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From: PAUL M. CLEMENTS <pclem@juno.com>
My letter in rebuttal to Grace Mattern, re: VAWA From: Paul M. Clements
Concord, NH 226-1904

We need the Violence Against Women Act like a fish needs a bicycle! This feminist entitlement act is based on lies and distortions, as was the opinion piece by Grace Mattern published in the Union Leader July 7. Mattern states in her commentary that men and women are concerned with VAWA III, but the concern of men, and many women, is for the inequities foisted upon them by the discriminatory provisions of this act. Mattern cites a study by the Lifetime TV network, a feminist television network whose programming clearly demonstrates their anti-male bias. Mattern also quotes from a study by the Center for the Advancement of Women, an arm of the feminist party. It's like the church surveying the choir. Objective research has shown conclusively that domestic violence is perpetrated as often by women as by men; a fact conveniently overlooked by the domestic violence industry. Over 360 academic studies, cited by Dr. Martin Fiebert, agree that men are victims of domestic violence at rates which often exceed that of women. New Hampshire's' own Dr. Murray Straus, founder of the Family Violence Center at UNH, has been documenting that fact for decades. Not unexpectedly, Dr. Straus has been excluded from all of the commissions and conventions of the local domestic violence industry, just as the men who are abused by a woman are excluded from the services provided by VAWA.

Mattern provides a list of achievements of VAWA, which include hotlines, training for police, courts, and prosecutors, and new laws on stalking, domestic violence, sexual assault, the authority of (Native American) nations in domestic violence cases, interstate cooperation pacts, and protections for immigrants. What she neglects to tell us is that they all exclude men. Training is based on a "women as victims" only philosophy. Protections, shelters, and legal assistance are only for females. To be sure, she alludes to male victimization by claiming that the local domestic violence industry has provided "services" to a total of 731 men (out of a total of 10,426 cases). That means that only 7% of male victims are being served. Knowing, as the legitimate research proves, that males are equally victimized, her own figures point up the anti male discrimination. And what are the services provided to men? They have no shelters, no legal assistance, no counseling, no court advocates, not even a poster to acknowledge their victimization. The only service men receive is to be told that no services are available to them. Still, it is telling that even the feminist organizations are receiving calls for help from abused men.

Mattern wants to "put more resources into helping some of society's most marginalized citizens, who experience high rates of domestic and sexual violence", but the ongoing practices of the domestic violence industry belie that claim. Studies have shown that LESBIAN relationships involve violence and forced sexual activity at a rate almost TWICE that of heterosexual relationships. Yet, no mention of that aspect of domestic violence is ever made. There are no provisions in VAWA to protect women victimized by other women. One would hardly expect the industry to admit they are guiltier than men. Ignoring the high incidence of woman against woman violence highlights the anti-male agenda of the domestic violence industry, an agenda which is purely political.

In attempting to justify the re-authorization of VAWA, the domestic violence industry relies on several deceits. The studies referred to claim services provided to 10,426 persons. That is the number of phone calls and walk-ins, not the number of cases actually provided with shelter, legal aid, or counseling. When some sort of service is actually provided, it results from a manufactured need. Several testimonials from women indicate that a request for information is met with an onslaught of feminist propaganda. The feminists attempt to convince the woman that she's the victim of male violence; that she's controlled, verbally or psychologically abused, even if she is not physically abused. They recruit her, brainwash her into believing she's a victim of male violence. Before she can realize it, she becomes a pawn in the destruction of yet another man. Indeed, a claim of victimization is a prerequisite for assistance. Thus, the shelters supported by VAWA have been populated more often with alcoholics needing a place to dry out, drug addicts needing a place to get straight, or runaways looking for a handout. Those are, undoubtedly, realistic needs, but not at the expense of vilifying an innocent man, or the entire male gender.

VAWA provides financial, legal, and social advantages to women only. It is a political weapon employed by feminists in their "War Against Men". It's grossly discriminatory, and WEAKENS families and communities. It does not deserve to be renewed.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Marc S. <atk406@gmail.com>
Date: Jul 7, 2005 12:16 PM
Subject: Response to 'We need the Violence Against Women Act' by Grace Mattern
To: writeus@unionleader.com, letters@theunionleader.com

With respect to:
Another View:
We need the Violence Against Women Act
by Grace Mattern
Executive director of the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. 
Ms. Mattern is nothing more than the queen of the biggest special interest group in New Hampshire.   Her organization, the NHCADSV is at the very forefront of the assault on fatherhood in NH, and they are using federal taxpayer funds provided through VAWA, in association with state funds provided from every NH marriage license, to do everything in their power to paint fathers in the state with a broad brush as violent bums who should only be treated as wallets. 
The NHCADSV encourages false allegations of domestic violence against fathers who only want to remain a meaningful part of their children's lives.  The NHCADSV refuses to take a stand against false allegations, even when such fraudulent claims of abuse result in fathers across the state being forcibly removed from their own homes and restrained from seeing their own children without any measure of due process.  The NHCADSV is guilty of suborning perjury in many cases, and does everything in their power to keep the Judiciary from holding those guilty of making false allegations accountable for their lies.   So, while fathers are being ejected from their homes and forcibly separated from their children without so much as the opportunity to face their accuser in court, mothers perjuring themselves to gain an advantage in family court are not punished even when proven to have invented claims of domestic violence.
The NHCADSV refuses to serve male victims of domestic violence, despite their claims to the contrary.  Such work is left to the unbiased people at SAFE-NH who receive no VAWA funds.   
The NHCADSV is also heavily involved in lobbying the NH legislature in opposition to child custody and child support reform that would be in the best interests of NH's children, despite the fact that said issues have no relationship to domestic violence.  
The misuse and abuse of VAWA funds has become despicable, and the NHCADSV's assault on fathers (and commensurately their children) should be no secret to anyone.  It's no wonder that over two thirds of all divorces are initiated by women in the state, and I suspect the percentage is much higher when broken out into families with children (I've been unable to obtain those statistics from the Bureau of Vital Statistics after asking for them for many months).
Real domestic violence does occur and those who perpetrate such acts should be punished severely.  The problem is that the overwhelming number of men actually being punished under the laws are innocent fathers being railroaded at the time of divorce.
I wonder if Ms. Mattern supports a federally funded Violence Against Children Act, considering that the U.S. Government ACF statistics show that mothers are more than twice as likely to abuse or neglect children as are fathers?
VAWA is no less than the fuel being poured on the flames burning the social fabric of family in this country.   And Ms. Mattern only wants to fan the fire...
Marc Snider
3 Ellie Drive
Merrimack, NH  03054
(603) 801-2008