Child Services Kidnapping for Profit and Power - KIDNAPPED  in the Hospital by C.P.S. ?

     By William J. Wagener
Santa Maria, CA. -  August 15, 2006  After investigation, review of the paperwork, it appears that Child Protective Services in the first Week of April 2006 were engaged in multiple crimes, in my considered opinion, after reviewing the paper trail. 
  What would be the Crimes if I was the D.A.?   Start with Conspiracy [ at least 7 people involved on site], then add Felony trespass into patients room for the purpose of kidnapping a normal baby, Verbal Assault of a mother with staples holding her C-section incision together, to commit an illegal act, under-color-of-law, and then of course, Felony kidnapping a child under 2 days of age and more... all under-color-of-law, and with no real due process what so ever.  She was in sensitive condition, helpless.
 Betty Powers, is a mom with a certificate for class in early childhood development, who gave birth on or about April 6th, 2006 in the Santa Maria's only hospital, Marian Hospital.  Tragedy struck Betty, when the father of her baby girl, Angel was killed in an accident, months before the April birth.  Betty had a Caesarian section, and a healthy beautiful girl, Betty's first girl entered this world.  Before the baby and only surviving parent, Betty could do any serious "bonding", or Betty could start breast feeding, a nurse at Marian allegedly asks why Betty is under both SSI "A" & "B".  
   Now I would not be interested in this story, if there were only the mother's word.  But there was a life long friend of Betty's there for part of this "kidnapping".  And there are documents which prove conclusively, that there was a flim flam by C.P.S. going on for purposes, officially not revealed.  All this went down in the first and second week of April.  One lie after another was entered into the "case" paperwork.   Finally Betty was accused of being schizophrenic, but the County Mental Health shrink fails to show up to do a test all through April & May.  After the test is administered,
the parties refuse, including her court appointed attorney give Betty the "results" but want her to sign away more rights, and take some "courses" as if the lies propagated to achieve the kidnapping under-color-of-law, were conclusively true.  CPS workers are irritated with Betty for discussing her case with her eye witness friend or anyone.
"Just sign the papers, Betty"  - why do you have to talk your attorney.
  Imagine, Betty baby is being fed to the "Foster Family Care" system when she has not even left the hospital.  Information was released from one agency to another without Betty's knowledge, and the information was based
on long past events.  Years past.  Betty, poor, but has a room in a residence of a single family dwelling, she works
as a home cleaner.  And while the "authorities" which seem to have no clue as to what "Due Process" and the right
to confront your accusers in a court of LAW, before any action is taken against oneself, they act "to protect" supposedly the 1 day old infant.  Betty is helpless.  Innocent of any wrong doing or irresponsibility... but helpless,
because the CPS folks act pre-emptively as if they were Judge, Jury and executioner of a Court ruling which does
not exist when the "kidnap" to use Barbara's Words the 1 day old baby.   Is this the bad old Soviet Union, where parents have no rights to their children, ... or is this USA today in 2006? 
  A government that can protect you from yourself, is a government  that can take all your rights away without even
having a date in court scheduled before they do.  IF this can happen to a poor woman, it can happen to anyone.
  You be the judge and jury.  Listen to the video film below and email me at
William J. Wagener
Ye shall Know the TRUTH,
and the Truth shall set you free.
Seek the Truth in all things.
  Accept Not the deception.

So the questions become:

  1. What if any crime or abuse could a mother possibly have committed in a hospital hours after the baby was born?
  2. Who profits by providing adopted babies on a black market with payments behind the scenes for newborn babies? I have heard people are getting more than $100,000 for such children so where did this baby go and how did this crime occur? Is there a money trail?
  3. Who should go to jail for kidnapping, abuse of power, and other crimes against this mother and child?