judge Digangi is the epitome of corruption.
I have not seen my son in over two year after Judge Gibson affirmed a motion by my ex that said my drivers license was no good even though I had been picking my son up at the Natick Police station via the commuter rail.
Judge Digangi put a lifetime restraining order on me and my ex got sole custody.
There are others who where involved in my corruption case who need to be named in conjunction with judge Digangi. They are judge Joseph L. hart and son Patrick. attorney JILL Dawicyk ( a young disciple of attorney Stephen Neil Lander who works for that firm.) Anthony Wall, an iron worker from local #7 in South Boston, ex armed robber in conjunction with a fella named Booker Core and current junkie who admitted to me that he only now smokes cocaine and uses marihuana, has a sick dog pit-bull named Millie and walks around the arboretum in JP he lives with a woman of Russian descent in west Roxbury named Olga, he is a fella I've known since i was 10 years old who was having an affair with my ex because she (by his own words) was committing fellatio on him repeatedly. Melvin Love, a maintenance worker for the national park service who works out of concord Massachusetts, also an ex-junkie and alcoholic who is getting married on august 19th in Newport, Massachusetts who kept the secrets that allowed judge Digangi to move forward.