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VAWA: A four-letter word that means tyranny

As Published in the "Washington Times National Weekly Edition, page 21 in the July 11 to 17 2005 edition

After eleven years as law, “The Violence Against Women Act” (VAWA)has done little more than destroy families and fund social engineering schemes unrelated to intimate partner violence. This dysfunctional law leaves violent criminals free to abuse at will, but inflicts brutalities unworthy of a free society on innocent victims of false allegations of domestic violence.

The plain truth is VAWA is unconstitutional. Nothing in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution of the United States of America, including the Commerce Clause, authorizes the Congress to regulate and control personal relations between individuals. Further, the blatant and undeniable gender bias seen on the face of VAWA is discrimination against a subject class, men, in direct violation of Section 1 of Amendment XIV of the Constitution notwithstanding pious statements to the contrary by uninformed Senators.

Destroying Civil Liberties

We oppose domestic violence and believe attackers of any innocent person should be brought to trial. However, violence is propagated more commonly and broadly by denying civil liberties than controlled.

VAWA has promoted, funded, or mandated:
  • Mandatory arrests without a warrant, often based on nothing more than hearsay;
  • A standard under which the accused is guilty until proven innocent and mere allegations now suffice as proof;
  • Forced citizens fromtheir homes and children with nothing more than the clothes on their back without any pretense of due process;
  • Endorsed searches of homes without a warrant;
  • Allowed seizures of property without redress;
  • Denied defendants the assistance of counsel, the right to confront their accuser and obtain witnesses in their defense;
  • Punishment and imprisonment that occurs before a trial or without one;
  • Invoked public censure for crimes men have not committed.
These are acts of a police state and the policies of tyrants.

VAWA has created a new subclass of citizens who find themselves defendants in domestic violence cases. Many of these citizens are innocent fathers who simply want to be a loving part of their children's lives. They find themselves denied their civil rights and due process, tortured and coerced into submission, degraded, and humiliated by a justice system that now accepts hearsay as proof.

Domestic violence laws at all levels of government must hold accountable law enforcement agents, judges, attorneys, social service providers and advocates to ensure equal protection in the enforcement of the laws. The dialog within these groups also needs to specify that fraudulent claims and suborning perjury are criminal acts.

Public money used for the prevention of domestic violence must deal solely with that issue. Laws must forbid the funding of operations to support any other legal, political, or social agendas such as; rape, divorce, child custody, or any gender specific issue under the guise of "domestic violence."

Ever Expanding Definitions of Domestic Violence

The domestic violence industry's survival is dependent on abuses never ending and inventing them. For it to grow, as any industry desires to, the level of abuses must seem to increase and the definition of domestic violence must expand indefinitely. Ending domestic violence is incontestably a conflict of interest for the industry that VAWA funds as it depends on more and more “victims” or for greater levels of fraud and perjury to be committed.

The needed reforms are:
  • Domestic violence is a state matter. Existing Federal laws should be repealed or allowed to expire.
  • Domestic violence laws must be gender neutral in all respects and practice.
  • Domestic violence and abuse laws must not violate the rights to due process and equal protection under the law.
  • False allegations of domestic violence and suborning perjury must be dealt with as criminal acts.
  • Domestic violence laws at all levels of government must exist solely in the criminal codes.
  • Organizations receiving public moneys for domestic violence programs must be prohibited from lobbying legislatures on unrelated issues.
As citizens, we do not have an issue with seeing violent criminals put in jail when, following due process, they have been proven guilty of committing a violent crime. Battery is battery, no matter where it happens or who commits it. Civil restraining orders will only restrain civilized people who were no real threat to begin with; violent criminals need to be imprisoned.

However, under VAWA the Federal government is paying states to violate both the Federal and, often, the State Constitution. Moreover, under these practices we punish the innocent and free the guilty.

The law must guarantee citizens their rights to equal protection under the law and due process in all cases. Prosecution of criminal acts is critical regardless of whether they are acts of physical violence or false allegations of violence. Enactment of future anti-domestic violence laws must be in our criminal codes and those currently within our civil codes be repealed.

Domestic violence laws and their operation throughout the country need reviewing under the highest level of scrutiny possible. Qualified scientists must conduct a comprehensive, well-funded study of domestic violence rather than ideologues in order to establish how pervasive this problem is and what methods are most effective in reducing it.

The study needs to evaluate and document the different ways the sexes assault and murder each other. Knowing what methods of abuse and homicide both sexes use and recognizing the symptoms will assist the people that treat the abused, collect evidence and enforce the laws.

Preventing fraudulent claims must be a requirement of all domestic violence support systems. The failure to do this for the past ten years has allowed a system rife with fraud to run amok and prevented those with valid claims from receiving needed services.

The rework suggested in VAWA 2005 only promises to provide more funding to the current fraud-ridden system riddled with advocacy research studies and government propaganda. Renewal of this law will expand a level of civil rights violations unequaled since the abolition of slavery.

There is a dire need to start doing what makes sense so that the domestic violence laws effectively deal with violent criminals. Our system must be free of perjury and fraud, and operate within constitutional constraints. We must let VAWA sunset and rethink our needs and priorities from the beginning.

A system of Justice hanging on bare threads of morality and truth cannot withstand the influences of the rage and spite that plague our society today.

Blind Acceptance

Despite repeated requests, no witnesses in opposition to VAWA 2005 will testify at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on July 19, 2005. Is our Congress trying to prove they only serve special interest groups?

Republicans seem blind to the fact that VAWA has been a direct assault on a major voter stronghold of the GOP, men, and especially divorced fathers. There is already broad vocal dissent from these voters over support by Republicans for VAWA 2005. They are promising to take revenge in the 2006 and 2008 elections for what they feel is an outright betrayal. Supporting VAWA 2005 could be the quickest route for the Republicans to become the minority party again.

Equal Protection Under the Law is True Equality




"Any country that has tried to create a political solution to human problems has ended up with concentration camps and gulags."

Erin Pizzey, who began the shelter for battered women movement in 1971



Sunday, November 06, 2005

Are we a nation of whores?

Are we a nation of whores and whores-mongers? The recent Op/Ed by Kathleen Parker, "Feminism's devolution from hoaxers to whores" seems to take an affirmative position that this is in fact the case. Are we all whores? No, but my guess is at least half of American women and an equal number of our men are. If you only count those who claim to be feminists that percentage would be considerably higher.

I would bet all the women who fought and suffered getting the American woman the right to vote, smoke, drive, drink, and to get paid for being naked, are turning over in their graves due to the mockery too many of today’s women make of themselves. Why is it that women today who are working for social, political, and economic equality of the sexes or support the notion that men have the right to exist (beyond breathing air and paying any bill for a woman that can be conjured up) are called women haters? I will admit that if it is ever proven that all feminists hate men I, for one, would not be a bit surprised. But that still wouldn’t make any woman that believes equal protection under the law is true equality, a woman hater.

Where does this social insanity come from? I believe it is from selfishness and its expansion into accepted pragmatism for dealing with any issue. Selfish behaviors are a fundamental part of any person’s character. But those who are ruled by their selfishness are concerned only in indulging in their immediate, private desires -- instant gratification. Otherwise stated as a rule by a sense of an obligation only to one's self. This is a self-inflicted personal tyranny of emotions that is restrained only when it is personally convenient, not through any fixed set of values such as ethics or morality.

When such lack of personal restraint and rule by emotion is reinforced by a civilization and its laws, the citizenry at large will lose their sense of society and respect for those in it. The rule of law is then exerted by the irrational understanding resulting from the discarding of moral restraint in favor of convenience -- selfishness. This dictates that citizens’ wishes are more important than societal needs and emotion trumps intelligence and truth. Those that accept being tyrannized by their own emotions, in effect, become agents of the tyranny they emote.

Consequently, if there are enough selfish people that share the same discretionary inclinations, they will form a group and demand these desires be consecrated by force of law. Any society that permits such rule by selfishness will begin to see its authority indulge its citizens’ wishes at the expense of the sanctity of the society as a whole. Its parents will become the servants of their children and children will start to only respect themselves.

The expression of ideas is the essence of a free society. Spirited debate over contention of an ideal is an integral part of the true democratic process. But freedom will only succeed if accompanied by respect and tolerance of the opinions, based on reason and sincerely-held principles, by opponents of any reasoning. In societies ruled by selfishness the target of social stigma will move away from people who ignore moral restraint toward those who condemn the absurd, irrational state of such a society, and laws will be promulgated to impose the illogical on those that dissent.

Of the many absurd laws that exist in our nation today, three come to mind as prime examples of initiating the imposition of the tyranny of emotion upon the citizenry at large by legislating selfishness to become the rule of law. The first such act to become law was no-fault divorce. This marked a unique step away from reason, personal capibility, accountability, responsibility, and moral restraint. Through the adoption of these statutes, for the first time in our history we permitted one party of a contract to not only unilaterally terminate the agreement they may have in fact violated, but to also be rewarded for their violation of the agreement.

The other example are our various protection laws, such as protection from domestic violence. Protecting someone from abuse and, most importantly, restraining yourself from abusing others is a moral obligation. But today’s protection from abuse laws have no basis in ethics, morality nor do they exist within the constraints of our constitution. Instead of protecting people from abuse they are widely used by individuals as a mechanism to inflict abuse of others who simply disagree with them. This has become widely accepted as the proper way to deal with such issues. No other law in the history of civilization has ever been so perfectly structured within the spirit expressed by Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin) as our protection from abuse laws.

Lenin said, I think we must stick the convict’s badge on anyone and everyone who tries to undermine Marxism...even if we don’t go onto examining his case. This stratagem has been developed into a fine art by many in today’s politics, media, education, special interest groups and other areas of social activity.

The third and agruaibly the most dispicable of them all are our laws that promote paternity fraud. Operating under the guise of the “best interest of the child” we permit our women to, in some cases randomly, assign long term punishment for their criminal acts of fraud to innocent men. This system teaches the children of these mothers how to get paid for perpetrating fraud. It may actually be much fairer to created a “child support lottery” and assinged finacial responsibility by random draw in all cases. Either way we are left with an enabling system that promotes fraud and protects the guilty.

There can be no rational doubt that the present destruction of our society was initiated and formally promulgated by the Great Society policies of the liberal Democrats of the 1960’s. However, they cannot be solely faulted with its expansion over the past decade.

The current manifestation of the Republican Party has clearly done as much damage as any other group during the later period of the last century and up to the present day. They too have become the embodiment of our efforts to be politically correct. Over the past four decades we have tried to social engineer the protection of everyone from everyone else. We have developed a system of social statutes that attempt to encompass protecting everyone from everything, from facial expressions to mere perceptions of maltreatment. We then go about enforcing these idiotic laws by illegally destroying the civil rights of half the population and yet somehow we actually believe we are civilized.

The ethical and moral illiteracy we suffer from today is both reflected and taught by academia through mechanisms of relativism, positivism, humanism, and distorted concepts of diversity. The common refusal to recognize the necessity of ethical absolutes and moral values has all but removed the notion of the nuclear family from our society. The propagation of this societal self destruction is defended under the guise that it is a critical function needed to protect us from what would otherwise only result in a totalitarian rule by theocratic tyrants.

This is the result of a trend to enforce political correctness. Like McCarthyism, and even more tyrannical examples in modern history, it creates a form of communal hysteria where the most ridiculous arguments are importuned to rationalize the compulsory imposition of an ideology upon the society. The adherents to this group insanity demand not only the framing of ludicrous laws to secure their agenda but also the complete acceptance of their views by everyone and that any dissent be punished without question. All of which history shows will lead to totalitarian rule by secular tyrants.

We seem to have jumped head first into what may be described as communal senility. Like a diagnosed mental disorder, it is an equally degenerative condition that we are well on our way to. It is frightening to witness our rapid decline into an aggregation of societal dementia and impotence. The growth of irrational anxiety throughout our society is undeniable. The occasional media coverage that contradicts the popular paranoia is either ignored or castigated as the work of the insane. All of which are symptomatic of the mass hysteria created by the decay of common sense. Such decay is the direct product of our failure to educate our children to understand the value ethics and morality have to them and to our society. Sadly, such failing to our children is among the vital components required for totalitarianism, such as feminism, to be able to take and maintain control of a society.

We stand at a critical crossroad. The death of reason and collapse of intelligence that marks the beginning of outright tyranny and totalitarian rule is clearly at hand. We are inundated by irrational laws, procedures, and the destruction of civil rights. We face judicial tyranny that has no regard for truth but still falsely promises to control the faults of all human frailty. The fact is our legal processes have collapsed into a state where they are simply the means to suppress contrary opinion.

This social experiment of ours, our Great Society, hasn’t worked out the way it was professed to and we learn every time we encounter systems like it that they don’t. Modern law can not protect people from their own selfish greed, stupidity, and caprice. History shows that every attempt to do so has only made greed, stupidity, and caprice the dominant and controlling features of the societies that have tried.

Relying on individual accountability and responsibility within stable families, rather than an overabundance of laws and regulations to provide answers and societal stability is not a new ideology. It is simply common sense. As we continue to raise children devoid of personal responsibility, the symptoms of our social decline, such as rudeness, impatience, contempt for reason, unbridled greed, and promiscuity, will become even more evident in our daily lives until they become the most pronounced symbols of our culture. Many fear we are long past the point where a return to reason is possible. I truly hope not.

Equal Protection Under the Law is True Equality


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Write to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

We are also writing to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger about Mr. Christopher. Please write to him as well and be sure to include Mr. Christopher's address in prison in your contact so the Governor knows where to find him.

William Joseph Christopher
DPJ737-MJN / 5A
885 North San Pedro Street
San Jose, CA. 95110

I have faxed and emailed him. His fax number is: 1-916-445-4633 and his web form for email is at:

Please tell him the whole world knows what is happening in his state!


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

How VAWA Really Works

6 Years in a California Jail Without a Trial

William Joseph Christopher he has been wrongfully locked up without “Due Process”, for six years due to a false allegation of abuse. Click the title link or here for the full story - it is horrifying!

Mr. Christopher needs our support. Write to him, I suggest a post card to make sure the tyrants holding him read it. Please say "The whole world is watching what they have done to you." I have people in the UK, Canada and Australia sending post cards.

How To Write To William Joseph Christopher
Please forward this to everyone you know that will write. Just write Mr. Christopher a short note. I am sure he is crushed and any kind word will help.

Address your post card as follows :

William Joseph Christopher
DPJ737-MJN / 5A
885 North San Pedro Street
San Jose, CA. 95110

Please tell him the whole world knows what is happening to him!


Monday, July 25, 2005

Uniform Parental Rights Enforcement and Protection Act, (UPREPA)


The Uniform Parental Rights Enforcement and Protection Act, (UPREPA) is the Center for Children's Justice's proposed legislation for equal parenting. We received word that it is going to be on the next ballot in Michigan!

So we're having a party all about UPREPA this Saturday, July 30, 2005. If you are in the North Carolina area or will this Saturday. Please let me know (for a head count for food) at We'll be getting started at noon and go into the evening.

It would be wonderful for all the folks in my area working toward equal parenting to meet! Please join us.



Thursday, July 14, 2005

Ted Kennedy Wants to Tell America How to Treat Women

Below is my fax to;
Senator Ted "give me another drink so I can say I forgot that I killed a woman" Kennedy.

I urge all women who see this to send a similar fax to him.


July 14, 2005

Senator Edward M. Kennedy
317 Russel Senate Office Building
Washington D.C. 20510
(202) 224-2417 - fax

Re: Request for you to recuse yourself from the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) hearing, July 19, 2005

Dear Senator Kennedy;


As a victim of serious domestic violence I find your presence at the upcoming hearing on VAWA to be the most perverse insult women victims of domestic violence could receive. How can you, with any conscience, try to tell Americans how they should treat women?

I hereby request that you recuse yourself from the July 19, 2005 hearing on VAWA and any future hearings or votes on the subject.

Yours truly,
{My Name}
{My Home Address}
{My Home Phone Number}

Cc: Senator Arlen Specter, Chairman, Senate Judiciary Committee (202) 228-1229 - fax



Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Do Women Really Want Equality?


I got a pretty serious tongue lashing from my local "Women's Group" chapter leader today over my position on VAWA. Seems she thinks there needs to be even greater bias in our domestic violence laws and I disagree. Having been through the domestic violence racket personally I would rather see the whole Federal side of it dropped and every DV law in the country put into the criminal code.

A civil restraining order is just a piece of paper, it won't stop a fist (I know this from personal experience), a baseball bat or a bullet. What protection do they offer to victims of violent abuse? None that I could discover.

These civil restraining orders have actually done women a great disservice. VAWA has done nothing more than to decriminalized domestic violence. If someone beats up their spouse, VAWA gives them a summary offense, basically equal to a speeding ticket. If you do the same thing to a stranger on the street, you are likely to get some jail time. That sounds like VAWA has denied victims of domestic violence their right to equal protection under the law.

But after a little digging I believe I found the real objection, VAWA lets women file complains of violence without having to supply any proof what so ever that any violent act was committed. That may sound like a grand idea to some folks, but I would rather see violent criminals taken off the streets for a meaningful period of time. That requires due process, which requires proof of the crime. It also makes the person filing the complaint accountable to the truth.

At some point women may figure out that if we want true equality (equal opportunity in life) we are also going to have to be willing accept what comes with it -- equal accountability and equal responsibility for our actions. Until then all we are doing is forcing a one-sided agenda on everyone else. Which so far has resulted in many women being brutally beaten while their attacker walks off into the sunset with a speeding ticket. How could any sane person think that makes any sense?