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Fathers For Justice Canada files $125 million (Canadian) class action
Good way to get publicity and attention to this matter and reveal the damages being done to children and fathers for the pocketbooks of lawyers and ease of judges. $25,000 per fathers is actually a PUNY amount to ask for given the financial, emotional damages and cruel and unusual punishment that fathers are put through without any reason other than sexual prejudice and greed of the people who run the courts. I would think more like $250,000 to $1 million per person was more appropriate. However, the point is not the money but correcting the ongoing damage being done to families, children and fathers by this horrible system.

Children need both of their parents in their lives. A father is just as important in the life of a child than is a mother. Fathers-4-Justice was established to bring social change that would allow children to be raised by both parents. We have chapters in many countries...

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On Friday January 13th 2006, Andy Srougi coordinator for Fathers-4-Justice Quebec filed a class action lawsuit at the Montreal courthouse valued at about 125 MILLION Canadian dollars. The lawsuit was filed against the Quebec Bar Association, the Quebec Bar Association’s Responsibility Insurance Fund, the Attorney General of Quebec and the Ministry of Revenue. The lawsuit is asking for 25,000 $CAN punitive damages per victim of judicial abuse and corruption. Fathers-4-Justice evaluates that there are about 5,000 fathers in Quebec who have been victimized by illegal practices by the Quebec legal system and discriminated against when it comes to the custody of their children. In December of 2004, the Supreme Court of Canada rendered a decision in the Finney case, that held the Quebec Bar Association responsible to the tune of 25,000 $ per person in matters of judicial misconduct. As a result, Fathers-4-Justice predicts that if all 5,000 fathers sign on to the lawsuit, and should the lawsuit be won, the Quebec government will be forced to pay out over 125 MILLION dollars. At a minimum the Quebec government would have to pay out 15,000,000 $ for Fathers-4-Justice’s 600 members alone. To download a copy of the lawsuit with evidentiary documentation (10 meg. PDF file) click here. To participate in this class action lawsuit (complete and remit form) click here. The lawsuit will be presented before the court for approval on Monday February 13th 2006 at the Montreal Court House, room 2.16 at 9 am. Your attendance will ensure that the lawsuit gets accepted.