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Father's Stories of Abuse By Family Courts
The family courts have become so prejudice that they actually destroy the father for the benefit of the mother, if that is what the mother wants. The stories are unbelievable yet true. They are as common as leaves in the Fall.  The lawyers will not stand up for male clients, though they are happy to go through the motions to collect their $250/hour. The judges will not look at what the father is left with and can literally leave the father with nothing, living in his car. Obviously this is NOT in the best interest of the children. Here is the story of a disabled man who got this shaft and lived in his car for 4 months after his trial by one of these criminal judges. he was threaten by the judge to not even have a trial. This is called extortion when done by anyone else but is standard operating procedure in the family courts because judges are not held accountable for their behavior. As the years pass they get worse and worse and become completely callous and oblivious to the pain they cause. They pretend they are "helping the children" and wear the white hat but they are criminals pure and simple ignoring the law to do whatever they want. We have a tyranny in these courts today, literally, not a democracy where the laws must be respected by all.

Had Vicent Pusateri for my lawyer for my divorce-that was presided over by Arline S. Rotman ( the Rotman family store in Worcester) The guy who advertises on T.V.
about their furniture store. *Fantastic is what he always says.

Rotman was just like Gobbels in Nazi , Germany attitude. I couldn't voice what I felt told to shut up and or go to jail. Was told by Rotman in a pretrial conference that if I pushed for a trial that I would wind up with nothing, not ever seeing my son again.
That Bitch meant every word she said.
As a Vietnam veteran I felt like a Jew in the holocost or better still like a gladiator in the arena with a death sentence. I was disabled then as well-she gave the house to my ex, forced to sign over the house so she could sell it and thrown out in the street like a piece of crap. With no money, no place to stay. I lived out of my car for about 4 months.
told to sent this ex of mine child support with no money or job or anything else going for me.

Basically Pusateri did lip service and nothing in front of Rotman, I know his son is doing the same thing.
I met him and he told me of his attitudes towards men. The apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Gus Fernandez