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Thank you, everyone, for your continuing support.  Your letters to our political leaders, your Public Information Act requests, your media outreach, your support of PEP-Talk, and your financial contributions are turning the corner.  The purpose of this email is a quick update.

1. People for Equal Parenting announces the Huntsville, Texas, PEP-Rally.  In honor of Mother's Day on Thursday May 11th, People for Equal Parenting will host a rally and march in Huntsville.  Marchers will included moms and dads, students, grandparents who can't see their children because of TX's child custody laws, and all citizens who've decided the time has come to Restore the Traditional American Family.  Marchers will assemble in the 11th street McDonald's parking lot at 11 a.m. and march to courthouse where they will hear presentations by leaders from People for Equal Parenting.  Rally organizer and PEP board-of-directors member, Mark Bitara, invites everyone to come support freedom, dignity, and restoring the rule of law to Texas families.  Student leaders from Sam Houston State University are co-sponsoring the march.  For more information call Mark Bitara at 936-525-7760.
2. PEP-Talk ( http://www.pepintexas.org/radio.htm ) is pleased to announce that its April 16 show will center on the young person's view of equal custody.  A Huntsville, Texas high school journalist who became interested in PEP and the personal campaign of member Mark Bitara, will team up for the show with rising Hollywood actress ("Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants", and "The Missing" are a few of her credits) Jenna Boyd.  For April 23rd PEP-Talk is especially honored to host former Texas First Court of Appeals Justice Eric Andell.  This will be an outstanding episode -- I've had the opportunity to chat by phone with Judge Andell and found him to be a very intelligent and open-minded chap who's sensitive to the deep suffering we're going through.  Our April 9th show featured the two leaders of our new El Paso PEP chapter.  If you missed it the show will be archived on the website within a week.  PEP-Talk is hosting a very special Mother's Day episode on May 14th featuring Beverly Morris, the Chairperson of the National Association of Noncustodial Moms (NANCM)*.  I've spent substantial time talking with Beverly.  She and her organization get it, and I expect PEP/NANCM to work together very effectively until the problem is solved.
3. For anyone within driving distance of Houston, I hope you'll attend the April 28th meeting of the Houston Property Rights Association ( http://www.hpra.org/directions.htm ).  They're a great organization that's become interested in the mess the custody system is producing all across the board and they've asked me to speak about it to their lunch meeting.  I've also been asked to give a talk at the annual NANCM convention in Orlando on June 18th ( http://www.nancm.com/?page=conventions ) -- if you're able, I hope you'll attend.
Because I try to make it a habit to under promise and over deliver, I won't go into detail about a number of other developments that haven't reached fruition yet.  But more is coming, thanks to your common sense, your commitment, and your hard work.  Especially now that we can see the goal line this is not the time to relax.  Keep up the fire.  Our nation has a great (if clunky) political system that responds if we work it.  It's a pleasure to be working with you to get some long overdue change driven into the custody system (the key to restoring the traditional American family).  I'll be glad when we're finished but -- just like you -- I'm in it until the battle is decisively won.  Our kids are counting on us not to let the storm that engulfed so many of our lives go on and engulf theirs when they come of age.  There's no alternative to victory.