County Class Action Law Suits Against Family Courts - Massachusetts

Welcome to the battle against the real act of terrorism in America. Join one of 3200 class action lawsuits against the illegal acts of family courts!

 Click here for details on the 3 types of NCPs, and how any taxpayer, and many children of divorce 18 years of age or older, can also join these lawsuits. (if links don't work visit )
The most important thing that people need to understand is that every parent has already had full physical and legal custody of their children from the very moment of their births. This is the simple truth under the real law... Instead, most people still, to this very day, mistakenly believe that when a divorce or paternity action starts, that it will all be about the typical "he said - she said" arguments, supposedly in order to see which parent gets "awarded" custody of the children... This is the commonly wrong misconception of what is really happening in today's family courts...
 The real truth, under the real law, and as consistently ruled by the United States Supreme Court for nearly an entire century now, is that no state agency, entity, or official - which includes a state family court judge - may ever take away any parent's custody of their children, without having first found, and only by "clear and convincing evidence", that the parent is seriously unfit to parent the children in question - i.e., what has been happening in state family courts is strictly unconstitutional: the taking away of just one of the parents' pre-existing child custody, without first proving serious parental unfitness by clear and convincing evidence.

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 Massachusetts Counties:
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 Click here for details on the three types of noncustodial parents, and how many young adult children of custody, and ALL of America's 230+ million Taxpayers, can also be direct plaintiffs in this first wave of county class actions, with the CPS lawsuits to follow shortly.
 Click here for examples about the claims, arguments, damages, relief, and etc.
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 Check below to see the status for your county:
 (Note: if your county is not yet represented, and you live in the same general area, then please register by this EMAIL [i.e., Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc.] link, or use your own WEBMAIL [i.e., Gmail, Earthlink, AOL, Yahoo, etc.] to send your contact information and request to lead [County of State] to us at "Class-Actions (at)

County Contact Name Contact Email Telephone County website
Barnstable Steve McDonough 508-548-1013
Bristol Gale White 508-992-2431
Essex Dr. Amir H. Sanjari
Hampshire Chad Fuller 413-540-1122
Middlesex Richard Barrett 508-574-2655
Norfolk Tim Lyons
Plymouth Randy Mills 508-889-4980
Suffolk John Walsh
Worcester George Mason 508-735-6615

Best regards fellow freedom-fighters,
George and Amir

I have joined this and am trying to help.
I have spoken to Torm House, who is the leader of this effort at the National Convention.
This can only be successful if we get lots of people.
We intend to hire an attorney and by dividing the cost between 50-100 people in any given county we can keep the cost nominal because we are supplying the suit and only
Need someone to make the arguments and help it along with the air of professionalism.
We are interviewing various attorneys who do NOT make their living from divorce industry and judges.
George can you publish the phone and/or email of each county leader to sign up with.
We will be signing people up at courthouses.

From: The Fatherhood Coalition [mailto:FATHERS-L@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM] On Behalf Of George Mason
Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2006 7:51 PM
Subject: Join Class Action
 Will you please take the time to consider joining (as
 tax payers, Non Custodial Parents and their adult
 children) in the civil rights law suits against each
 county? To increase coordination and organization there are individual yahoo groups for
 each county that need people to join. Please forward
 this request to all those you know. Also you can
 review the entire effort at
 Amir & George
 (watch_pray2001@ YAHOO.COM)
 State Coordinators For Massachusetts County Class
 Action Lawsuit