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…brought to you by America’s Family Courts

WHAT:  Fathers-4-Justice, the civil rights movement that started in the UK and has swept across Europe, Australia, and Canada is HERE IN BOSTON.  Boston is one of several cities across the nation that will be hosting Fathers-4-Justice (F4J) demonstrations on Fatherless Day.  This exciting, fun, and liberating event will be conducted in the flamboyant style of the F4J demonstrations that have been so successful in raising public awareness in the UK.  Let’s send a little “love” to the Family Court system!

WHO:  Fathers-4-Justice Activists, Supporters, Friends and Family.  Please pass this along and bring anyone willing to help. We are only strong in numbers and will get the media attention needed on this problem with lots of people.

WHEN:  Friday, June 17th  (the day before Father’s Day)

11:30am – 1:00pm

WHERE: BOSTON - Commencing on City Hall Plaza near the entrance to Boston City Hall, proceeding north on Congress St., left onto New Chardon St., left onto Cambridge St., onto Tremont St., onto Boston Common, and up to the Massachusetts State House.

WHY:  These events will draw attention to the plight of children and parents who are unnecessarily removed from each other due to the painful child custody processes that are currently in place in the family courts. 

HOW:  For more information and to REGISTER to participate, contact F4J Massachusetts at 800-793-7458 or info@ma.f4j.us