FBI Begins Investigation of Corruption In Family Courts

Please take note and understand the vitally important nature (Nationally) of the following press release & article from the very well read Mchenry County Blog. and this is just the beginning. The Initial investigation completed by the Chicago Crime Commission has now been forwarded to the office of Mr. Patrick J. Fitzgerald Special Council for the D.O.J for any further action. This will then be placed in the Hands of the F.B.I. for Follow up; Correct me if I am wrong but this is the closest we have come anywhere Nationwide to having our issues (Family Rights) addressed by & through agencies of our Federal Government mandated to proceed on our complaints and Grievances. So be aware and do your part Remember this is our Federal Government so be patient. Note; understand that the D.O.J. does not intend to get involved with or prosecute Constitutional Issues ? (Strictly Criminal) However, together we will make every effort to convince these people otherwise . Our U.S. Constitution must stand and remain inviolate. More to Come, check all your media . RGL. IFA. Sept 22, 2006

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Got a line on corruption? Report it anonymously


    Author(s): Steve Warmbir The Chicago Sun-Times Date: September 21, 2006 Page: 54 Section: Features

Want to drop a dime but leave your name out of it? The Chicago Crime Commission may have just the outlet for you.

Battling the rising tide of public corruption in the Chicago area, the crime commission is setting up a toll-free hotline and a Web site starting today where government employees and others can report corruption anonymously.


The hotline is (888) EYEONGOV or (888) 393-6646. The Web site is www.888eyeongov.org.

"The more people we talk to, the more people we found who are fed up," said Jim Wagner, president of the crime commission and a former FBI agent who battled the mob in Chicago.

Wagner's group decided to set up the hotline and Web site after completing an investigation of potential municipal corruption in the McHenry County area and forwarding the results to the U.S. attorney's office.

The crime commission plans on asking state lawmakers to require state and local governments to publicize the hotline and Web site every quarter with notices in their employees' paychecks. Who would pay for that requirement remains unsettled, but the crime commission can't foot the bill.


The crime commission staff will cull through the tips it receives and pass the most promising to law enforcement, Wagner said. The commission would like people to identify themselves, but Wagner said some people don't want to get involved as potential witnesses, so tipsters can leave their information anonymously.

"What we're looking for is the group of people who know about something, but they really don't want to get themselves out in front of it," Wagner said.



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Chicago Crime Commission Drops Bombshell on McHenry County Courts

A spotlight has been pointed at divorce, McHenry County style.

In a Union League press conference held this morning, Chicago Crime Commission President Jim Wagner said that a report had been given the U.S. Attorney's Office and the FBI, which included McHenry County's "family courts."

In a McHenry County Blog interview with Wagner, he said,

Family courts would determine in many cases custody rights, the proper treatment of the child in those situations, where the child could most properly be served.

That sounds like divorce court to me.

When asked about what he said concerning McHenry County this morning, Wagner replied:

We had done a preliminary inquiry in the collar counties, including McHenry County, that bled over into other counties.

As a result of the inquiries, we discovered numerous people willing to discuss criminal activity that they perceived to be occurring in various governmental units, including the court system and including family courts.

As a result of the inquiries, we prepared a report, which we provided to the U.S. Attorney's office and the FBI a few weeks ago.

We are hopeful that the information will result in criminal investigations because we believe sufficient information is available to warrant further investigation.

I also said that we have no control over the proceedings from here on out. That it is totally up to the United States Attorney and the FBI. Nor will we know if there is an ongoing investigation because they won't discuss pending matters.

I'm not able to provide any details because that could taint a criminal investigation.

When I asked him what he meant by "family courts," Wagner added the quote above.

The press conference was mainly targeted at publicizing a public corruption hotline.

Those who would like to drop a dime on crime may do so by contacting the commission by calling 312-372-0101. There is also a way to communicate by email on the web site.

McHenry County Blog first reported the Chicago Crime Commission's probe into McHenry County May 4th. July 23nrd McHenry County Blog reported on State's Attorney Lou Bianchi's letter to county officials. August 4th, McHenry County Blog printed a letter from Barrington Hills' attorney stating the village had not started the probe.

Nothing has yet to appear in any daily newspaper.

Chicago Crime Commission Holding Press Conference at Ten

9/21/6 - The Union League Club in Chicago is the location of a 10 AM press conference scheduled by the Chicago Crime Commission on Thursday.

Channel 7's Chuck Goudie reported that a public corruption hotline and web page will be announced.
How this ties into the Chicago Crime Commission's investigations in McHenry County remains to be seen.

McHenry County State's Attorney has told county officials that they do not have to speak to the Commission's investigators.

So far, the Northwest Herald has not said a word about the wide-ranging probe of county and local governments.