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Mom shakes baby, blames state
Thomas Caywood
Monday, March 13, 2006 - Updated: 07:34 AM EST

another example of the very different treatment women get compared to men when abusing children. Women get understanding, compassion, crisis counseling, hospitalization and a review of charges while men commonly get the harsh treatment immediately labeled angry raging abusers and thrown in jail. Needless to say, again, no abuse is acceptable. With this article in the paper was contact information to Parental Stress Line, After Hours Child at Risk Hotline and Mass Statewide Child Abuse/Neglect Reporting Line.

A frazzled Taunton mom who claims she begged the state to take her kids got her wish Friday, but not before she allegedly shook her 6-month-old son so violently he vomited and had to be hospitalized with a skull fracture, authorities said.
     “It sounds like she was trying to get help and it wasn’t there for her, and the result was bad,” said Taunton Police Lt. Michael Silvia.
    Jessica Rodenhiser, 22, told police she shook her infant son, Daniel, because he wouldn’t stop crying Friday morning as her 18-month-old daughter, Janet, was acting up, too. The boy was in serious but stable condition last night.
    Rodenhiser admitted to shaking Daniel one other time and Janet twice, including once in the last week, the police report said.
    “We don’t know if the skull fracture was a result of what happened Friday morning,” Silvia said.
    State Department of Social Services spokesman Denise Monteiro confirmed Rodenhiser had sought state help in December, but said the young mother had never given any indication to any of her counselors that she might harm her children.
    “We had met with her Tuesday, and we were putting some plans in place. We put her on a high-priority list for daycare,” Monteiro said. “She really wanted some respite during the day.”
    Rodenhiser told police she had been “begging DSS to take the children because she couldn’t handle them,” the police report said.
    “If she did, I’d be disappointed she didn’t get help sooner,” Silvia said.
    Rodenhiser, who was still hospitalized for crisis counseling yesterday, hasn’t been charged with any crimes pending an investigation by Bristol County District Attorney Paul Walsh Jr.’s office. Her daughter was placed with a foster family after a physical exam determined she wasn’t injured, Monteiro said.
    Neighbor Victoria Averill said Rodenhiser showed outward signs of being an attentive mother, but confided in her last week that she felt overwhelmed and desperate for help. “She said she was going to give up her kids. I said if that’s the way she feels, that’s probably the best thing,” Averill recalled. “They were making her wait. She was frustrated by it.”

When will "equal rights": mean equal responsibilities and equal treatment for men and women?
Any man who did this would no doubt be charged and sentenced to several years in jail.
But "motherhood" is sacred, even when she fractures her son's skull for crying!!!!!