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Letter to Connecticut Legislator - - Honorable Rep. ..............

I live in Massachusetts but I believe my story is a typical one for all too many responsible and loving fathers in the great state of Connecticut and all over our great country.   


Five years ago my son was 3 years old and my wife decided that she did not want to be married to me any more. For 18 months after the separation my son was with me two days a week and every other weekend. Because my lawyer told me my chances of getting shared custody in Massachusetts were practically zero, I had reluctantly agreed to my wife having physical custody of our son. Going into the pre-trial hearing we had agreed on a Separation Agreement that included two weekday afternoons a week with an overnight plus every other weekend. Judge Ginsburg took one look at our signed agreement and imperiously declared: "I am not going to allow that, it's not good for the child". We were forced to re-negotiate and after over $50,000 in attorney's fees and gut wrenching needless acrimony today I have my son only one afternoon a week for four hours plus every other weekend.  


Had the presumption of shared parental rights and responsibilities been the law in Massachusetts, today my son would be able to see his Dad a lot more and I would be able to be more involved in his schooling, his activities and his parenting. I also believe that given the prospect of having to share parenting rights and responsibilities after divorce my wife might have chosen to work out our differences and today my son could well have his father and mother with him in the same home as a family. 


I urge you to support changing the laws of Connecticut so that even after divorce children will be able to have two fully involved, loving parents in their lives. 




John G. Huber

45-C Liberty Square Road

Boxborough, MA 01719