Fallen Fathers Victims of a Vicious System That Kills 300 Fathers a Month in the U.S. Alone

Some victims of IGNORANCE:

Randy Orville Brouse, 33, of Illinois, when jailed for felony
failure to pay child support, hung himself

Trevor Goddard, 37, of North Hollywood, California, committed
suicide on June 8, 2003

Robert R Steadman, 33, of Sewickley Township, Pennsylvania, hung
himself in April, 2003 during his second imprisonment for failure to
pay child support.

Reinaldo Rivera, 25, of New Jersey was jailed for failure to pay
child support. He hung himself with a sheet after one week in jail
in April,

Mark Edward Dexel, 42, of Canada hung himself on January,

Derrick K. Miller, 43, of San Diego, While holding his divorce
papers in one hand and pulling a pistol in the other, he told the
guard, "You did this to me.".

Carl Tarzwell, Jr., 37, was arrested on June 20, 2001, for failing
to pay child support. Carl hung himself within a few hours of being

James Gunter, 45, an emergency services police officer, took his
life on the third try while incarcerated for the third time

Randy Johnson, 34, of Sommerset, Kentucky hung himself on the second
day of his incarceration for felony failure to pay child support

Darren Bruce White, 34, of B.C., Canada, he was paying $439 a month
support in his first marriage and was only making $950 a month
killed himself

Dimitrius Underwood, 22, , slashed his throat with a kitchen knife
when the Lansing police tried to arrest him for failing to pay child

David Guinn, 38, incarcerated for probation violations and was
behind on his child support, hung himself on November, .

James A. Poore, 33, of Bristol, Tennessee, arrested found a shotgun
while on a work release and promptly blew a hole in his chest

Kenneth Taylor, 40, of Nebraska, hung himself while jailed for
felony child support in November

Antonio Merola <http://fathersforlife.org/menbroke.htm> - Accused of
sexually abusing son, shot father-in-law, jailed

Anthony Clemson <http://www.dads4kids.com/Clemson.htm> - Suicide,

Brian Smith <http://www.dads4kids.com/Smith.htm> - Suicide, overdose

Clifford Peacock <http://www.dads4kids.com/Peacock.htm> - Suicide,
Gassed in car

Clive Cass (U.K.) <http://www.dads4kids.com/Cass.htm> - Suicide,

Darrin White <http://fathersforlife.org/fatherhood/white.htm> -
Suicide by hanging (after he got sentenced to pay child support
<http://fathersforlife.org/CS/can/history.htm> and alimony at more
than twice his income - he had just enough money left to buy a
length of new rope.)

David Bengert
<http://fathersforlife.org/fatherhood/David_Bengert.htm> - Suicide,
shot himself in mother's home

David Clancy <http://fathersforlife.org/fatherhood/Clancy_D.htm>, an
Edmonton police officer, shot himself

David Dosdall <http://fathersforlife.org/menbroke.htm> - Suicide

David Harmsworth (U.K.) <http://www.dads4kids.com/harmsworth.htm> -
Suicide, Gassed in van

David Piggott (U.K.) <http://www.dads4kids.com/Piggott.htm> -
Suicide, Poisoning

Derrick K. Miller Sr.
<http://fathersforlife.org/fatherhood/Miller_D.htm> - Suicide, shot
himself on courthouse steps

Edmonton man <http://fathersforlife.org/menbroke.htm> found hanging
in fire - Suicide

Garrett Williams <http://www.dads4kids.com/williams.htm> - Suicide,

Grant Harder
<http://fathersforlife.org/fatherhood/Grant_Harder.htm> - Murder-
suicide; near Camrose, Aberta, Canada

Gregory D. Seath <http://fathersforlife.org/fatherhood/Seath.htm>,
Police Officer - Suicide in front of super-market shoppers

James Gritz <http://fathersforlife.org/menbroke.htm> - Found shot

J.D. Creason <http://fathersforlife.org/lawyerv1.htm> - to be put on
trial for attempted murder of lawyer

John Rubben, Mark Corkish (U.K.)
<http://www.dads4kids.com/Corkfish.htm> - Suicides, Fall off Bridge
and Poisoning

Kelly McGinness <http://fathersforlife.org/lawyerv1.htm> - sentenced
to 70 years for murdering lawyer

Larry Cofield <http://fathersforlife.org/menbroke.htm> - Suicide

Man hangs himself <http://fathersforlife.org/menbroke.htm> at
concert - Suicide

Man shoots children and himself
<http://fathersforlife.org/fatherhood/texasshooting.htm> -
Murder/Suicide; Throckmorton, Texas

Mark Edward Dexel
<http://fathersforlife.org/fatherhood/Mark_Dexel.htm> - Father of
five, suicide by hanging

Martin Romanchick <http://fathersforlife.org/menbroke.htm> - Suicide

Marvin Davids <http://fathersforlife.org/fatherhood/davids.htm> -

Michael Horner (U.K.) <http://www.dads4kids.com/Horner.htm> -
Suicide, Gassed in car

Petruk <http://fathersforlife.org/menbroke.htm> - Murder/Suicide

Peter Ayres (U.K.) <http://www.dads4kids.com/Ayres.htm> - Suicide,

Peter Kiss <http://fathersforlife.org/fatherhood/grimsby.htm> -
Killed five in murder-suicide in Grimsby, Ontario

Peter Stafeeieri <http://www.dads4kids.com/Stafeeieri.htm> - Suicide

Reginald Sublet <http://fathersforlife.org/menbroke.htm> - Murder-

Randy Couch <http://fathersforlife.org/couch.htm> - Suicide

Roger Sandsmark <http://fathersforlife.org/lawyerv1.htm> - Murder of
Lawyer - Suicide

Stefan F., Paris, Texas - Suicide
<http://fathersforlife.org/fatherhood/StefanF.htm>; Mom abducts
their son to Germany. Courts sit on their hands. Dad shoots himself.

Stephen Jackson (U.K.) <http://www.dads4kids.com/jackson.htm> -
Suicide, Poisoned

Steven Cook
obe_0523htm.htm> - Suicide, (after being jailed for two months for
calling his 3-year-old daughter on the wrong day of the week)

Steve Sanders <http://fathersforlife.org/menbroke.htm> - Suicide

Simon Gonzales <http://www.denverpost.com/news/news0706a.htm> -
Murder of 3 Daughters - Suicide-by-Police

Thomas Alaimo
<http://fathersforlife.org/fatherhood/Thomas_Alaimo.htm> - Suicide
by hanging

Tony Cummings (U.K.) <http://www.dads4kids.com/Cummings.htm> -
Suicide, Hanging

Trevor Lane (U.K.) <http://www.dads4kids.com/Lane.htm> - Suicide,
Gassed in car

Warren Gilbert <http://www.dads4kids.com/gilbert.htm> (Australia) -
Suicide holding a letter of demand from the CS agency, gassed in car