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Why the Battle Should be About Noncustodial Parents Equal Right, Not Just Fathers
Women and children, let's face it, is mom and apple pie.  Complaining about Money and corruption, is, Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and ?Newt Gingrich?

Tammy wrote: "Male or female the NCP gets the pain, suffering, stigma, and injustice."...Jeffrey wrote: "Yes, and it so happens to be that the NCP is almost always the male, so "as a rule" it is blatant gender-bias originated with the "losers" being primarily the children and fathers - and sometimes the "exception" of mothers."


If this is what you believe you are not going to be happy with my documentary.  I discovered a FINANCIAL scam that is the root of all these problems.  It was never is not now a gender issue when it comes to the courts ruling.  What it is, is profiteering.  The women's groups have gone long unopposed when they present new legislation and while researching some 480 laws that have been presented in California by those groups, it is interesting to note that some of the worst laws for families and children that got passes, were opposed by the Judges and Family Law BAR.  They still passed because there was no one to lobby against them so they flew under the radar of the public and just got pushed through.  Those groups are playing the gender card for their own benefit. 

BUT, when you say the courts are making rulings based on a gender bias, you miss the bigger picture.  The rulings they make are according to procedures that ensure the largest reimbursement of inflated expenses, or in bonus grants from VAWA (as every case with false allegations, even proven false, becomes a DV Divorce case).  It's only about the
money.  They have no trouble giving the husband custody and awarding 99% of the community property to the husband  if there is an arrangement in place that gets them more money (and it is rare, but I do have documentation that it has happened in high net worth cases here in CA).

So my point is this.  If you keep pulling the gender card, or claiming gender bias, your words are going to be dismissed by those listening. This is America, the land where no man is a victim and no woman is an abuser.  You simply will NEVER win with that argument.

Now, reframe that argument to say that the courts make decisions based on their profit margin, not on the individual facts of the case and what do you have?  A provable, fact driven argument, that will piss off the voters. :)  You choose which argument you want to make.  But so long as the battle is seen as between the sexes, it is doomed to fail.

Adryenn Ashley    adryenn_ashley@yahoo.com
PMB 304, 925 Lakeville Highway, Petaluma, CA 94952

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