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Divorced Fathers Are Being Turned into Slaves as Sure are You Are Breathing While Reading This
Extortion by Threat of Jail is How The State Enslaves Fathers To
PAY, PAY and PAY By "Imputing" More Than They Make Sometimes
I myself was under and order to pay 300% of my income for nearly one year. Even after my prenup was enforced, which required shared living expenses the judge simply doubled my child support to make up for the fact that the wife had to leave my house, a premarital asset I built 10 years before the marriage.

Don't fool yourself into thinking these judges are fair and smart. They are in fact too lazy to understand the situation, dumb and do not give a rats ass about fairness.  The are prejudice against men. They are prejudice against Pro Se litigants who are not paying their system of friend $250 or more per hour. They are prejudice against the self-employed - immediately assuming you are dishonest and hiding money (against case law). Essentially they are the worst criminals I know. I have seen them break the law every time I go into court. Most people will not notice, but I have studied and read these laws in great detail. I even corrected the judge recently and he admitted "Oh you are right".

Judges are simply trying to drive child support level to higher and higher level to make tens of million of dollars in federal kickbacks, that were created with good intentions by Clinton, but have had unintended effects. Some states take these moneys and put them in the judge's retirement funds, creating a direct conflict of interest. In all states this is an indirect conflict since more money funds their staff and power base.


Jack-booted thugs

From: "Ken Wiggins" <wiggins_k@hotmail.com>
Subject: Jack-booted thugs

The New Amerikan Gulag
By Kenneth C. Wiggins

I’ve been fairly sure for some time now that our country is in deep trouble. Today, I am profoundly convinced, beyond any doubt whatsoever, that we are in for dire times ahead, where life “as we know it” will never be the same. Whether that comes within months or years yet to come, I have no doubts that it must and will come.

I just spent three weeks incarcerated in the new Amerikan Gulag. My crime was that I couldn’t make enough money to satisfy our government’s petulant expectations.

Never mind that the government “imputed” my income at four times my actual ability to earn based on my ex-wife’s statements that my mother “had money.”
There is no question, beyond a reasonable doubt, that this was a direct “shakedown”, using me to extort money from my mother. You will find the same acts in any major city, only there they call it “the mob.” In the new Amerikan Gulag, it is called “Family Court”, but in fact is no more respectable or responsible than any other “organized crime” syndicate. Its just “legal” by this new false process they call law.

Never mind that the government has openly refused to give me a hearing, to bring their supposed “evidence” into a court. I have filed more than forty documents in this so-called “family court”, another dozen in the state appellate court and about half a dozen in the state supreme court. The one consistent factor is that they accept my documents, enter them into the record, and then openly ignore them. The appellate court offers profound excuses, which within their own rules are fraudulent, and when confronted with those facts, they use more rules to conveniently “administratively dismiss” without fact or law. I call it “law by ignorance”. Its just “legal” by this new false process they call law.

Never mind that the court clerk for the state supreme court refuses to even file my documents, claiming they are “not appropriate” for that high court or some other such equally lame claim. Apparently, court clerks are now the “high authority” on adjudication in these courts. It is quite clear that the court is using its clerk to avoid hearing cases it doesn’t like. Its just “legal” by this new false process they call law.

Never mind that numerous people, including several lawyers, have told me that even a felony complaint for failure to pay child support is still a “civil matter”, not criminal. Thus they cannot have authority to kick in your door, your castle inviolate. Tell that to my dog, whom they Maced, and my girlfriend who had jack-booted thugs pointing guns at her. Never mind that the actual “search warrant” they executed states as its sloe “probable cause” that a cop was window peaking at our home at 9:30 at night to “observe the probable suspect” through curtained windows. No reason is given as to why he was window peeking at this house, so we might assume he was peeking in windows all over town before he got here. Apparently, window peeking is now an important job skill in the new Amerikan Gulag. Its just “legal” by this new false process they call law.

Never mind that the judge, at my arraignment, waving my six inch thick file and slamming in on his desk, made it clear that the only thing he would hear was evidence that I had paid their extortion – any thing else was a waste of my time. Then he doubled my bail to an amount more than my current “arrearage”, and more than any amount yet due. There is no small irony that five years ago, he was the “family court” judge, and it was his fraud at law that put me in this boat, but of course he is now the District Court judge, andf course, he sees no conflict of interest in that. Its just “legal” by this new false process they call law.

This isn’t about the woes of “my” case. Nor is it about the woes of Beatty Chadwick, incarcerated for ten years on “civil contempt”, without any hearing or fact, solely because he cannot prove “what is not”. Never mind that “they” have made no effort to prove “what is.” Nor is it about the young men I met in jail. One such, in his twenties, was convicted of some petty crime, for which he could have gotten a maximum of ninety days in jail. Instead he did thirty days, plus six months probation. For the past three years they have “violated” his probation six times, and he has spent nearly nine months in jail, with two more to go, and still faces another two years of their “probation.” Its all about what is now “just legal” by this new false process they call law.

We face a serious epidemic of this “justice”, of “law by ignorance”, of a false process they euphemistically call “law.” Once they enter your name in their system, they own you. No longer does law serve the people, it is the people that serve their monied system, which they serve up to you by this new false process they call law.

It is no longer about the “denial of due process”, that sacrosanct constitutional right that we used to own. It is about being processed by government agents that make up their own law as they go and define their process by their own convenience. It is no longer about the deprivation of our civil rights, our inalienable inheritance. It is about the destitution of a government gone awry on its own power trip.

The Constitution of the United States is gone. It no longer exists, of the people, by the people and for the people. In its place is “government”, for which these peoples now exist to serve.

It was not my “rights” that were violated, but the very foundations of our free society, of “civility”, … that night, when the jack-booted thugs kicked in my door and pointed their guns at my chest.

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