Corruption In Family and Divorce Courts

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Source: Illinois Family Court Accountability Advocates (IFCAA)

IFCAA, Chicago Grassroots Organization, Fighting Racketeering Enterprise in Family Court

Alleges Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan Spending Tax Payer Dollars to Defend Judicial Corruption
Monday June 19, 3:25 pm ET


CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 19, 2006--Illinois Family Court Accountability Advocates (IFCAA)

today announced that they have taken on judicial corruption - fraud, extortion, coercion under duress -

in the Cook County Circuit Court Domestic Relations Division. IFCAA is networking with local and national

groups to expose the national epidemic of family courts trafficking children for the financial gain of divorce

judges and lawyers, and court-appointed child attorneys, evaluators, therapists and visitation supervisors.

IFCAA contends that the biggest obstacle to justice is the Illinois Attorney General's representation of

alleged corrupt judges in state and federal court against unrepresented citizens illegally impoverished

by the defendant-judges. Illinois taxpayers getting hit on both ends of racketeering enterprise that

generates private income for alleged criminal state court agents on taxpayers' tab.

National organizations are targeting financial gain to judges and the child attorneys they appoint,

especially investigating the misappropriation of state and federal funds unlawfully fueling racketeering enterprise.

Martin Green, Executive Assistant to Attorney General Madigan, stated, in effect, that until a presiding

judge in state or federal court rules that there is a problem with a family court judge, the Attorney General's

Office will represent the defendant-judges.

IFCAA co-founder, Dr. Sheila Mannix, comments, "It's a straightforward case of a hierarchy of foxes

guarding the hen house. The legal dilemma for the "foxes," who have chosen to work in professions

in the public trust, is that they are legally-mandated to obey professional and ethical codes of conduct

and/or they have taken oaths of office to uphold the Constitutions of the United States and the

State of Illinois and have signed fiduciary contracts funded by state and federal taxpayers' dollars.

The moral dilemma is that the "foxes" are devouring those whom they are legally-bound to protect -

most horrifically - innocent children and their protective, primary caretakers. It crosses the line into

psychosocial pathology."

Group has compiled several members' material evidence of judicial corruption by Cook County

Judges Karen G. Shields and James G. Donegan (among others) which has been turned over to

civil and criminal authorities.

Material evidence includes direct judicial retaliation. If primary caretaker stands up to judicial

corruption, children are being taken with false allegations and no due process. Extended "No Contact"

orders are being entered unless parent submits to coerced court orders. IFCAA members have been

threatened with false incarceration and unlawful sanctions have been levied. Child witnesses have

been "judicially kidnapped" in violation of federal law.

IFCAA has complied evidence to prove the racketeering enterprise consists of the pattern of practice

of state court agents artificially generating high conflict divorce and post-divorce cases to create

protracted, costly litigation - often targeting cases with documented perpetrators of domestic

violence who want to avoid child support obligations and exploiting the protective parents who

are willing to lose everything to protect their children.

A review of Cook County Circuit Court case files show that if there are no family assets, then

there is no protracted litigation - no custody battle, no child attorney, no custody evaluations,

no forced therapy.

If assets, unnecessary court-appointed child attorneys in concert with unethical and dishonest

divorce attorneys launch the racketeering enterprise by acting in direct opposition to legally-mandated

fiduciary obligations to act in the best interest of their adult and child clients.

Fraudulent "custody evaluations" are created by court-appointed evaluators who generate reports

without scientific validity or evidence to support false allegations and/or conclusions. Court-ordered

therapists enable abuse and racketeering enterprise. Supervised visitation businesses are in league

with child attorneys, evaluators and therapists.

False reports are used to coerce one party (the protective parent and primary caretaker) under the

duress of the threat of the loss of total custody into unfair settlements and the payment of litigation

costs to multiple state court agents in direct violation of statutory law.

IFCAA members are meeting with the Executive Director of the Judicial Inquiry Board, Kathy Twine,

on Friday, June 23, 2006. A meeting is being scheduled with John Lagatutta, Deputy Director for

State-Wide Enforcement, Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. The Attorney

Registration and Disciplinary Commission is currently investing a court-appointed child representative.

IFCAA co-founder, Karyn Mehringer (Freeman) among others have worked with numerous legislators

for past two years amending and/or creating new laws dealing with child attorneys, domestic violence

and child custody evaluations. Senate Bill 98 and House Bill 360 were signed into law by Governor

Blagojevich in July and August, 2005, respectively. House Bill 4216 targeting how child custody

evaluations are being conducted in the State of Illinois was pulled from the Legislative Session in

January of 2006 because Judiciary Committee refused to support the need to have state wide

guidelines on how child custody evaluations are conducted in the State of Illinois.

This is a national public interest crisis that is costing taxpayers multimillions and immeasurable

social losses, exacted on the backs of the nation's children.

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Illinois Family Court Accountability Advocates (IFCAA)  Karyn Mehringer (Freeman) 
and Sheila Mannix, 708-323-6040  or  Independent Federal Fund 
Oversight Committee  David Martin Price, 785-267-5132  or  National Alliance for 
Family Court Justice  Liz Richards, 703-658-3543   or  Foundation for Court Reform  
Yvonne Allen, 314-965-1228

Source: Illinois Family Court Accountability Advocates (IFCAA)