Family Courts are a Scam to Plunder the Assets of Divorcing Couple For Lawyers

The moral dilemma is that the "foxes" are devouring those whom they are legally-bound to protect - most horrifically - innocent children and their protective, primary caretakers. It crosses the line into psychosocial pathology."

Material evidence includes direct judicial retaliation. If primary caretaker stands up to judicial corruption, children are being taken with false allegations and no due process. Extended "No Contact" orders are being entered unless parent submits to coerced court orders. IFCAA members have been threatened with false incarceration and unlawful sanctions have been levied. Child witnesses have been "judicially kidnapped" in violation of federal law.

IFCAA has complied evidence to prove the racketeering enterprise consists of the pattern of practice of state court agents artificially generating high conflict divorce and post-divorce cases to create protracted, costly litigation - often targeting cases with documented perpetrators of domestic violence who want to avoid child support obligations and exploiting the protective parents who are willing to lose everything to protect their children.

A review of Cook County Circuit Court case files show that if there are no family assets, then there is no protracted litigation - no custody battle, no child attorney, no custody evaluations, no forced therapy.

If assets, unnecessary court-appointed child attorneys in concert with unethical and dishonest divorce attorneys launch the racketeering enterprise by acting in direct opposition to legally-mandated fiduciary obligations to act in the best interest of their adult and child clients. (mother and child) emphasis added

Fraudulent "custody evaluations" are created by court-appointed evaluators who generate reports without scientific validity or evidence to support false allegations and/or conclusions. Court-ordered therapists enable abuse and racketeering enterprise. Supervised visitation businesses are in league with child attorneys, evaluators and therapists.

False reports are used to coerce one party (the protective parent and primary caretaker) under the duress of the threat of the loss of total custody into unfair settlements and the payment of litigation costs to multiple state court agents in direct violation of statutory law.
(equal care and custody is an unfair settlement?)

IFCAA co-founder, Karyn Mehringer (Freeman) among others have worked with numerous legislators for past two years amending and/or creating new laws dealing with child attorneys, domestic violence and child custody evaluations.

This is a national public interest crisis that is costing taxpayers multimillions and immeasurable social losses, exacted on the backs of the nation's children.

Resource for older children:

Illinois Family Court Accountability Advocates (IFCAA) Karyn Mehringer (Freeman) and Sheila Mannix, 708-323-6040  or Independent Federal Fund Oversight Committee David Martin Price, 785-267-5132 iffoc@lycos.comorNational Alliance for Family Court Justice Liz Richards, 703-658-3543 or Foundation for Court ReformYvonne Allen,

Source: Illinois Family Court Accountability Advocates (IFCAA)

TXDAD you didn't know it, these gals are all man hating closely into the below [snipped] article posted.
Then read the letter from Liz Richards targeting Wayne Horn of the NFI. making sure no money goes to support any "true" fathers rights groups" seeking to ensure "their" faux fathers groups get the money to run dads around and keep the status quo, the status quo.

These people are very "SUBTLE" in their appearances as advocates under color of fathers rights, only to be smoke and mirrors to ensure no meaningful change occurs.

I have highlighted the important "words" to strictly construe them as they are. These are feminist saboteurs who are out to stop meaningful reforms and ensure lots of bureaucracy remains.
January 19, 2000

Wade Horn

National Fatherhood Initiative

101 Lake Forest Blvd.

Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Dear Mr. Horn:

I have spoke to you and your staff on several occasions about irregularities occurring in the fatherhood movement, which our group of litigating mothers have documented and observed. Since NFI will be a likely grant recipient under proposed legislation, S.1364, "Responsible Fatherhood Act", intended to expand funding for fatherhood "styled" programs, I am asking Senate sponsors to obtain your response to the following:

in other words, if you advocate for PAS we will work to see you do not get any funding.

1) As a prime clearinghouse and potential federal program service provider for fathers, which local groups do you refer callers to for individual assistance? What are the trigger factors for determining appropriate referrals?

tell us who you work with so we can make sure they get no NFI money also.

2) Do you verify any of the complaints made by individual callers, or verify the results they claim to have obtained? What oversight do you have to ensure that all local service providers are compliant with legal and ethical standards?

the legal standard that custody goes to mom 80% of the time.

3) What standards are in place for ensuring the rendered services are appropriate and effective?

4) What, if any, advocacy groups or professional bodies representing affected mothers have your consulted with to ensure that responsible fatherhood services have effective results for mothers? Do you ever speak to any of the mothers of the children involved in the fathers cases you consult with?


5) Are you aware of the Pedophile/Incest sympathizer psychologists who are closely affiliated with leading fathers rights groups? Have you analyzed their theories and implementations in domestic relation cases? Are you aware that an NFI staff member was e-mailed a message describing this, which included a link to a Family Research Council report, which identified leading fathers' rights organization who were associated with these pedophiles?

6) Are you aware of false incident reporting in family disputes and family violence by litigating males, along with retaliatory legal action against mothers who complain about paternal abuse or support delinquencies?

7) Are you aware of the currently funded "fatherhood" styled programs, advocated for and granted to some of the leading fathers groups, which they have been using to promote the use of Pedophile / Incest methodology in the courts and social services?

someone should do something about this person richards as she is toxic

8) Have you ever received one complaint from a litigating father, that he was not allowed any visitation with his children because he had made a false allegation against the mother, or had to pay child support of 1/3 or more of his income to a custodial mother who 200% or 300% more money than he earned? As an organizer of litigating mothers, I have many such complaints from mothers who have been abused in the legal system by fathers with "connections". Does the NFI have any interest in helping non-custodial mothers with such problems?

Please for Gods sake Identify Faux advocate groups like Liz Richards


Liz Richards

National Director

ALSO looks like Liz richards is into scooping up on lots of those homes lost to foreclosure after extortion by the courts occurs.

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