The 3 Stages of Marriage

Before Marriage




After Divorce

This is unfortunately a very real analogy of marriage and divorce today.

The man is quickly made into a slave of the woman, with the woman doing noting for him after divorce and the man enslaved with 40% of his earnings going to the wife for child extortion. This is what he must pay because she has illegally, with the cooperation of the family judges, kidnapped his children full-time.

Change is Coming! Men have Had Enough of this Sexist Abuse by ex-wives, Government and specifically family court judges and lawyers who encourage custody battles for the profit of lawyers and the courts. What they do is immoral, unconstitutional and is damaging generations of children and fathers.

Divorce has become a for-profit business with hidden payments few are aware of that create incentives for mothers and judges to drive fathers out of the lives of their children. States receive BILLIONS from the federal government (U.S. Title IV D incentives to states) to increase child support to not just onerous levels but sometime five to ten times the cost of raising a child. Child "support" is based on income, not the actual cost of raising a child and fathers are typically burdened with all of it and more in divorce. Everyone knows it has alimony built into it and often drives fathers to bankruptcy, homelessness and even suicide hundreds of times per month in the U.S. alone.

Lawyers and the judicial system are destroying our families and raping our estates for their benefit by CAUSING problems intentionally in divorce. Shared Parenting, with equal time with both parents and no, or minimal, child support is a big part of the solution.

This web site contain hundreds of true stories. It may sound outrageous, and it is. It is unbelievable what these people have been getting away with now for a few decades under the false cover of "helping children".

The family court judges are breaking the law every day and they know it. They ignore the U.S. and state Constitutions by discriminating based on sex and "awarding custody" to mothers (this is illegal, as the state can not step into a family without a "compelling interest", which means the safety of the children are at stake. This is almost never the case.