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A Fathers Story - A System Gone Wild
No Control, no Justice and a Disaster for Children

Laurel, Maryland 20724

Email: ronthieret@aol.com

January 5, 2006


Re:      Civil Rights

            Frederick, Maryland

Thieret v Thieret        10-C-04-000331DL

Judge Dwyer

Judge Tisdale

Judge Solt


Dear Sir,


I hope you had a good Holiday; I did enjoy those special moments with my family as well before my Divorce began.


I am a concerned father who resides in Maryland. I have been involved with Divorce litigation within Frederick County, Maryland; a Court that is Corrupt, Bias unjust and Unlawful. I have two beautiful children from the marriage that are also victims at 3 & 5 years old.


Many people in the area claim payoffs to Judge Dwyer, Judge Tisdale and Judge Solt of the Circuit Court of Frederick, Maryland. The Court of Frederick allegedly receives money through certain local law firms. My children even have a price on their heads for payment value because my wife lied and claimed I made over $120,000 a year, therefore I am a monetary target by this court.


The Frederick, Maryland Court operates from a base of excessive Emergency Ex-Parte Rubber Stamped Orders, which instantly changed my Joint Custody to no custody without so much as a hearing, among other things. Emergency Exigent circumstances are continually claimed by the wife but never actually identified as required under the Maryland Rules of Civil Procedure. No hearings, no trial of the facts, No facts at all, just unlawful reckless conduct of a small Circuit Court that is out of control.


My separation began 1/04. My children were stolen from me by unlawful Ex-Parte Rubber Stamped Orders by 7/04. Then I had an Ex-Parte P&L while I was in the hospital, many Ex-Parte orders were rushed through in the rush for injustice. My children have been placed in life threatening danger on many occasions by the unlawful Court, its rulings, my wife and the Court Appointed Gal’s reckless self serving conduct.

After 13 years of marriage and two jobs supporting my family that lead to a stroke at 39; I was set up by my wife and her French Citizen mother and robbed of my children and property by an unlawful Frederick Court. I have done nothing wrong! I have had my children stolen from me by an unlawful court; all assets of 42 years stolen by the wife and liquidated at will against Court Orders that the Court will not enforce. I live out of a suitcase. Even 90% of my personal cloths are gone. I have lost it all. In addition to this, the Frederick, Maryland Court claims their actions are just and in the children’s best interests, how can this be?


The “Best Standard for the Children” is claimed by Frederick Circuit Court, but the Maryland Rules of Civil Procedure and Law are not followed by this Court to actually explore the best interests of the children. Nothing the Frederick, Maryland Court has done has been in the children’s best interests. My children have been repeatedly harmed and placed in life threatening danger by the Courts irresponsible reckless conduct.


I began therapy for my children with a well known child therapist during March 2004 to assist them in their problems dealing with the parental separation caused by the Divorce. The children were so traumatized that they would not even go more than 5 feet away from me to play because they were afraid that they may not ever see me again. This harm was caused directly by the Frederick County Court system that did nothing to stop the many failures of my wife bringing my children to me for visitation; despite (3) hearings for Contempt on visitation. The children were emotionally, severely hurt. The Court Appointed GAL entered the case in mid July 2004 and immediately stopped the children’s therapy. This was devastating to the children. I was ordered to not take the children to therapy. The children did not resume therapy for nine months, not until the GAL then demanded her friend to be appointed as therapist; entirely at my cost again. The new therapist was $275.00 per hour and not covered under any health plan. I objected and requested a therapist be appointed within my health plan, Denied. Who protected the children’s mental safety and best interests here?


In addition to this, my legally registered Guns were stolen with ammunition by the wife against Court Orders in March 2004. All six are lethal and kept in an unlocked closet in the children’s house, without even trigger locks. The registered weapons are a 45 caliber pistol, a 9 mm pistol, (2) shotguns and two High Powered Rifles. The guns are registered to me and are premarital property. My wife’s brother, 19 years old with no gun safety training, takes my 5 year old daughter hunting with my guns. I have objected many times to the Court and demanded seizure of the weapons by the police for the children’s safety. Denied. The Court in Frederick, the wife and the Court Appointed GAL do not care about the danger that these guns pose to my children, the violations of Maryland State Law and the Brady Bill. Who protected the children’s safety and best interests here?


During early July 2004 my daughter was scratched by a ground hog while she was in the care of the wife, of course not being properly watched. My daughter decided to sneak up on a rodent and scare him out of the fenced garden away from the carrots. Children do things like this that is why you must watch them. Children’s Hospital in Washington D.C. independently evaluated my daughter for six hours and started a treatment for Rabies; unfortunately the treatment could not be finished during my visitation because it is a treatment spread over several days, so I asked the GAL and the Frederick Court in writing with supporting documents to make sure the treatment was continued on my daughter. I had already lost my joint custody July 5, 2004 by unlawful Ex-Parte Order, which was up on appeal. The GAL and Wife stopped the Rabies treatment on my daughter without even so much as a hearing. I was then ordered to not take the children to the Doctor.  I had no legal say in the matter. If the treatment was not finished, the entire treatment was worthless. What Parent would take the chance that the rodent that scratched their daughter did not have rabies on a guess. Why take the chance with a then four year olds life? The GAL and Wife felt like rolling the dice with my now five year old daughter’s life with Rabies by not continuing the last two small vaccinations. Who protected the children’s health, safety and best interests here?


In addition to the many aforementioned incidents, the children are sick constantly over the past two years from what I believe is the lack of proper child and medical care. It may also have something to do with the wife trying to fix her past mistakes in child care for the children all at once. During February 2004 the wife did finally take the children to the doctor for required vaccinations. One Daughter received (6) shots and the other received (8). Possibly the problem was a combination of things like the shots lowering the children’s immunity to illness and the children being thrown into a full time day care at 2 and 4 years old. The children had never been sickly or in daycare before March 2004. But again no one in this Frederick, Maryland Court cares about this continued health problem. Who protected the children’s health and best interests here?


I offered to hire a nanny for the children to allow them to stay at home until they are old enough for school, Denied. Who protected the children’s best interests here?


On December 19, 2004, my 90 year old Grand Mother was out of state and dying. She wanted to say goodbye to her Great Grand Children. Denied by the GAL and wife, she died on December 23, 2004. Why did this happen? Who protected the children’s best interests here?


I have not even had telephone visitation with my children in two years even though I was ordered to supply a cell phone at my complete cost for my children to use for this purpose, which I did supply, which is still not used by court order after I supplied the phone. Who protected the children’s best interests here?  


This is how bad it is, I was not even able to find the kindergarten school my child was going to, my five year old had to show how to get to her school so I could be involved with my child at school because the Frederick Circuit Court would not even Order my wife to tell me what school my child was attending. Why? Who protected the children’s best interests here?


The Frederick Circuit Court has also ruled that my children are better being in a day care than with their father. Again the Frederick Court had no basis in Law for such a ruling, no evidence at all that I am dangerous to the children, nothing at all. The Frederick Circuit Court has repeatedly unlawfully denied me any time with my children. Who protected the children’s best interests here?


I had an all expense paid trip to Disney World for three days with my children, my children and I have never been there. Denied by the Gal, Wife and Court. Why? Who protected the children’s best interests here?


I have spent Valentine’s Day 2004 and no more than a month the rest of the year in 2004 with my children. I have seen my children for three holidays in 2005, and a little more visitation. Who protected the children’s best interests here?


My mother lives in Ohio, she has spent four days with her Grandchildren in two years. Who protected the children’s best interests here?


Christmas 2005, the wife broke a deal with me to let me have the children at 3:00 pm Christmas Day. Family came in from out of state to be with the children, dinner and festivities were planned. The wife was a no show at the child transfer point. I filed for Emergency Relief from the court on December 28, 2005 when the Court reopened to at least get court orders for what was left of the Holiday with my children. Denied. The wife is continually being rewarded for her bad acts that the children and I suffer for. I have not seen the children for the last two Christmases. By the way, the wife is a practicing atheist. I am a Christian. Who protected the children’s best interests here?


My children have been intentionally put in harms way and emotionally hurt by this Court of Frederick, Maryland on many documented occasions. I keep making the record, even though the Frederick Court keeps changing the record, I have my stamped copies.


I guess one of my children has to die before anyone in this state cares about the well being of the children that they are supposedly acting in the best interest of to protect.


The court has denied me visitation with my children repeatedly. I / counsel have already filed (6) Interlocutory Appeals to the higher Courts in Maryland, these Courts claim yes it is grounds for Appeal but the case is not ripe yet. The current laws in Maryland allow for interlocutory appeal for child visitation and support; the matter is more than ripe.


There is much more to the Frederick Circuit Court than contained within this letter! Would you believe Ex-Parte meetings before court hearings in Judges Chambers with all parties but mine, rehearsing what the GAL and Plaintiff’s counsel want on the record; even Circuit Court intimidation of my counsel. How about the cozy little relationship between the GAL / Treasurer of the Frederick Bar and the Plaintiffs counsel / President of the Frederick Bar? All are long time old friends of the Frederick, Maryland Circuit Court and lots of Ex-Parte communications. No justice is available in Frederick Maryland.


I also was robbed for $300,000.00 in property from my wife against Court Orders from Frederick that no one in Frederick will enforce, much of which has been already liquidated. I believe the Frederick Court has been bought and paid off with my liquidated property because the actions are not in the children’s best interests, not in the Defendant’s best interests, just the Plaintiff personal interests which I have evidence of Perjury, Theft and Fraud that the Frederick Circuit Court will not hear.


I was forced into a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy due to the major theft from my wife of 13 years and unlawful support and alimony orders. The family bills still required payment; the wife certainly did not pay the bills. I must liquidate marital property to pay the bills, but I have no property in my possession. The Chapter 13 still did not stop the Court from assessing me with judgments for all the costs of the divorce. I also happened to be in the Hospital for several days to which the Frederick Circuit Court Ex-Parte rubber stamped order after order despite knowing I was in intensive care at Holy Cross Hospital. The Frederick Circuit Court Ex-Parte Rubber Stamped Garnishment Orders for child Support are at $50,000.00 for 6 months and my child support is now $2700.00 per month which includes lifetime alimony at $700.00 per month. By Maryland law she was not even entitled to any alimony award, the wife was home with the children less than 3 years of 13 years of marriage. Primarily due to the unlawful support and alimony orders, a financial statement was filed with the court that indicates a ($5000.00) per month (-) income. I have already lost two cars to reposition. After many attempts, I can not even get review of Orders on support and alimony despite evidence in the court record that indicates Fraud and Perjury were committed by the wife, wife’s attorney and the GAL to obtain the Ex-Parte Orders while I was in the Hospital from over a year ago.


The Court is supposed to be above Fraud and Perjury and would always be wiling to see evidence of any conduct that involves unlawful activity and their Court Orders. Why will this Circuit Court not even review their Orders; because the Court in Frederick, Maryland already knows the fraud exists and they do not care.


I can not even come close to paying this support; it far exceeds the Maryland guidelines. The court holds my children from me as hostage until of the paying their fraudulent Support Orders, but they still take 60% of my wages. There isn’t any more money; the Frederick court does not believe it. This conduct is also against the Law; my children can not be held from me for support no matter what. I pay only what I can in support which is 60% on what I make, this leaves me with no money to even pay bills or live. There is no chance to review the unjust orders until after the case goes to trial and than appealed; it has already been two years and no trial date. Not that the trial will be anything more than another absolute failing in a long list of failures of this Frederick Court to my family. Let’s not forget the appeal, if the pile of unlawful orders are reversed, the Appeals Court remands the case back to the same unjust lower Court for a rehearing. I am assured further injustice in that hearing as well. Then I can do an appeal all over again.


I am Demanding Justice! The theft of my children & theft of my property is unlawful under Maryland Law, but no Court in Frederick, Maryland will enforce the laws. I am a Good Father and a Citizen and Veteran of the United States. I have rights, I have fought for these rights around the world but I do not have any rights in Frederick, Maryland U.S.A.


It appears on the Courts surface that Frederick Court claims to operate under the best interests of the children but it is actually not for the children at all. The Frederick system is all money for the local Frederick attorneys, Frederick Court and friends of the Court through massive intentional errors in child support awards, unlawful Court Orders and illegal garnishments that are in effect until reversed by a higher Court in several years. Listen to the court transcripts, the Court is right out in the open with this conduct. Frederick, Maryland feels that it is above the State and Federal law; Frederick might as well be another country. The attorneys in entire Maryland Metro Region know about the Frederick, Maryland Court problem of injustice, many attorneys claim the court exists only by its associations with the area politicians, welcome to Washington D.C.; some attorneys claim strong associations with the higher courts. I believe it is both. The higher courts are aware of the Frederick Circuit Courts actions by if nothing else, my six appeals being denied alone. But for some unknown reason they choose to turn their head to the massive violations of law and procedure by this small unjust Court and allow it to go on. Unusual to say the least, but are all the Courts in Maryland acting in the Best Interest of the Children; absolutely NOT.


I will Appeal this massive abuse of power. The higher courts in Maryland do not want to hear about it for years despite abuses to Maryland Law and the extreme danger to my children and damage to the family. The Maryland Court system has turned a business out of Divorce by making the Divorce so ridiculously expensive to fight unlawful Order after Order that an Appeal becomes a myth to most people. The unlawful Court in Frederick, Maryland then remains a monument to the failure to the best interest of the children statue that is well on it way to being lost and forgotten in Maryland. The Maryland Judicial System has a Lot of short comings when it comes to actual support of Parental Civil Rights.


All time with your children is precious and irreplaceable. When this time is lost, it is lost forever. When the only justice available to see your children takes years to obtain by appeal after appeal, this is criminally wrong. My Objection to the Ex-Parte P & L Masters Hearing sites over 30 pages of error in law by itself that this Frederick Court summarily dismissed. Laws are on the books in Maryland but are ignored. The fact that a Circuit Court can do so much damage to a family without severe consequences for their actions is criminal. The Circuit Court can not hide behind volumes of Error in Law and failure to follow rule after rule and the reviewing Courts simply say to the lower Court “It committed error”. Are we saying that the Higher Courts that put these Circuit Court Judges in power were incompetent in their decision and the appointed persons that can not read or follow the law? At what point do the massive errors of any Circuit Court become prosecuted as irresponsible, unlawful, reckless and a danger to the public safety rather than an error or abuse of discretion? Who is liable for the harm to the children’s minds, body and family by the Courts reckless streak of irresponsible errors? Who is liable for the massive loss in property that could have been avoided if court orders were properly enforced? At some point in this matter blame must be assessed, it is the entire Maryland Judicial System that repeatedly failed my family and the Constitution of the United States.


I would like to see real safeguards to protect the U.S. Constitution on parental rights in Maryland put in place that are actually used and not circumvented by the wide term “Discretion of the Court”. This term does its most damage to a family when it circumvents Due Process with Parental Rights. An interlocutory appeal does exist for violations by a Circuit Court in Maryland disrupting visitation with the parents and children, but again circumvented because the Maryland Court of Special Appeals is afraid of, Quote “A flood of Appeals from other Courts in the state”. Fix the problem with the Maryland Circuit Courts and the Higher Courts should not be afraid to do their job as well. Either way, someone in the Courts needs to do their job and protect the children and family! The failure to follow state laws and procedures on the law books by any Circuit Court and Higher Court is inherently dangerous to the rights that we are guaranteed as US Citizens under the Constitution. My children were stolen from me by a Circuit Court above the law; convicted felons have more time with their children than I do because I will not go along with Frederick’s Fraud and pay them for my children. An actual check and balance is Required to stop the Independent Rogue Courts like Frederick, Maryland from conducting themselves like a third world county. I and my family have protection under Maryland Laws; if the Maryland Laws and all Civil Rights are not circumvented at will by courts that are suppose to be enforcing the law not ignoring it. I am sure I will be in court after court with appeals until my children graduate High School. Please help put a stop to the injustice, how many families must be destroyed to pay the price for your failure to help stop this system of injustice?


In closing, it is your elected Duty to Safeguard our Civil Rights through enforced tough legislation with real teeth that protects the people in your District or State from issues like the one I face in the little unlawful town of Frederick, Maryland. I am sure like instances of injustice are occurring around the country. People talk about these issues; it occurs a lot more than you think. Severe consequences must exist for Judges that abuse the trust bestowed them by the People. Grass Roots Politics is needed, Politicians actually dealing with the real issues facing the People wins votes and you know there is nothing closer to the People than their children. If a Divorce is needed, both parents are entitled to a fair shake to evaluate what is in best for their children by a just and lawful court. The failure of our judicial system enforcing the laws to protect our Civil Rights is apparent; the unlawful Courts like Frederick, Maryland would not exist if it were otherwise. Without the Peoples faith in our Judicial System protecting our Civil Rights, the United States might as well be a two bit Dictatorship like Iraq was. Justice Demand’s laws enforced to protect our Civil Rights NOW, before the people lose faith in their Governments ability to Safeguard the Basic Freedoms Guaranteed to all the Citizens of the United States. 


A Concerned Parent,


Ron Thieret

cc:       Maryland State Governor

Maryland Court of Special Appeals

            Maryland Court of Appeals

            Maryland Judicial Disabilities Board

The Maryland Senate

            The Maryland House of Representatives

            U.S. Congress

            U.S. Senate

The U.S. Supreme Court

            The Department of Justice


Other Agencies and Foundations