Iím Tom Porter and Iím a family law (rights) reformist and activist. I spend my days helping people who want to be part of their kids lives. Those who work with me do things like help write briefs, look for real estate, attend court hearings, coordinate meetings and offer a sympathetic ear to those who are feeling the pressure of the system we fight to change. Our fight is a noble one but one which is sadly under funded and mostly unappreciated. We as parents have dedicated our entire lives to raising our kids and helping others.
            My case is complicated and convoluted and Iíve been fighting the other side for the better part of a decade. I find myself living in a fishbowl and watching everything I do and say constantly. Iím living life as many of us in the fight doÖ.under siege. I sleep with one eye open and find myself constantly measuring my life as something that a judge will approve of Öjust in case the war flares up. This is no way to live and Iím now finding that Iím losing steam. Iím tired and depressed that anyone should have to live like this and be ever vigilant just because they want the best for their children.
The numbers of countless victims of the family court system are growing exponentially every day. Myself and those who do what I do are merely the mash unit of this war and are chin deep in the bath of destruction littered with the families that were happy yesterday. They signed up, however reluctantly, for the war because they were sold the idea that when you can no longer communicate with the person you were blissfully in love with a day, week or month ago you should contact a lawyer and talk through them. They didnít count on the fact that they would be bled dry by the system and left for dead. Their children permanently scarred, their homes sold, their businesses ravaged to the point of uselessness, their honor systematically pulled apart with pliers until they were the pariah of their once friendly neighborhood, their friends ,only weeks before sharing a story at a cookout or picking their kids up at the bus, now turn away in the store, their daily schedule now filled with court appearances, their bank accounts frozen and in many cases left a mere shell of a person and then judged as a bad parent by those who destroyed them.
            We as survivors of the system walk now as the shell shocked near dead and use our last glimmer hope to search for just one person who can help us understand the devastation. We try to raise those on the brink of total loss up to a level of minimal survival so that together maybe we can lighten each others load. Quite often those who are at the brink go over. In plain view of those of us who could not find the right words or couldnít respond quick enough to stop the onset of the debilitating depression, self loathing and seething hatred to save the countless who come to the end of their line and turn to the final extreme such as Perry Manley. The hopelessness and feelings of dread are the product of the opponent and they revel in the destruction of the soul. Those who have never seen or experienced this are to be counted as the blessed.
The community of activists (triage specialists) is relatively small compared to the numbers of those who have survived and I count myself the least amongst these. This community is made of mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, second spouses and now grown children of divorce. We all communicate and are connected to various people and groups around the world. We have banded together to try to bring some organization to the thousands of those who have been slowly and painfully dissected by the courts.
As many organizations do we have those few that are not interested in the big picture but rather their own personal satisfaction. These people are soon weeded out and the work continues.
 I know very few of us who actually make money doing this. I continue daily to assemble all the pieces that need to be in place to create a working organization here in my town. This is no small task and with the skepticism of those who know and have suffered at the hands of the omnipotent system of corruption that opposes us it becomes even greater. This is a cause which must not be ignored any longer and those of us who have chosen to take on this overwhelming goliath in broad daylight need the help behind the scenes support of those who do not dare or do not know how. We need funding, letters of support, attendance of functions, technical support for the dissemination of the information and organizational help in all areas. 
Our Cause is one that covers many facets of the existing problem and is not solvable with a silver bullet but rather many answers to all aspects. In my years of involvement I have collected many of the answers and so have many others and now we must act together to create a society which brings back that which we have lost over timeÖthe rights and responsibilities of parenting and the inexplicable joys of our children well raised. 
We as a group value ethical treatment of all parents, children and families alike. We value the opportunity to teach our children the very basics of social grace and respect and the respect of those who chose to be a positive member of our global community rather than a parasite. We know little to be more important than our god given right to nurture our offspring and find nothing more tasteless and offensive than those who seek to interrupt or profit from that process.  
The courts are systematically destroying our society and families. Theyíve wreaked their share on mine and continue to do so. How many more generations will we watch destroyed by a system that feeds on the suffering and pain of our children and theirs and theirs again. Iím Tom Porter and Iím proud to be an activist. Please support our cause Ö.any way you can.
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