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Fathers For Justice March June 17th 2005
Massachusetts March and New Hampshire Rally

The fight is Just Beginning. Justice Will Be Served. This BROKEN and distorted system will be changed with the unity of the oppressed people forcing ITS government to realize it has bastardized the divorce process into a harmful system which is purely driven by the self-interests of the system - not the families.


The "Best interests of the children" is now really an excuse for the best interests of the lawyers, judges and the bureaucracy that generate $250 BILLION per year from the divorce and domestic violence industry. This is obvious when you look that the sexist and biased policies of granting restraining orders to any woman when NOTHING has happened because judges are "afraid of showing up on the six o'clock news" (against their oath of office).

Shared parenting with true equal rights is the best way to take the money incentive out of the system. We need to remove the winner take all mentality that generates custody battles with big legal bills and massive harm to the families of divorce.