Gender Bias in Courts is Unconstitutional and Blatant

Family courts and lawyer even encourage women to purge themselves to make sure they can assign custody to mothers. This is actually proven HARMFUL to children, but the band plays on because $25 billion a year is made by lawyers in custody battles. This is true evil - hurting children for money.

Surprise, surprise! The Concord Monitor published an editorial today about the lenient treatment afforded a FEMALE who gave alcohol to, and had sex with, boys as young as 13. The following is my response to that editorial. More such response would help our cause tremendously. mail

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To the Editors,

For years, mens' rights groups have been telling you that the justice system in NH is biased against men. Finally, it seems, your editorial staff is learning just how true that is. Your editorial of 7/13/06, titled; JUSTICE MUST BE EQUAL FOR MEN AND WOMEN, centers on a child abuse/molestation charge brought against Peggy Bick, accused of having sex with underage boys and providing some of them with liquor. You quote Judge Lawrence Smukler, who admitted that, had she been a male accused of the same crimes against a female, the bail consideration would have been much higher. Rockingham County Assistant DA, Benjamin Myler echoed Smukler's assessment. Both Smukler and the lower court judge who set the original bail, should be disciplined by the Committee on Judicial Conduct for discrimination. Furthermore, there was no mention of statutory rape in the listing of charges brought against Bick. Had the genders been flipped, that more serious charge would have been routine. You are quite correct in stating that such abuse against boys can seriously harm them, and the prohibition against adults having sex with children rightly applies to both genders. It's about time you said that, and a good thing that you did.

You state that it is commonly believed that courts treat females more leniently in sentencing, but that hard evidence is hard to come by.

That's plain wrong! Studies by the federal Bureau of Prisons has shown that females are five times less likely to be sent to prison, and if they are, will receive a sentence that is five time shorter than the average for males.

You further state that the comments of Smukler and Myler mean that the justice system needs to know if and when gender bias comes into play, whether in criminal matters or in divorce and custody cases. I think their comments indicate that they DO know, and are adding to the problem by their tacit acceptance of it. Take note of the public input to the Citizen's Commission on NH State Courts. Next to the cost of going to court, the highest number of complaints involved bias against fathers.

Complaints against the Family Court system, where bias against fathers is de rigueur, outnumbered complaints against all other courts combined.

Check the reports from the Bureau of Vital Statistics, which show that mothers are given sole custody of children in 75% of all cases, with fathers gaining sole custody in less than 15%. Look at the number of domestic violence cases, and compare the number of restraining orders issued against men as compared to women. The commission ignored that public input, and allowed the anti-male bias to continue unchecked.

There is no logical reason to believe that the gender bias in criminal courts admitted by Smukler and Myler is an anomaly affecting only the criminal courts.

We've been telling you for years that the Family Courts are equally, if not more, biased against men/fathers, and the evidence is there. The case of Peggy Bick, and the admissions of Smukler and Myler should

(hopefully) lead you to trust in the truth that we fathers rights activists are telling you.

Paul Clements