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Canadian Father on Hunger Strike - Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose...
April 21st, 2006 MEDIA RELEASE Ottawa Capital Area Father continues Hunger Strike Gatineau Father Gerry Nicolas (35) continued towards the end of his first week of a hunger strike this morning in front of the Quebec Provincial Court of justice in Gatineau (Hull sector.) He is into his fourth day without food. Nicolas is protesting his treatment and that of his and other Canadian families under the restrictive and oppressive family law as administered by the Quebec Government. He is living out in front of the Court in a tent and other camping gear and is refusing all solid foods. Like many Men and Fathers across Canada Nicolas is another Dad caught in the vicious cycle of the Canadian Divorce Industry that unjustly penalizes Fathers in a divorce and like so many Dads in Canada has been ruined by the system both financially and emotionally. Nicolas has lost his business and his savings and his salary has been ‘attached’ and garnisheed to the point of him losing 95% of his earnings. While Nicolas’s spouse earns $65,000 a year Nicolas faces a situation where after all deductions he is left with a mere $144.00 on which to live. He has to endure the hated “visitation and access” arrangement with his children forced on Fathers by the bureaucrats in family court. He intends to refuse all food until resolution. Canadian Fathers suffer similar deprivations and indignities in family court procedures that are routinely biased and discriminatory and slanted heavily towards turning the Father into “dead-beat Dad” or “dangerous man” status. Fathers and men across Canada are victimized and oppressed and find themselves at the ugly end of false allegations of domestic violence, sexual abuse and other vicious accusation that are used by the courts to rule against the Father. Often Mothers find themselves in similar circumstances. Among the many outrages faced at the hands of the courts, most non-custodial parents find themselves financially ruined by the system and unable to secure proper legal representation. Contact: Ron Sweeney (F4J Canada) Email: lapaix39@sympatico.ca Telephone: 819-669-0427 Cellphone: 819-921-1877

Jeremy Swanson Fathers and Men's Rights Activist
Ottawa, Ontario Phone: (613).237-1320 ext 2438 § swanson@storm.ca
“For The Children" level bars
April 20th, 2006
(For Immediate Release)
“Men in Black”
Black Fridays for Divorced Canadian Men and Non-Custodial Fathers
Divorced and separated Men and Fathers across Canada are declaring every Friday a Black Friday as part of a silent protest against the destructive anti-male, anti-father anti-family bias and discrimination that exists in the family court system. They will be joined by non-custodial Mothers, various Grand-parent and other protest and equal parenting groups supporters in the protest. Interest in a world wide Black Friday protest has been received internationally. Activists and protest groups in several other countries are expected to join Canada in support and solidarity.
Starting tomorrow (Friday 21 April 2006) divorced and separated fathers, non custodial Mothers, and various Grand-parenting and other supporting groups across Canada are being encouraged to don black clothing every Friday as a mark of respect and mourning for the loss of their children, property and rights as a result of biased, discriminatory and unfair treatment under Canadian Family Law.
Guy Lavigne, Eastern Ontario representative of Fathers-4-Justice (Canada) says of the new initiative: “We are urging Dads to support Black Friday by wearing a black tie and or a black suit to the office or show support by wearing a black shirt or T-shirt or completely black outfit wherever they are every Friday of every week from now on. It’s a mark of solidarity in our silent protest. Black reflects the pain and misery many fathers feel every single day they are forced to be parted from their children. Canadian Dads and divorced men are now the largest oppressed visible minority in Canadian history, and we face daily deprivations and insults under this law” said Lavigne who fought his own bitter struggle to achieve equal parenting rights to his children and have false domestic violence charges dismissed following his divorce.
“We can no longer stand by and allow the law to do this to us without some kind of protest. Black Friday symbolise the loss of our children and how we mourn the death of family life. It symbolizes the evil we see in the system that destroys our lives, kidnaps our children, steal our dignity and status, turns honest law-abiding and productive citizens into criminals and reduces us to a life of perpetual serfdom for the ‘divorce Industry’. Divorced and separated fathers and men all over Canada know what we are talking about. It has become a daily struggle for the retention of our charter rights under the law and some us daily face brutal arrest for false allegations, jail for non-compliance on hopelessly weighted child and spousal support and other allegations and charges imposed on us by a biased system and biased judges who do not refer to equal propagated law in their decisions. It has become a legal nightmare for men and some women in family court-forced on us by ‘judges’ law’. Between 3 and 5 Fathers and men a day take their own lives daily in Canada. Now we need to stand fast and highlight to others what is happening every day in Family Courts all over this country” says Jeremy Swanson, independent Fathers Rights Activist in Ottawa. “It will be a Black Friday for all Canadian men Fathers and non-custodial parents from now on”
For further information on the Black
Friday initiative: contact Guy Lavigne on (613) 632-4710 and Jeremy Swanson on (613) 237-1320 ext 2438.
Editor’s notes:
.Percentage of non-custodial mothers who pay child support in Canada: 1%
· Percentage of custodial mothers awarded child support orders: 94%
· Percentage of custodial fathers awarded child support orders: 30%
· Rate for men failing in their appeals with the Appeal Court of Ontario: 92%
· Ratio of women vs. men who gain sole custody: 7 to 1
· Number of years this ratio has remained constant: 10-15 years
· The biggest group of so-called deadbeats is women, not men: there are more than twice as many women non-custodial parents evading child support than men.
· 93% of female non-custodial parents don't pay any child support
. Less than 9% of parents believe Canadian Courts deal effectively with ‘access’.
· 70% of marriage break-up is instigated by women.
· The only group which benefits from an improved standard of living after divorce is high-income women.
· Biased courts force men to pay up to 8.5 times the average of women at the same income levels.
· Judges award high income women more child support than low income women, for the same father income.
· Custody and access problems cost parents and society more than is paid in child support.
· The higher the income, the greater the bias against men and the more leniently women are treated in child support.
· The actual percentage of fathers not paying child support and thus allowing men as a group to inherit the term “dead-beat Dad” is between 7 and 13%.
· Child Support Guidelines" are used by biased courts to sharply increase the percentage of fathers shut out of children's lives.
· In the family, women are more abusive, particularly with weapons, than men.
· Despite popular common belief, most of the victims of domestic violence are male.
· Figures for women killing newborn babies don’t show up in domestic violence statistics.
· Female sole custody is behind much of children's development problems.
· A father is more essential for successful children than the mother.
· A rising rate of mental illness in separated women is causing child abuse and custody and access conflicts.
· Canada's Supreme Court says women win in family court because of their sex, not by "merit".
· Single mother broken families are the engine which produces most criminals, suicides, unmarried teen pregnancies, rapists, school dropouts and drug abuse.
· In 1991, 31% of marriages ended in divorce; in 1998 this rose to 38% in 2002 the figure was 43% and in 2006 it is thought to be as high as 53%
· More people are choosing common-law relationships, which have greater likelihood of ending in separation (up to 60% in some provinces)compared to traditional marriage.
· 4 out of 5 repeat young offenders are single parent children.
· 82% of crime is from repeat young offenders
· An estimated 3-5 divorced and separated fathers commit suicide every day
· There are no shelters for men in Canada
· Some women suffer from the same disadvantages under Canadian family law. Many are forming groups and joining the Mens groups in support and solidarity
· The figures on domestic violence are inaccurate and hopelessly slanted against men. Every day fathers are removed from their children’s lives after separation and divorce
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