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Good People & People of Faith,

This message contains info on:

1. Current News - Murtari Appellate stay denied 2. Parents Rights on KRightsRadio.Com - an interview

3. Essay - We have a Civil Right to be parents

1. Current News - Murtari Appellate stay denied


Today is the 50th day John Murtari has gone without solid food. He is

in stable condition and is being fed via nasal-gastric tube while

imprisoned. On Monday, Sept. 18th, John Murtari learned that a New

York Appellate Judge had denied his request for "a stay" of his 6

month jail sentence. His attorney was frustrated by the decision. As

many of us know it is difficult to win an appeal in Family Court cases

due to the wide discretion given trial judges. It affirms the need

for strong protection before a decision is made separating parents and

children. For detailed background, see:


There is still hope. John's attorney will be preparing a motion to

trial Judge Hedges to ask for a reduced sentence. This should be

completed in the next week.


2. Parents Rights on KRightsRadio.Com - an interview


Last week John Murtari did an in-jail radio interview with Richard

Farr from KRightsRadio. A wide range of topics concerning parental

rights was discussed. To hear a recording of the interview go to:



3. Essay - We have a Civil Right to be parents


[While in jail, John Murtari prepared this essay laying out an argument

for the Civil Rights of parents. What do you think? What would you

say in 750 words or less? Your FEEDBACK is welcome. -Ed.]

In 21st Century America many believe all our Civil Rights have been

recognized. To mention a few: freedom of speech and religion,

personal liberty, equal treatment for women and people of color. All

foundations of a healthy society. But what about the security of

family, the right of parents to raise and nurture their own children?

When my son Domenic was born I'd never thought about Family Rights. I

had a two-parent family. None of my friends had been in a custody

battle. I assumed I'd be able to share the same love and attention on

my son as my parents did with me. The painful experience of a divorce

taught me that I was very wrong.

I discovered, as have many parents, that if my relationship with my

child is challenged by a former spouse or even a social worker, my

child and I have no right to family. A trial may occur, but there

will be no jury of my peers. A lone judge will decide what's in the

"best interest" of my child. This could include limited or no contact

with a loving parent for an entire childhood.

I've come to believe we have a Civil Right to be presumed FIT & EQUAL

parents to our children, unless you are convicted in a criminal court

of being a demonstrated threat to your kids. Good, average, and poor

parents are all FIT & EQUAL parents.

Why? Because one foundation of morality is the supremacy of

individual conscience - what many know as "let your conscience be your

guide." What more natural obligation does any parent have than to

care for their own kids? To be present in their lives in the many

roles that only a parent can fill.

A second precept says any law which stops us from acting according to

a "well formed" conscience is immoral. Is it any wonder parents and

children unjustly separated find it one of the most painful and

disruptive experiences of their lives?

While it is difficult to compare Civil Rights; what would you find

more disturbing: being told to sit in the back of the bus, not being

allowed to vote, or ordered to no longer hug the child you love?

Fit parents should decide what's in the best interest of their child.

Some think a distinction should be made between good, average, and

poor parents. But how can we make a single determination in a

multifaceted and dynamic relationship? Like most of us I have mixed

feelings about what my parents chose for me. Times I knew they made

mistakes, times when I would have preferred one over the other. I saw

our relationship change as I matured, but we all grew together as

family through good times and bad.

Only the bad parent should be excluded, one who threatens the safety

of their child with malintent. Society justly intervenes for those

who seek to destroy the relationship. There would be no potential for

growth. This would be a serious crime prosecuted in a criminal court.

In the vast majority of cases parents would be free to establish

parenting time as they desire. While negotiating a custom schedule, a

default standard would alternate physical custody on a weekly basis.

Both parents would share legal custody and would alternate "tie

breaker" authority on an annual basis. What would all this mean?

A single judge acting alone could not issue an order that destroys a

family. The animosity and terrible waste of resources that goes into

Family Court battles about which parent is "better" would be

eliminated. Mediation services would be more effective when dealing

with equal parents. Children would benefit from regular contact with

both parents. Community resources could be better focused on

identifying and prosecuting the few bad parents that exist and

protecting children.

If we look through our history, the recognition of basic Civil Rights

has resulted in some disruption and change -- but overall they have

strengthened our society. Our nation has seen an explosion of well-

intentioned Family Law in the last 40 years. It is now time for a

Federal Family Rights Act that will recognize and protect our ability

to raise and nurture our own children.



John Murtari

Coordinator www.AKidsRight.Org

jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org "A Kid's Right to BOTH parents"

Toll Free (877) 635-1968(x-211) http://www.AKidsRight.Org/


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August 03, 2006

by Teri Stoddard


John Murtari, divorced father to 13-year-old Domenic and founder of < on his fourth day of noncooperation while incarcerated for failure to pay child support. Murtari is refusing food and water to protest what he says is unjust treatment of noncustodial parents.

"Our civil rights aren't respected. Family rights need to be established and protected," he said, " I've been trying to get Hillary Clinton to meet with us < to take a look at our proposed Family Rights Act <, but she doesn't seem interested." Instead of agreeing to a meeting with local parents, Clinton asked that he be arrested for stalking. Murtari had been peacefully protesting in front of Clinton's Syracuse office by writing in chalk on the sidewalk.

Video coverage:

Writing I LOVE YOU with Chalk at the Federal Building (RealPlayer) <

Writing I LOVE YOU with Chalk at the Federal Building (Windows Media) <

Writing I LOVE YOU with Chalk at the Federal Building (MPEG-4) <

Murtari, in a call this morning from his new location, the Syracuse Justice Center <, says he understands why some people who go on hunger strikes change their minds. "This is scary stuff," he said, "you're alone in your cell feeling your body break down and nobody gives a hoot." "You wonder if it's really worth it," he continued, "but I'm a philosophical guy and I have resolve." This reporter can confirm that the dehydration is taking effect, his memory isn't as sharp as usual.

He was moved to the Syracuse Justice Center when officials at the Jamesville Correctional realized he wasn't backing down and might need medical care. Jamesville had one nurse and examining room, Syracuse has an entire floor with medical staff. Dehydration can lead to swelling of the brain, seizures, kidney failure, coma or death. Murtari's blood sugar and blood pressure are being monitored. His blood sugar was 43 and his blood pressure was 90 over 60. "I don't look forward to the feeding tube," he stated, "I'm going to ask for one in my abdomen instead of down my throat.

It's often assumed that Murtari quit his high-paying job after being ordered to pay child support. In fact, his leaving that job came before the divorce. Murtari, a veteran and ex-Air Force pilot, had been a highly-paid consultant for a division of Lockheed. His duties included making sure the patrol system software for submarines was adequate. He learned that not only did tests show it wasn't working, but the company was sending false reports to the Navy. He went through normal channels within the company, but no one was willing to correct this. Murtari knew if this wasn't corrected people would die. He felt he had no choice; he blew the whistle on them. Murtari was fired the very next day. After researching the situation, the government agreed with Murtari. Unfortunately his actions made getting a job in the same industry difficult. This was the second time he'd had to blow the whistle on unethical companies. At this point he decided to focus on his existing small internet company.

Murtari is not an angry radical activist, the image opponents of equal child custody laws portray of the family law reform movement. He's a quiet, thoughtful, peaceful man. Murtari was at one time planning on being a priest. He was in pre-seminary training when he realized he just couldn't give up the experience of having a family.

A peaceful protest to draw attention to John's situation and the plight of all noncustodial parents is being organized for the Syracuse Justice Center ( MAP < (time and date TBA). Interested parties should email Arte Miastkowski at with a copy to Teri Stoddard at

      Announcement of August 9, 2006 Protest in Support of John Murtari

More background: <

"Which feminist along the way forgot to read the manual? <"Children deserve fully functioning, natural, loving, dedicated relationships with both of their parents, equally, in and out of marriage, whenever possible. Shared parenting works."

There are several familiar names in the letters column of today's Syracuse Post-Standard. How is John doing? Have you sent your letter yet? To John, I mean.
John Murtari
POD 2A-5
555 South State Street
Syracuse, NY 13202

Custody Battle

Readers defend John Murtari's fight for parental rights
Tuesday, August 22, 2006
To the Editor:
I have followed John Murtari's campaign to be a loving father to his child for several years now. He is a man of exemplary behavior ethics and morals.
The appalling treatment and abuse of John and his child by the American authorities is being watched in disbelief around the world.
This is by no means an individual case, either. If the truth were known, millions of children are being abused in the United States by family law. This is mirrored by most feminized countries in the world.
Syracuse, the world is watching American justice. Land of the free? (Until you want to be a father to your child!)
Dave Ellison
Former International Coordinator of Fathers 4 Justice
Warrington, England
Applause for Murtari and coverage of parental custody fairness issue
To the Editor:
I want to thank The Post-Standard for raising its readers' awareness by publishing the article on Aug. 10 about jailed activist John Murtari.
Whether John survives the six months imposed upon him or not, as he lost 18 pounds in the first eight days and is diabetic, he will be remembered as a hero among activists for simply equal rights and fairness where the custody and care of parent's children are concerned, and the equality of those affected parents.
What is happening in this country is criminal. The government is leading the way to the social destruction of the family. John has laid his life on the line to bring bureaucrats out of their half-conscious minds.
Robert Gartner
Houston, Texas
Shared parenting in divorce cases is the best solution for the children
To the Editor:
My heart goes out to that man on a hunger strike in Syracuse. There are a multitude of injustices in the child-support industry, and John Murtari is the victim of many.
Regardless if both parents are fit, courts routinely assign primary custody to one, usually the mother. Regardless if both parents work, courts usually order fathers to pay child support.
And it goes without saying that the "winner" in custody cases gets the child - and child support. But the father is not the only loser in such court action. Kids lose loving dads in practically every custody decision.
Many believe the assumption that the mothers get the kids in custody cases may account for many divorces. They could be right. More than 65 percent of divorce cases are filed by women.
Laws need to be changed to start off with a presumption of 50/50 shared parenting. Then, if a mom or dad doesn't want their share, they can pay child support. Fifty-fifty shared parenting is true child support.
Don Mathis
Sherman, Texas
Must you be a rich lobbyist to talk with Clinton on custody issue?
To the Editor:
Your story about John Murati, although very good, could have been better. I am especially surprised that his elected official will not discuss the issue with him.
Instead, Hillary Clinton tried to have him charged with stalking because he left messages to her written in chalk outside of her office. If anyone is a crackpot, it is Hillary.
One of the reasons I write to you is that this story is of course of interest far and wide. I am in California and following this story very carefully.
Easily proven facts about Mr. Murtari's background make him not only a person to not to be dismissed, but a person to be respected.
I look forward to your continued coverage on this issue. I would be especially interested in what Hillary has to say. Do you have to be a multimillion-dollar lobbyist or a reporter who will only report favorable viewpoints for her to speak?
George Kenner
La Mesa, Calif.

Teri <

The paper has his photo too.

"Which feminist along the way forgot to read the manual?" -

"Children deserve fully functioning, natural, loving, dedicated relationships with both of their parents, equally, in and out of marriage, whenever possible. Shared parenting works." -

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Activist father Murtari, thankful for press, lucky to be alive.

August 22,


by Teri Stoddard

John Murtari says he feels better this morning after a night of restful sleep. The feeding tube that's been keeping him alive was removed yesterday and the plan is to reinsert it tomorrow. "It's been difficult sleeping," he said, "I've been very uncomfortable. It's great getting a whole night's sleep." When asked about staying hydrated while the tube is out he responded, "I've been drinking a little juice each morning, and a little milk each evening, and I'll continue to do that, as well as drink some water."

Murtari, 49, hasn't had solid food since July 31 when he reported to jail to serve a 6-month sentence for "willful" failure to pay his $60,000 child support arrears, a charge he says in unjust. He has been paying what he can afford, he claims, and says the $60,000 it has cost him to stay in his son's life isn't being taken into acount.

Domenic, Murtari's 13-year-old son, was moved across the country by his mother after the divorce, something Murtari tried to stop. Murtari visits him four times a year and brings him back to New York for visits twice a year. "Those airline flights are expensive," he says.

Murtari, founder of <>, and other family rights advocates want Congressional hearings and ultimately passage of a Family Rights Act <>. They believe no one should lose custody of their children, whether by divorce or Children's Protective Services, without a trial and a jury of their peers.

Having only consumed 30 ounces of water in 10 days, then 2 nutritional supplements the day he was given the feeding tube, Murtari had experienced low blood pressure, a rapid and irregular heartbeat, tremors, loss of over

25 lbs. and was starting to have trouble finishing sentences.

Jail personnel told Murtari it was his choice to starve to death, and they

would not intervene. After local newspapers published articles on

his situation, he was finally given the nasal gastric feeding tube.

Inspired by Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Murtari hopes his passive resistance to the incarceration will draw attention to the immoral laws affecting people in family court. "I have good news for you," he told me, "the Post-Standard [newspaper]<>did

a half-page




his situation.]



"Please tell everyone thank you for writing letters," he added.



"Which feminist along the way forgot to read the manual?" -

"Children deserve fully functioning, natural, loving, dedicated relationships with both of their parents, equally, in and out of marriage, whenever possible. Shared parenting works." -

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--- End forwarded message ---

Good People & People of Faith,

This message contains info on:

1. Update & Recent News Coverage on John Murtari 2. Your FEEDBACK


1. Update & Recent news coverage on John Murtari


>From Teri Stoddard, Group PR person:

News10Now sent a reporter to interview John in jail. The news story that aired was wonderful. John was able to talk about civil rights and the video included footage they'd taken of the rally in Syracuse on the 9th. Here's the link: I called to thank them and the woman who answered the phone sounded delighted. Feel free to thank them yourselves! (1-866-4NEWS10)

Here's a link to the audio version of the interview. I'm not sure how long the video will be on News10Now. You can listen to the audio and even download it with this link:

Doctors removed John's feeding tube Monday so his throat could heal and he could get some sleep. Wednesday the plan to reinsert it was changed because he was no longer dehydrated. They wanted him to eat on his own, or at least to just be on a liquid diet. John declined, saying he's starting over, no food or water at all, except a small amount of water to keep his mouth moist. His health is expected to decline more rapidly than the first time since he's starting out in poor health, and it is.

When John called me this morning it was obvious he's already feeling the effects of dehydration. He lost his train-of-thought a couple of times. At least this time he remembered after a moment. A few days ago John weighed around 145 lbs. Today he weighs 136. His blood sugar is 60, which is borderline. He plans on conserving his energy over the weekend. I don't expect to hear from him again until Monday, which concerns me considering how quickly his health is declining.

First and foremost he wants me to thank all of you for your support.

It means so much to him. John is praying at least 3 times a day and says it's his faith that gives him the courage to follow his convictions. He says he appreciates your prayers and letters very much. (Please keep the letters coming.) He also wants me to remind everyone to be kind when acting on his behalf. He wants us to criticize the system, not individuals.

John's mailing address is below. Check

http://www.AKidsRight.Org/john_jail_address.htm for any address changes.

John Murtari

POD 5A-9

555 South State Street

Syracuse, NY 13202

John's attorney, Charles Keller, visited him in jail today. He told John that Judge Hedges made it clear he would not allow John to appear in front of him again, that John's only choices were to accept probation or do the time. Mr. Keller expects to appear in front of an appellate judge early next week. He's going to ask for a stay which would get John out of jail. John would appreciate donations to cover the paperwork. Mr. Keller has received over $300, but we need $400.

Thank you to those who've donated!

Mr. Charles Keller Esq.

Att: Murtari Legal Defense

9416 Carousel Center Drive

Syracuse, New York 13290

John is happy about the coverage we've gotten. He'd like you to thank the reporters, editors and/or producers:

Teri Stoddard on Krights Internet Radio, 8/3/06

Glenn Sacks Enewsletter, 8/8/06

Jailed Activist Refusing Food - Syracuse Post Standard, 8/10/06

Lyons Man Refuses Food, Water - Finger Lakes Times, 8/10/06

Inmate: I don't recommend ... this. - Syracuse Post Standard, 8/12/06

Inmate from Lyons gets feeding tube - Finger Lakes Times, 8/15/06

Teri Stoddard on 101 Uses For Baby Wipes Podcast (33 mins in), 8/17/06

Michael McManus Syndicated Column - 8/19/06

Letters in Support printed in Syracuse Post Standard, 8/22/06

Glenn Sacks Enewsletter, 8/22/06

A Question of Mack or Murtari - Mens News Daily, 8/23/06

Syracuse inmate on hunger strike - News10Now, 8/23/06

Numerous Blogs

John would also like you to call the news outlets that haven't run a story yet, especially the television stations.


Main Number: 585-546-5670

News Hot Line: 585-232-1010,


Newsroom: 585-222-1313

Newsroom Hotline: 585-334-8743,


News Tip Line: 585-224-8888,


News Hotline: (585) 262-FOX1

News Fax: (585) 232-3005



WSTM (NBC 3/UPN 6) -

Newsroom: 315-477-9446

News Tips Line: 315-426-TIPS

WTVH (CBS 5) -

Main number: 315-425-5555

WCNY (PBS 24) -

Main number: 315-453-2424

Times of Wayne County - They did a story on John previously.

Phone: (315) 986-4300

Calling is the best, but if you can only afford to email, the links are here: http://www.AKidsright.Org/support_jm_contact.htm.

One idea to get people talking about this is for each of you to call in to your local talk radio stations and start the discussion.

Remember, controversy is good, just remember to stay positive. John doesn't want blame put on any human being; it's the system we're fighting.

Please feel free to repost Teri's blog

( with updates about John (with a link) on other sites, especially those on spirituality, religion and civil rights. Does your church have a newsletter you can send them to?




--- Edward Kruk

Dear John,

You are an inspiration to all of us going through the hell of

witnessing a loving parent being forcefully removed from the lives of

our children via sole custody orders. I have not seen my own son Liam

for three and a half years.

During this time I have barely managed to keep my job as a university

professor. I am attacked from all sides who have a vested interest in

maintaining the legal status quo, supported by my ex-wife, whose own

university career has seen a huge boost as a result of her actions

against me, and her willingness to sacrifice the well-being of our

son. There is complete indifference among all those around me. I

have had no help, as I fall prey to those who lie in wait to take

advantage of the afflicted.

My own faith keeps me going, but I often succumb to despair.

Please know that you are in my thoughts and that you are making a huge

difference to those so ground down by the system that they can no

longer speak.


--- Jeff Tennis

My name is Jeff Tennis, and for three years I've struggled to regain a

relationship with my three kids, a great time, energy, but kissing and

legal expense. I appreciate your efforts and the efforts of all to

maintain parent-child relations when ties have been severed for

unjustifiable reasons.

My wife accused me of domestic abuse, and despite over 50 affidavits,

witness testimony and direct evidence of areas in which my ex

falsified testimony, the court granted wide acceptance of her

allegations and made quick work of me. In a matter of days I was

taken from a church going husband and father of three, with an

eighteen year employment history at a major private research

university, to Charley Manson's right hand man. $80,000 later I'm now

seeing the kids a bit more -- three weekends a month and summer

vacations. It's likely I'll never own a home again. Totally

disgraceful situation. Honestly, though, I do have one concern and

I'm wondering if you've ever thought of this yourself. I know me, but

I don't know all of the other stories out there. My fear is by

jumping on board with a father's rights group, I might inadvertently

support a truly "dangerous" guy and thereby support the placing a

child in a bad situation. I'm one of the good guys and I only support

"good guys". Have you ever given this thought.

Anyhow, best of luck reaching Senator Clinton. A friend of mine is

Sen. John Thune's brother.


--- Sheryle Hutter <

I am willing to do anything to help this cause, my son is totally

disabled and through lies and deception of the court and the courts

denial of disability he was ordered to child support of over $700 per

month, we finally got a reduction to $50 (which still is wrong because

he has no income...receiving only SSI which is a benefit and not to be

considered as income) but he is still charged with over $30,000 in

arrearages that have not been modified and should never have been

imposed to begin with and on Aug 14 in will be 6 years since he has

seen his child.

He has been jailed numerous times (over 125 days) since this whole

divorce mess started and would be in jail today if we didn't have an

active complaint against Colorado and Arapahoe County Child Support

Enforcement with Health and Human Services - Office of Civil Rights...

It is imperative that the Bradley Amendment be revised or rescinded to

account for the abuse of calculation of child support and the

modification of arrearages when support is imposed wrongly...John's

experience is but one of thousands that are a direct result of state

court arguments are that they can't modify arrearages because they are

under federal mandate of the Bradley Amendment...

Maybe a campaign to "Fix the Family Court" and "Fix the Bradley

Amendment" would be a good effort during the month of August...

Seems like the State Supreme Chief Justice should be able to over ride

the decision of a lower court judge...I am sure that John has already

tried that? Would it help to send letters to this judge asking for



--- Rich Bourdon <

I saw the info regarding John Murtari. I can appreciate his plight,

as I have almost exactly the same situation. I fly 8 times / year

from NJ to AL to visit my kids, only to have them not show up. The

judge doesn't hear instanter motions on visitation interference, so it

goes on for 6 - 8 months. Then it starts all over again within two

months of the hearing. It is an embarrassment to America when the

judicial system allows children to be used as pawns.

The system is broken. But, there may be some hope as more states

criminalize interference with visitation. What is most amazing is

that judges would take a totally different perspective if it was their

child, yet simply don't see that side, as long as it is someone else's


It takes a very strong conviction to walk the path that Mr. Murtari

has started, and I will keep him in my prayers, with fingers crossed

for his success. If there is anything I can do, please let me know,

and I will be happy to support you.


--- Troy White <>

I want to thank Mr. Murtari for his efforts in changing the corrupt

system. I too was jailed on trumped up charges of harassment. I

won't go into the details so suffice it to say I've lost everything;

my home, car, business, friends and family, but these things mean

nothing to the empty feeling inside without my sons. I still cannot

believe this country is in such a state that this sort of thing can

happen. Like Mr. Murtari I am a vet (service connected disability)

and was a good businessman. I am not sure who I am anymore; I am

waiting for the court to tell me who they want me to be. I am

inspired by his efforts and will pray for him and pray for the mothers

who choose one sided battles instead of peaceful resolution.

Hopefully things will get better soon.


--- Jon Morisey <>

I have begun a support strike on Monday, refusing to go to work so

long as they pay my ex-wife in ontario county. My most important

issue when I appeared before Judge Reed was that she is criminally

violent. She assaulted her new husband in front of my children

leading to a severed tendon in his hand requiring 2 surgeries.

Judge Reed refused to consider this as a problem bearing on custody in

spite of being the judge who granted the restraining order. my case

was completely dismissed within 5 minutes.

In '04 I sued Judge Reed in federal court for his mis-conduct. in

'06, he refused to excuse himself from hearing the case and took the

opportunity to get his revenge by dismissing valid claims. I feel I

have no choice but to join Mr John Murtari in his endeaver.


--- Keith Mochida <>

I am a father at the beginning of this same nightmare. Please tell me

John Murtari is doing well? If there is anything I can do to assist

his efforts please contact me.

Wish him my best and tell him I am there with him in his efforts.


--- Raymond A. Henigner <>

I live in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. I have been reading with

interest your involvement with the Family Law Court situation. My

story is that after retiring from the Department of Corrections, my

now ex-wife of 38 years arbitrarily decided to abandon me. After

approximately 8 months of absenteeism I elected to divorce her. We

were residents of California. I applied for divorce with the Rancho

Cucamonga California Family Law Courts. They forced me to endure 6

years to get divorced. I went through 25 "continuances" at great

financial cost without my approval. I was stripped of my home of 16

years without being told I could have bought my ex-wife's interest


I was robbed of approximately $111,000.00 in legal fees by the

attorneys. My ex-wife had worked for 32 years for Sav-On Drug Stores

and had put her money aside in an "annuity". This money was never

considered by the courts. They refused to look at thus violating the

1993 law of disclosure. I have a tax free Disability Pension.

Existing law states a Disability Pension is the recipient's separate

property. The Court treated it as Community Property and confiscated

50% of my State Disability Pension. I agree that the Family Courts

need a total overhaul. If you are interested in my story, I have

written and published a book exposing the corruption within the Rancho

Cucamonga Family Law Courts and their judges and attorneys. The name

of the book is WITHOUT HONOR, the author is myself, Raymond A.

Heninger. The publisher is Authorhouse. They can be contacted at

1-800-839-8640. Every word is the truth and actually happened. You

might find it interesting.


--- Stephen Patrick <

Please express my concern for John. Please let him know that I

completely understand his situation with his son, arrearages and

monies needed to be used to complete/secure his loving bond with his

son Domenic.

Leave him with my prayers.


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In light of all the media coverage of the protests of the civil rights violations of some accused drug dealers, how about a little coverage on one manís non-violent protest.
His name is, John Murtari, loving father and peace-loving activist.  I have provided below links from the Google News website about Mr. Murtariís non-violent protest and the support he is receiving.  
Please consider taking notice of the actions of Mr. John Mutari, regarding his current demonstration of the injustice on behalf of millions of Ďnon-custodial parentsí (NCPís) in our country and if at all possible a little coverage.
John Murtari: Man, Son, FatherÖPeace-loving Activist
Men's News Daily, CA - Aug 16, 2006
years bear witness to a warm and loving family life. Murtari cared for his ailing elderly. ... Through it all Murtari maintained a positive outlook. ...
International Day of Demonstration; Loving Father Risking Life in ...
U.S. Newswire (press release), DC - Aug 7, 2006
... John Murtari, a gracious, self-effacing ex-Air Force pilot who once planned on being a priest, said he loves his son and provides for him. ...
Parent Chooses Jail Over Losing Loving Relationship With Son
Associated Content, CO - Jul 30, 2006
John Murtari, father to Domenic, and founder of A Kidís Right plans on reporting to the Jamesville Correctional Facility Monday afternoon to serve a 6-month ...
Why there is a pressing need for shared parenting
Royal Gazette, Bermuda - Aug 19, 2006
John Murtari, 49, is sitting in a Syracuse jail for two weeks as I write, and has refused to eat or drink to protest "gross and repeated injustice" by the ...
John Murtari Struggles Physically, Maintains Nonviolent Action ...
Men's News Daily, CA - Aug 9, 2006
Drawing on his faith, John Murtari is enduring the suffering that comes from eight days of dehydration and starvation, surprisingly, conditions he imposes upon ...

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STATUS REPORT On JOHN - August 29, 2006

Subject: [suijuriscourtangels] John Murtari

Dear Teri Having been locked as a animal for nothing more than being a loving dad to two stolen daughters I can relate and feel the hurtful pain of prison . It's better to be defeated on principle than to win on lies .
in solidarity John - dad4justice
  On 8/29/06, Teri <> wrote: A Day In The Life: Hunger Striking Civil Rights Activist Inmate John Murtari August 28, 2006by Teri Stoddard .
The following message was written by John Murtari on August 20, the day before doctors removed his feeding tube.  He learned on Wednesday they would not be reinserting it as planned.  He immediately resumed his hunger strike; no food or liquid, just enough water to keep his mouth moist.
John sounded weak on Friday, and I haven't heard from him as expected this morning.  I pray he's in court today.
. A Day in Jail - Sunday 8/20 .
It's about 0530 AM when the guard opens the cell door and tells me<BR>it's time to shave.  I had to sign up the night before.  He gives me a
single edge disposable razor and a small paper cup filled with shaving
I bring my plastic chair into the bathroom and sit down in front of
the sink.  I slowly wash my face and am careful to avoid the feeding
tube.  It's taped to my nose and goes in via my left nostril.  The
last tube was in my right nostril and used to move freely.
This tube has been in since Wednesday and is jammed tight.  It hurt
going in and the Doctor said my nasal passages were more constricted
on that side.  The sinus pressure is always there, but the discomfort
of swallowing is much worse.
I slowly wash and then spread the shaving cream on my neck, below my
beard.  As I slowly pull the razor I remember a couple of guards in
the post asking me if I was sure I wanted to shave, that I look
I have kept it up, every other day.  I keep it up in response to my
Air Force training for survival in prisoner environments.  Keep
yourself clean and dignified.  Stick to a daily routine.  I'm trying.
After shaving, I slide the razor under the cell door.  The guard will
pick it up later.  I go back to bed. It is about 6 AM, another hour
till breakfast.  I do have the luxury of a hospital bed.
I have the head very elevated to keep the acid down.  Since the tube
goes down into the stomach, it prevents a small value from closing
that keeps stomach contents out of the esophagus.
I can't sleep on my back because of discomfort from the tube.  The<BR>best I can do is my side.  I don't have a pillow.  What I have is a
towel I fold up near my head.  To make it softer I cover it with a
I'm exhausted as I curl up on my side.  I make the sign of the Cross,<BR>put my hands together and pray.  I've rediscovered a sequence of
prayers that I used to always say in bed when I was growing up at
home.  The Our Father - The Hail Mary - The Act of Contrition.
The memories come back of when I was a kid.  It was a big house and
there were always plenty of strange noises at night.  I would pull the
sheets over my head and pray, "God, keep me safe!"  The prayer is not
too different now.  I want to just quit and tell them to pull this
tube out of my throat.  Can't I just quit now?  I pray for Faith & <BR>Strength.  I pray for freedom.<BR>.<BR>It's hard to get comfortable. I have to be careful not to snag the
tube - ouch!  I think I get a little sleep before they call,
"Breakfast trays are here."
This is a hospital ward.  The cells open into a common area that has a
small TV and chairs along with tables where we have our meals.
I get my tray.  It has cereal and a piece of coffee cake.  A small
orange juice (4 oz) and some 1% milk (8 oz).  The juice and milk is
all I will have.  I heat them up in a small microwave oven - it's the<BR>only warm food I get.  The tube feedings are all cold.<BR>.<BR>The guard is tracking what I eat.  I have to sit at the table for a<BR>while to be tempted by the food.  When I'm done, some of the other
prisoners I know can finish my tray - they like that.
After breakfast, I go back to my cell and brush my teeth.  At 0800 we
have to lock-in to our cells till 0830 everyday.  I sit on my bed and
read a selection from the Book of Psalms in a Bible I was given by
Jail Minister.  They help prisoners with a lot of little things that
can be very difficult when you are in Jail.  During a previous
sentence I found myself in Jail on Christmas - they made sure we all
get a little gift.  A clean pair of socks, a peppermint stick and a
few candy bars - it was greatly appreciated!  They are a wonderful
group of people.
I read the Psalms slowly, I can relate to the cry for help, for
justice, for protection.  I'm also thankful for all I have -
especially a son who loves me very much.
Because it is Sunday there is a change in routine.  The guard calls
for those who had signed up for Catholic services.  If you want to go
to services on Sunday, you have to sign up on Thursday, no exceptions.
The service is held in a large common area located on the first floor
of the jail.  There are about 50-60 prisoners there.  I think only
about 10 are practicing Catholicism.  It's unfortunate, but most of<BR>them are just there for something to do.  Maybe to see friends from<BR>other areas of the jail.  I'm sure the Priest and the other volunteers
hosting the services know that.  They are trying to spread Faith and
you never know when the moment comes and someone is listening.
After the service it is back to our cell area, called a POD.  Lunch
trays arrive around 1100.  I just take the 8 oz. Milk off my tray and
warm it up.  Swallowing is uncomfortable.  We are locked in to our
cells again between 12 and 1.  Again, I take out my Bible and read
more Psalms.
A little while later I hear the squeak of an IV stand and I know one
of the nurses are coming to feed me.  They open my cell and I sit at a
table and uncoil the feeding tube from where it usually hangs over my
They first use a big syringe to put some air through it while
listening to my stomach with a stethoscope.  That confirms proper
placement.  Then they pour 2 cans of Carnation Instant Breakfast into
a bag, hang it from the cart and connect it to the tube.  It takes
about 20-30 minutes to drop in the 500 ml of liquid.  I just sit
there.  There is no taste at all.
When done I'm careful not to lie down or the fluid could flow up my
esophagus.  They tell me to wait about an hour.  The feeding normally
happens 4 times a day; 0900, 1300, 1800, and 2200. I do a little recreational reading in the afternoon and also make
trips to our rec yard.
It is concrete on every side and opens only on one side to the
outdoors.  The lower half has translucent glass - so we can see
directly outside.  The upper half is a tight chain link.  You can see
the sky and feel the sun and the wind.
We get locked in again at 1430-1515.  That is for shift change and the
evening crew comes on duty.
There is a telephone we can use but it only places collect calls and
the rates are not cheap.  The jail also has an internal store system
called Commissary.  They carry a wide selection of food and snack
items, personal hygiene, and stationery and stamps.  If you are
arrested with money, that goes into your jail account.  Family can
drop off cash at the jail or money orders by mail are accepted.
The jail food is okay, but there is not a lot of quantities.  Some
people order a lot of food every week.  The jail keeps the profit from
When the evening shift comes on they bring our mail.  I usually get
3-4 letters each day and it is great reading the words of support.
They help remind me of why I am here.
Dinner trays come around 1700.  All I have is a cup of Kool-Aid that
is served.  Again, I heat it up in the microwave.  Swallowing has
become more difficult and the tube more uncomfortable.  If I try to
lie down I can sense acid in my throat even hours after a feeding.
We lock-in again between 1800-1900.  Again, I brush my teeth and do ",0] ); D(["ce"]); //Ė>reading from the Psalms.  I normally also try to exercise in my cell
during the lock-in following our meals.  But the discomfort from the
tube is just too much.  To avoid the pain of swallowing I just let the
saliva build up in my mouth and spit it into toilet paper.
In the evening I try to relax and distract myself for a while.  A
preseason football game provides the best relief.
At 2200 we lock in for the night.  I just had my feeding and don't <BR>even try to lie down.  Sometimes I have more luck lying on one side<BR>versus the other ó but it doesn't matter tonight.
I get up to look at the clock, it's 2 AM, it's going to be a long
John Murtari