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Fathers For Justice Strikes Again
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - March 25, 2005

Batman and Robin are on the balcony of the Legislature Building with banners declaring "LIBERALS Deny Kid's Rights" and, "Fathers 4 Justice". Green Lantern was seen talking to the police and building security forces, as a crowd gathered chanting slogans such as, "kid's need both parents", and "fathers are forever".

The authorities are currently attempting to remove Batman and Robin by threatening to taser them. The dynamic duo are negotiating with the authorities.

At the Supreme Court in Victoria hangs a banner declaring, "Fathers are Forever, Courts Discriminate", right above the front doors that have been chained shut to prohibit further abuses of children by Family Law judges. Superman is on the scene explaining that the judiciary needs to pay more attention to children's rights to maximum contact with both parents.

The Incredible Hulk stands atop the Johnson Street drawbridge where he has draped a 10'x 30' banner with the Fathers 4 Justice website address, and Flash is on the scene talking to passers-by, about Family Law reforms.