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Book Hammers Feminist Agenda, Fundraising Strategies

(CNSNews.com) - A conservative watchdog group has published a critical examination of America's feminist organizations, alleging that one of the most prominent feminist groups wildly inflates its membership numbers and that another, originally formed to encourage girls to play sports, ended up advising girls how to sue for discrimination.

Kimberly Schuld, a research fellow at the Capital Research Center, said she wrote The Guide to Feminist Organizations as a reference tool for media and government officials interested in investigating the feminist agenda and its funding. The book is broken into five chapters: Activists and Advocacy; Young Women and Girls; Working Women; Health and Abortion; and, Think Tanks and Research.

"One of the other things I wanted to do with this book," Schuld said, "was show the very close and, sometimes, incestuous relationship between the groups and how really one group feeds off of another or is a shell of another."

In order to expose such relationships, Schuld said she researched the 35 most prominent feminist organizations in America in terms of their "desire" and their "mission" to influence public policy through their political activity. For each of those organizations, she created a profile of their missions, projects, memberships, financial information and major donors.

Schuld said she researched each group's Internal Revenue Service tax returns and cross-referenced them against IRS tax returns for charitable foundations. Further, she checked each group's tax returns against the charitable giving reports and the annual reports of corporate foundations "in order to compile a more complete picture of how these groups get their money."

Schuld said a thorough examination of the National Women's Law Center (NWLC) provided a typical example of how feminist organizations raise their money.

The NWLC, according to its website, was established in 1972 to "protect and advance the progress of women and girls at work, in school, and in virtually every aspect of their lives." This quickly led to the NWLC fighting for Title IX women's athletics funding, Schuld said.

"The Women's Sports Foundation (WSF), which was originally started to encourage girls and women to play sports, became political and associated itself with the National Women's Law Center," she added. "Now, they advise young high school age girls that if they want to file a lawsuit for discrimination, they should call the National Women's Law Center."

According to Schuld, the WSF "casts out the net" to catch female athletes for the NWLC to place on the witness stand. "And, if you look at the National Women's Law Center's tax returns, they are pulling in a pretty hefty income from settlements in lawsuits," she said.

In addition to exposing the financial strategies of feminist organizations, Schuld's book reveals that a "disconnect" exists between the groups and American women.

For example, she said the National Organization for Women (NOW) claims it has 500,000 contributing members, but an examination of the group's finances doesn't support that figure.

When Schuld combined her analysis of NOW's finances with "inside information" obtained from unnamed former NOW officers, she said the group could not possibly have more than 57,000 contributing members. Plus, NOW doesn't have the staff to maintain a database of 500,000 active members, she said.

"The truth is they don't have even 57,000 members, but yet the media prints, 'Kim Gandy and the National Organization for Women with their 500,000 members says ...blah, blah, blah," Schuld said. "Well, Kim Gandy doesn't have 500,000 members. She lies about it and nobody asks her what the truth is."

Yet, according to Schuld, the political influence of feminist groups such as NOW has grown.

Efforts by CNSNews.com to reach the National Women's Law Center and the National Organization for Women for comment were not returned.

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