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Bias Against Fathers Obvious
By Barbara Johnson, Esq.

Last year I wrote on my website about a dad

  • who was a lawyer who had become disabled
  • who had two kids (1G, age 15, 1B, age 12)
  • whose wife was also a lawyer and was making $229,000+ annually
  • who Judge Edw Donnelly ordered to pay her over half of his disability income (3300 a month) as child support, which left him with $1600 a month to live off of and his wife with almost $half a million to live off in the $700,000+ house while he was living in a two-story walkup apartment.

The Commission on Judicial Conduct did nothing to Donnelly.
The appeal was fruitless.

The wife was abusive to the son because he was loyal to dad.
The boy sought a 209A against his mother, but the court refused to give him one.
Boy sought help from DSS.  No luck.
Few more things backstage.
Mom kept on kicking him out and calling dad when she could not handle him.
The boy wanted to live with Dad.
I said, Fine.
Upon my advice, he simply enrolled the child in the school around the corner from the apartment.
When September rolled around, kid simply moved in with dad end began attending the new school.
Mom capitulated.  She did not want her abuse brought to the attention of the court in which she always practiced.
Kids has done beautifully.
This week, dad was given "official" custody (Dilday) and all child support was stopped (Gibson).
Few other details to be taken care of.

Some of the other maneuvers have continued to be helpful.
Put amount of c-s money dad thinks appropriate into escrow account.
Mom does not pay lawyer.
Mom's lawyer agrees to settle arrearages for amount in escrow account, which he then takes for fees.
No contempt . . . and new and lower c-s amount established.

Think of every way n which you can circumvent the courts, which are totally useless.

Never consent to a GAL or psychologist or parenting coordinator. 
Never sign anything under duress.
Never plea to anything you did not do.

  Barbara C. Johnson, Advocate of Court Reform and Attorney at Law
6 Appletree Lane
Andover, MA 01810-4102

email: barbaracjohnson@worldnet.att.net
False Allegations: http://www.falseallegations.com
Participating Attorney: http://www.lawguru.com/cgi/bbs2/user/browse.shtml
Campaign 2002: http://www.barbforgovernor.com
The judicial system is very broken. It must be fixed.
There are four people who can do the job:
Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody.
Everybody thinks Somebody will surely do it.
It is a job Anybody can do. But Nobody is doing it.
At least I'm trying. What are you doing?

"Women are not men's life partners, but rivals favored by law."
                 Paul Craig Roberts, in "The Wars We Can't Afford to Lose,"
                 citing Professor Richard T. Hise, The War Against Men