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Top Deadbeat Moms - Most Wanted For Child Abuse

This page is dedicated to posting "deadbeat moms" mother who alienate their children from their fathers, deny visitation and use the very broken divorce system for their own selfish purposes. They do harm to their own children by denying them the influence of a father who will provide education and balance that every child needs. This is clearly child abuse. 

It is a PROVEN SCIENTIFIC FACT  - by over 200 independent research studies - that children brought up with equal contact with their father and mother do better in every way. If 50-50 shared parenting time is not available then children do better with as much time as possible with dad. It is even a proven FACT that children do better brought up alone by a father than by a mother!! Not just by 10% or 50%, or even 100% but in many case the incidents of problems when a child does not have a fathers influence is 10 times to 23 times higher.

Other Factual, Research Based Statistics:

Women in divorce are 4 times more likely to badmouth dad. (causes parental alienation)
Women are 23 times more likely to kill their children!

Barbara J. Hill - 5/6 150lbs - Since 12/2001

Has used the courts with false accusations, emergency orders and attempts to gain sole custody and attempts to move kids away.  She has brainwashed the kids and poisoned her children against their father.  Kids are in survival mode and will not talk to or email dad or see dad.  Parent alienation has worked here.