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Letter To Governor Romney


Please use this link to write the Mass leadership.
Please write your states' leadership directly.
Letters to Fed officials including Laura Bush to follow.


Good morning Governor,

AT LONG LAST ... States are coming to realize (what Parents have known all along) that it "does NOT take a Village or a State (government) to Raise a Child" but BOTH PARENTS acting in the vital and loving role of mentor, role-model, spiritual leader AND provider for their unemancipated minor children.

Action is urgently needed within Massachusetts and legislation is proceeding here and in New Hampshire, Connecticut and New York, among other states, to correct the "systemic-wrongs" that are (unlawfully) eliminating loving and committed parents (typically the Father) from the lives of their children - simply on the basis of divorce and through the arbitrary classification and punishment of the Non-Custodial Parents. The ultimate harm being done, is upon the Children within that divorced family, who have to endure enough emotional distress arising from the separation of their parents. Through the actions of YOUR State and YOUR Court, the distress and damage to those children is increased significantly and without any semblance of rational or legal cause.

Other State Legislatures in this Nation have legislation before them. IT IS PAST TIME that the State of Massachusetts take a "real" leadership role, and set right the wrongs that have been illegally and unconstitutionally perpetrated against law abiding Non-Custodial Parents - who are only "Non-Custodial"
as a result of the unlawful/unConstitutional "arbitrary classification" of Fathers within YOUR State judiciary.

In November by a 85% to 15% margin, a non-binding referendum passed for equal parenting being presumptive in divorced (versus the current custodial/noncustodial nonsense). I speak for thousands, respectfully requesting that you publicly and vocally endorse "Fatherhood" and immediately begin the process of enforcing Noncustodial parental Constitutional rights, using your bully-pulpit (you have time for St. Patty's day joke-fests in Southie) by passing into law the necessary legislative reforms that will ensure the protection of their "existing rights" under the United States Constitution.

On behalf of loving and committed Fathers throughout the Nation, I thank you in advance for the support that I am confident you will ultimately provide. It is Right, It is Just, AND, It is the Law.


I am George: Luke's Biological Father, Cassie's Adoptive Father. Just Dad to both. Conceived by 2, loved by 2, wanted by 2, the rights of 2 Parents government already knows. It's Way 2 Long. The Very Best is 2 Parents: Parents Alive in 2005.

HandsOnEqualParenting from conception as the cornerstone of all Law and Social Policy puts Biological Family First, values MOM&DAD as equally important, disempowers the Families in Anguish Industry except in extraordinary circumstances when either MOM/DAD/both are not worthy of their Children (proved beyond reasonable doubt in a real court of
law: PERJURY not tolerated, JUSTICE seen, DUE PROCESS clear. Parent is synonymous: One without the other is not Parent. It demands MOM grow up and be Mother no more no less, demands DAD grow up and be Father no more no less, demands that law, Social Policy including Education, Religion etc, treat MOM&DAD Equally.
HandsOnEqualParenting blocks Gender bias from damaging our Children.