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 In Support of Barbra Johnson - A Her For Justice

Barbara Johnson is the rare individual with high ethics that require her to speak up against a corrupt system that is operated purely for the best interests of lawyers, instead of the people it serves. Barbara understands that today the family court system is so broken and biased that it effectively squashes men financially and emotionally.

The family court system is an unethical disgrace and Barbara is one of the few who are sticking up for truth, justice and the American way. Less ethical lawyers defend a broken system because it makes them more money that way. This system ignores and abuses men's constitutional rights in nearly every case. It uses domestic violence as an excuse to persecute all men and sets up an unleveled playing field that generates higher legal fees. The female bias allows these lawyers to be used as bats against their spouse and ex-spouse (95% male) doing far more damage than is necessary. Many ethical lawyers refuse to participate in this system and process. The ones who want to make a difference fight, at their own peril, to change this system that is harming MILLIONS of children and fathers every month. These people are the hero because they are willing to go against the peer pressure to maintain this disgusting gravy train for lawyers and their pals.

Barbra is hero who is willing to stand up against this conspiracy of silence. It only takes a few insiders to shine light on these horrible practices that everyone knows about and no one is willing to change. Most of these lawyers, and many judges in this system would be considered criminals for what they do with total immunity. They commit fraud, witness tampering, use unethical stall tactics and offensive weapons in what is suppose to be a "civil" matter. They make a train wreck of most divorces that harms families beyond description.

I am will to show up anywhere, anytime to support Barbara with a protest that shows the powers that be that we will not tolerate unfair prosecution and persecution of Barbara.

-----Original Message-----
From: The Fatherhood Coalition [mailto:FATHERS-L@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM] On Behalf Of George Mason
Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2005 10:07 AM
Subject: are we doing anything to defend Barbara?

Can someone post something to defend Barbara (ie.
emails and sample letter) on the
www.fatherhoodcoalition.org so we can rally around Barb. Found this on another list (krights)

Robert Gartner
wrote: Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2005
09:05:48 -0700 (PDT)
From: Robert Gartner

Subject: Accusations Against our Fellow Warrior
Barbara Johnson in
To: robert healtheplanet

Hello friends,

I hope you have read the story in the Boston Globe
about our comrade, Attorney Barbara C. Johnson.

Please submit your thoughts to them. You can so by
way of the following e address. letter@g... . Please consider
sending your thoughts also to the e mail addresses ABOVE as
these folks are on the Board of Overseers who have brought this
proceeding against Barbara.

If you have not read the article here is the link:

Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2005 07:26:54 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tim Melton
Subject: Barbara C. Johnson - Under fire

Folks this is a bad thing! Barbara has been an
advocate for EQUAL rights for a long time and needs
our support!

I'm not sure everyone is acquainted with this
person, but as a former MDM advocate I will stand
next to this lady in support of her!



Lawyer may face disbarment
Ran for governor against Romney
By Jonathan Saltzman, Globe Staff | July 2, 2005

Barbara C. Johnson, who ran unsuccessfully for
governor as an independent in 2002 on a platform
calling for court reform, should be disbarred for
her refusal to ''comply with or even acknowledge" her
ethical responsibilities as a lawyer, a hearing
officer for the state has recommended.

Sign up for: Globe Headlines e-mail | Breaking News
Alerts In a scathing 38-page ruling, Herbert P.
Phillips, the hearing officer for the state Board of
Bar Overseers, said Johnson had committed ...

read the rest on line.

Here is the letter I wrote to them. Please tell me
if you see it published, thanks.
Robert Gartner


A proceeding in the form of disbarment hearings,
being brought against Barbara Johnson, Massachusetts attorney, and
founder of www.falseallegations.com, by the State Board of Bar
Overseers, portends a frightening moment. I predict it will sadly
and most tragically mark once again, a piece of history, when
this United States, via the State of Massachusetts, was labeled
for a Salem Witch Trial. History is about to be revisited upon the
State of Massachusetts.

Happily and gloriously however, it very well may be
remembered as the threshold and crowning moment in a growing
people's movement, that respect and dignity be given back to children and
their parents, (mostly the fathers), basic civil and human
rights, long ago stolen, co-opted, by states governments and
associated states attorneys generals and even the Federal Government,
its agents and
its policies.

We fathers, and some of our children, now adults,
having recovered ever so slightly from the destruction wrought upon
them by the State, in this United States, know why Barbara has
been crudely brought up for charges. We know the true reason. It is
because a system, like the Bar, like the Massachusetts Family
Courts, like the State Attorney General and it child support collection
scam of extortion, turning one parent into a wage slave while
simultaneously denying his child equal access to that parent, like
the Child Protection Services routinely giving children to the
abusers, each and all of these have a terminal disease. Its called
the disease of addiction, named by Anne Wilson Schaef, in her most
profound work, When Society Becomes An Addict, 1986.

A terminally ill system will seek to protect and
defend itself to it own death. It defies intervention. Barbara has held
up a mirror held to its pocked visage and it does not like what it
dimly sees.

Barbara is one of the true warriors in America
today. She has oceans of troops that stand ready to speak truth to
power in defense of her and even more importantly, to the freedoms and
the dignities and values she represents.

The Bar of Overseers had better visit a psychologist. It does not
realize what a can of worms it is about to open.

Robert Gartner
6319 Sheringham
Houston, Texas 77085-3244

ps. Thank you Jonathan Saltzman and the Bostom Globe
for bringing this vitally important proceeding to our attention!