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Letter to the Editor
PAUL M. CLEMENTS <pclem@juno.com> wrote:

To the Editors,      

The kind of knee-jerk journalism typical of feminism was clearly exhibited by letter writer Veronica Vahsen of Bow.  In her haste to castigate men, she made a number of errors, ranging from the simple and trivial to the philosophical and statistically false.  First, Mr. Amicos' name is David, not Don.  He didn't present a bill to the legislature, he testified about it.  The Health and Human Services Dep't. isn't part of the legislature, David spoke to the Child and Family Law Committee.  He can't be very controlling, as she accused him of being, if he has to tearfully beg the committee for parenting time with his children.  Most men don't leave their wives and children, as Vahsen would have us believe.  88% of all divorces are filed by the woman.  If the fathers only visit two or three times a year, it's because the courts or the mothers, don't allow more.  Most fathers don't willingly pay child support?  That's not what Mr. Amico said, and not what federal studies have found.  When a father has equal custody, he pays child support orders in full and on time in 90% of cases.  Even with only typical court ordered visitation of every other weekend, fathers pay in full and on time in 76% of cases.  On the other hand, Non Custodial Mothers only pay the order in 51% of cases.  Child support not half the cost of raising children?  Tell that to Mr. Amico, who testified to payments of three to four thousand dollars per month, more than most fathers earn.  Tell it to Peter Sanschagrin, who was ordered to pay $3,000 a month for each of three children.  Yes, many fathers see child support as disguised alimony, especially when they see their children wearing rags, and them others sporting fur coats, or showing off new breast implants.  She's wrong about court calculations being designed to insure that the father can survive.  In making support calculations, the mother is given a self-support offset of $15,000 to $20,000.  The father gets no selfsupport offset.To accommodate the Communistic "Transfer of Wealth" from fathers to mothers, and avoid jail,  it is usually the father who is forced to worktwo or three jobs, not the mother.  She describes Mr. Amico as a man ofwealth, but the reality she denies is that the larger part of his incomegoes to the ex wife, who enjoys a palatial home, while he is relegated toa two bedroom apartment, whose rent strains his meager take homeearnings.  She suggests that mediation would be a better course of actionfor Mr. Amico to change the situation, but she fails to mention the mostsalient point of that argument.  If the wife refuses to mediate in goodfaith, the case goes to the family court where the decision will alwaysfavor her lopsidedly.  Why settle for mediated equality when you can winthe lions' share in court?       Finally, she admonished Mr. Amico to consider the children as he triesto change the system.  She fails to consider the effect of court inducedfatherlessness on children and society.  Fatherless children have a riskfactor of double or more for drug and alcohol abuse, unwed teen pregnancyand promiscuity, academic failure, mental/emotional illness, suicide,juvenile crime and incarceration, and a lifetime of personalitydisorders.  Instead of promoting the feminist anti-male agenda, Ms.Vahsen, along with our family courts and feminist legislators are theones who should consider the effects of their actions on children andsociety.Paul M. ClementsFounder: DADD-NH3 Skyline Dr.Concord, NH 03303226-1904