Judicial Immunity Illegal in Massachusetts


The one thing the Ethics Committee has to know about is how the Bill would lead to an Unconstitutional result.  Article V of the Mass. Declaration of Rights EXPLICITLY states that everyone, including officers and magistrates, in all three branches of government -- legislative, executive, and judicial -- must be accountable to all the people all the time.

Where currently UNLAWFULLY gives immunity to judicial officers (judges), then calling PCs "Quasi-judicial officers" will be giving them also JUDICIAL IMMUNITY.

That will make any statute with that provision Unconstitutional because it would violate Article V of the Mass. Declaration of Rights .
IMMUNITY is unlawful, unconstitutional, under the Mass. Declaration of Rights.  Article V has never been amended or repealed.  It is EXCELLENT.  John Adams knew what he was doing in 1780.   Therefore Article V is still the LAW of the Commonwealth.   There is to be NO immunity in Massachusetts.   States that were established later in time are not so lucky.  But Mass. has thrown their LUCK to the sharks.  (The history is on my website if anyone wants to read it.)

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