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  Mrs. Schlafly - A Rare Women Who Looks a Gift Horse in the Mouth and Does The Right Thing
And the winner of the 2005 Award for Political Incorrectness is...(pan of vast audience with expectant expressions)...

Phyllis Schlafly. This past year Mrs. Schlafly took on the federal government's deepening alliance with radical feminism. In the process she debunked many of the Left´s pet explanations for family break-down. To do justice to Schlafly´s contributions, I have quoted from several of her columns.

In January she started off the year with a column about "Children Made Fatherless by Family Courts." The article revealed that "fathers are systematically discriminated against by family courts which nearly always award physical custody to the mother even when the father has committed no fault." www.eagleforum.org/column/2005/jan05/05-01-12.html

Schlafly continued in the same vein in her February column about the "Fatherphobia of Family Courts." In that article she took divorce courts to task for ignoring a "mountain of social science research" by failing to award joint physical custody to fathers. www.eagleforum.org/column/2005/feb05/05-02-02.html

In March she highlighted the plight of National Guard Spc. Joe McNeilly who was called up for service in Iraq. Upon completion of his tour of duty, McNeilly was greeted with the news that a family court, during his absence and without his knowledge, had awarded full custody of his 10-year-old son to his mother. www.eagleforum.org/column/2005/mar05/05-03-02.html

In May she turned up the heat, exposing how "Federal Incentives Make Children Fatherless." Schlafly warned, "Follow the money. The less time that non-custodial parents (usually fathers) are permitted to be with their children, the more child support they must pay into the state fund, and the higher the federal bonus to the states for collecting the money." www.eagleforum.org/column/2005/may05/05-05-11.html

Mrs. Schlafly doesn't mince words, does she? And it only gets better.

In her June column on "How to Celebrate Father's Day," Schlafly took aim at the feminist Big Lie: "For 30 years, feminist organizations and writers have propagated the myth that women are victims of an oppressive patriarchal society and that marriage is an inherently abusive institution that makes wives second-class citizens." www.eagleforum.org/column/2005/june05/05-06-15.html

Then beginning in July, Schlafly took on the hotly-debated Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) which came up before Congress this past fall for a five-year renewal.

In "Time to Defund Feminist Pork," Schlafly wondered why the US Congress funnels "a billion dollars a year of taxpayers' money into the hands of radical feminists who use it to preach their anti-marriage and anti-male ideology, promote divorce, corrupt the family court system, and engage in liberal political advocacy." www.eagleforum.org/column/2005/july05/05-07-20.html

Mrs. Schlafly´s pièce de resistance came in October. While our elected officials were buckling under the feminist intimidation tactics, Schlafly released an exposé with the sizzling title, "Time to Defund Feminist Pork - the Hate-Men Law.

" First Schlafly ridiculed the feminist urban legends such as "a woman is beaten every 15 seconds" and Super Bowl Sunday is the "biggest day of the year of violence against women." She deplored how VAWA rides "roughshod over the constitutional rights of men."

Schlafly then scolded our elected officials in Washington: "Shame on Members of Congress who lack the courage to stand up to feminist outrages." www.eagleforum.org/psr/2005/oct05/psroct05.html

For 30 years the Leftists have waged a tenacious assault on society's bedrock institutions, including fatherhood and families. As the rest of us silently stood by, feminists branded dads with epithets such as deadbeat, abuser, and patriarchal oppressor.

And now Phyllis Schlafly has shed the light of truth on their evil scheme.