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Change is Coming for Men!
Men's News Daily 14 September 2005
By George Rolph

Neither the organs of state, the hate of feminists or the purveyors of disgusting anti male propaganda such as the BBC and others, will be able to stop it. Men are flexing their muscles and the press is beginning to pick up on it like never before <http://www.iht.com/articles/2005/09/14/opinion/edtaylor.php>.     

While Fathers4Justice <https://www.blogger.com/http//www.fathers-4-justice.org> led a great campaign and raised the profile of men's issues, it would be a huge mistake to think that equal parenting is enough. It is NOT enough! We have to (and will) force a debate on the condition of ALL men's rights and the family and drive back the feminist hatred of everything heterosexual. Our aims and goals cannot be single issue aims and goals. To allow that, would be to turn our backs on men and boys who have already suffered appalling, and often fatal, injustices. We must also be careful of taking our eye of the ball when it comes to getting the truth out there about the myth of the "oppressive patriarchy." It is a myth because under the lies and distortions of feminism, such a patriarchy has never existed. It is a false construct and it MUST be exposed as such if we are to prevent our children being further brainwashed with false guilt.     
It is vital that we cease to be a society led by the nose by minorities given far too much power over the majority. Minorities that are using our laws, our courts and gullible judges, politicians, journalists, social workers, teachers, broadcasters and others to promote bigotry and hatred against heterosexual men and their families. Theirs is the politics of hate and revenge. Terrorists using false figures, self authored non scientific reports, lies, distortions and naked hate to destroy those they think are collectively responsible for the "oppression" they went through.     

Were I a black man I would recoil at the idea that I need to hate and destroy the little old lady down the road just because she is white. As a white man I DO recoil at the idea that I must hate all women (and journalists) because SOME feminists decided they wanted to destroy my family; hate my son; stop men from having anything that resembles justice in courts; feel at liberty to make all kinds of false allegations in order to keep him from his home, kids and cash and, with luck, get him jailed too! However, I DO sympathise with those who say that when you ACTIVELY set out to destroy the lives of others you must also pay a price. Therefore, I feel that unlike the slavers who escaped justice for their sick crimes, the modern purveyors of hate must pay for theirs! Too many men have died to let things slide under the carpet. My idea of truth and reconciliation for those who have done these things to men and boys for forty years is this: We tell the truth about you and then we become reconciled to seeing you pay for it!     

Single issues concerning the things men have gone through at the hands of these savages are simply not enough. The fight is NOT over until the rights of men are re-established and that means ALL the rights of men destroyed in the last forty years, including the right not to suffer prejudice, ridicule and discrimination at the hands of lawmakers, judges, journalists and broadcasters.     

I know that Matt O Conner of Fathers4Justice feels that such people should be left with an escape route through, "a back door" but I thoroughly disagree. (He also thinks the feminist construct of the patriarchy is accurate!). Unless they are made to walk in shame for the terror they have inflicted, there is no incentive to stop them trying again in 20 years. They are vermin and they MUST be made to feel like vermin as a strong warning not to come back again.     

We must also be careful NOT to be led into the future by those groups that have become charities in the UK. Charities, often end up becoming destructive organs of the state, just as the NSPCC and many others have.     

Once you have defined your group as a legal charity you are very restricted in what you can do or say politically. Over step the mark and your charitable status can quickly be withdrawn. You are also wide open to take overs by anyone with enough clout and influence to steer you in the direction the government want you to go. We have seen this happen to so many charitable groups such as Greenpeace, Amnesty International and aforementioned NSPCC. What hostile political forces cannot defeat they will often infiltrate, take over and lead astray. We are already seeing feminists disguised as men's group activists leading "men's groups" and appearing on men's forums all over the Internet. Their aim is to destabilise our various groups and to ridicule and undermine the influence of those who may lead the men's movement forward.     

We are growing stronger almost by the hour. The confidence of the men's movement is mushrooming despite the best efforts of our enemies to silence us. Feminists sense this change and are growing ever more shrill and extreme in their denunciations of us. This is a sign of fear and should be welcomed by all men and women fighting for the rights of their fathers, sons and brothers. Let them scream... the balance of power is shifting and they know it!