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Judge Removes Child from Care of Loving Uncle and Gives to Unfit Mother

Just this week the fathers of this state have been dealt another difficult blow by the Mass. judicial system. A very good friend of mine has had his niece for over 10 years. The mother left the area and the father, as well leaving their daughter with Don. For 10 years he has raised and nurtured the child with no financial help from anyone.

            This year along comes MOM. She takes Don to court in Springfield to gain back custody. During the case it was brought to the attention of the court that, MOM, has not even so much as inquired of her daughters welfare, let alone schooling or activities. Mom admitted such with no remorse or reason. It also brought out through questioning of the judge himself that mom has no visible means of support. Further, the mother of the child has had 2 other children removed from her and not returned, though the reasons remain unknown. On the other hand, Don , acting as the surrogate father in the last 10 years has done a stellar and commendable job according to the judge. She has been raised in the church and has been active in such activities as children’s choir and other assorted activities where she has developed friendships with many children. She also has maintained her studies to the point of being an honor roll student throughout school.

            The case in question looked to be a home run for Don. This week Don received the court judgment. It read like a who's who of fathers, commending Don on what a great job he has done. The excitement was short lived however starting with the word "although" BECAUSE OF THE GENDER AND THE CHILDS CHRONOLOGICAL AGE the court finds in favor of the mother and orders the guardianship to be terminated at the end of the school year giving soul custody to the mother.

            The judge in this case was Judge Fuller. This is just another case of sexual discrimination perpetuated by the probate court of Massachusetts. The judgment infers that a great dad will suddenly become a pedophile dealing with an incestuous relationship with a little girl who has had only the best of nurturing to this date and is better off with a single, unemployed mom with a record of losing children to the state.

            My question is this, "Did I miss something here?" Are all dads automatic pedophile candidates at the turning of age 12 or 13 of the child? What about gay couples that are allowed to adopt? Are the children automatically taken away at age 12 or 13 for THEIR own protection? Do the judges in Hampden county have previous first hand knowledge of this type of behavior from fathers? If so where is the documentation?

            What is the basis for such decisions that imply that fathers are possible molesters? Is it based simply on gender? If it is, then what about sexual discrimination? Surely that's not happening in such a place as Springfield. Will the male in Massachusetts ever get a fair shake? Will we ever be seen as DADS or just sperm donors with visitation rights to the end product? I guess some questions need not be asked. – Fuller is a Republican who was appointed by Weld in 1993.