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False Incarceration For False Accusations Recanted

  Michael Hallberg was sent to prison yesterday, April 6, 2006 for 5 years by Judge Swan in Newburyport District Court.  His crime:  Refusing to lie.  More specifically, Michael was in violation of his probation that required him to attend a batterer’s class as a result of false allegations against him made by the mother of his youngest son.  She accused him of assaulting her and her child.  Excerpt from Michael’s February 16, 2006 to letter to John Dawley, First Assistant District Attorney, under Jonathon Blodgett, asking for help:         

I was kicked out of the first program, which was in Methuan, after paying $100.00 for the intake, because I told the truth and said I had never hit a woman.  I had to lie and pay another $100.00 to get into this other program, plus the $40.00 for each attendance (of which 40 are required), or I would go to jail.  This will total $1,800.00, and that does not account for the fact that this latter program in Lynn, far from anything remotely close or convenient, causes even more loss of time/earnings and finances/wages and gas to travel to.  Anyone who has been through a custody dispute in probate court knows what’s really going on here.  For those who have had the misfortune of being violated by our justice system, you know where this is going.  For those that never had cause to experience our Judicial System first hand, please read on so that you are better prepared for what may someday be you. 

Ultimately Michael would be barred from attending the latter class as well, which is what caused him to be in violation of his probation.  (After attending and paying for at least 7 classes, they would no longer allow him to continue until he admitted to the assault for which he was on probation.)  It is worth noting that, almost immediately after Michael had been incarcerated for the false allegations made by his accuser, she recanted her lies.  She went to the police, who would not take her recanted statement.  They sent her to someone else, and so on, up the ladder, but it did no good.  No one was interested in getting an innocent man out of jail, but there was considerable interest in retaliating against Michael, first and foremost, because he was mostly responsible for forcing a corrupt police officer, Mark Vallee, to resign from the Amesbury Police Department.  (Details at a later date).
At one point his accuser even sat down in front of Mr. John Dawley, First Assistant District Attorney, under Jonathon Blodgett, who, as far as we know at this time, was attempting to get to the bottom of this.  In that conversation she told him that she had lied about Michael’s assault, and Mr. Dawley explained to her that she could go to jail for committing perjury and filing false police reports.  The problem is, she had lied a lot relative to Michael’s assaults, and he was put in prison EVERY time.  When detectives from the District Attorney’s Office finally went to her house to record her statement on tape, she feared that if she told the truth, they would arrest her, (for perjury et al), right there and then, in front of her two small children.  On that recording she says anything but the truth, but the recording of her call to Michael informing him that the detectives were on the way to her house clearly indicates her fears and why she lied on the recording to the detectives. 
Meanwhile, Michael passed a polygraph test with flying colors, just the day before Judge Swan sent him to prison for 5 years. Michael Hallberg ran several successful businesses that employed many different people before this all began.  He has 3 children to support and each and everyday that he remains incarcerated on false allegations has a devastating effect on dozens of people’s lives as well as their economic wellbeing.  This travesty of INJUSTICE has far-reaching ramifications on many levels, non the least of which is that while valuable resources are wasted to create injustice, precious resources are diverted from the productivity and commerce generated by Hallberg when he was free to oversee them.  It will now fall on taxpayers to compensate for things such as unemployment, child supports, etc. 
Nobody, but nobody, until it happens to them, or they have seen it first hand, through someone they know, would believe the corruption in our legal system that effects everyday innocent people on a regular basis, destroying them and their families’ lives, completely wiping them out financially, and in direct violation of their civil rights.  For those that have never experienced any corruption or injustice “under color of law”, and can not possibly know how truly widespread and devastating it is, PLEASE . . . spend time on the internet at sites related to anything from police misconduct, injustice, corruption, and fathers’ rights groups.  You will quickly learn, but never truly be able to comprehend that the horror stories are very real, very endless, and could very likely be you but for the luck of the draw.   IT COULD BE YOU . . . NEXT
 Here is the plan.  We are, today, attempting to go to District Attorney General Jonathon Blodgett’s office to see if they will get involved with Michael Hallberg.  If they don’t, we are organizing to have at least 100 people picket with signs calling for JUSTICE, FREE HALLBERG and STOP CORRUPTION in front of their offices, and hope to create media interest .  In the event that the DA’s Office gets involved with the Hallberg situation, we will still pursue our fight against the horrendous injustices, but we will move our site and organize for an even bigger demonstration at our next destination.
 We will picket Attorney General Thomas Reilly’s Office where the focus will be on protection and defense of ALL our civil rights, for ALL of us, not just “protected categories”, i.e. race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.  This is an important time for that office to establish that under Reilly’s leadership they have fulfilled their commitments because of the upcoming election wherein Reilly is running for Governor.  In his brochure dedicated to civil rights, Reilly states: “I believe one of my most important responsibilities is the enforcement of the Massachusetts Civil Rights Act  . . .” .  For most of us whose lives have been ruined, it has happened as a direct result of the violations of our most basic civil rights.  When, and if, the AG’s office addresses our issues, and commits to protecting ALL of our civil rights, not just the rights of “protected” groups, we will move our site again, organize further, and bring in even more supporters.
We will march on to the State House where we will focus on court reform.  We must, MUST get rid of immunity for those who violate their own codes of ethics and who break the law.  People must be held accountable for the unethical and illegal activities committed under “color of law”.  Standards and systems must be put in place to monitor these activities and consequences imposed for violations by these government officials.  They are paid with our tax dollars to “serve and protect” yet are violating us, and our civil rights which is the premise on which this country was founded.  All of ‘these’ persons, should be subjected to three (3) times the scrutiny, penalties and punishment of any civilian who does the same.  This march is long overdue, and judicial corruption is reaching epic proportions. 
The system is broken.  It needs to be fixed. It requires immediate action for the benefit of EVERYONE in our society, and the world throughout.  We must restore the shattered faith and reputation of everything this country was founded on and is supposed to stand for - - - OUR INTEGRITY, OUR BILL OF RIGHTS, and THE CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, before it is too late, and certainly before we lose any more of our troops while fighting for the civil liberties and rights of people in other countries.
“There is no crueler tyranny than that which is exercised under cover of law, and with the colors of justice . . .”    U.S. v. Jannotti, 673 F .2d 578, 614 (3dCir. 1982)
Please send me your e-mail with any names, contacts, contact organizations, and/or State reps & legislators you might be able to bring these issues to.  It is critical that we organize and assemble forthwith.  Please do all that you can to help, and contact me immediately via e-mail with any and all information and relevancies.  We are attempting to organize unions and think we can get hundreds from there, though this has not yet been confirmed.  Make sure all e-mails you send to hallbergjustice@yahoo.com  have Hallberg in the subject area or they will be SPAMMED away.  Thank you everybody!

Meanwhile, for an excellent example of just one person’s experience in this maze of corruption and injustice, please log on to www.lulu.com  to order AND read EXPOSING THE CORRUPTION IN THE MASSACHUSETTS FAMILY COURTS by Kevin Thompson.  If you are able to contribute nothing else in the way of time or money, please buy this book.  You will learn a lot, and it will help to support our cause, especially if you share it with whomever you can, i.e. legislators and more.