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What states and countries have implemented shared parenting? Shared parenting is the only constitutional approach to divorce and is also scientifically proven to be best for the children, far beyond all other factors unless a parent is seriously unfit.
Already Have Shared Parenting:
Italy, Belgium
In process with legislation
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Sun, 02 Apr 2006 15:11:06 +0000
From: Roger Eldridge <eldridgeandco@eircom.net>
Subject: This will lead to a dramatic fall in marriage breakdown -
50/50 joint physical custody legislation has passed!
This will lead to a dramatic fall in marriage breakdown - 50/50 joint
physical custody legislation has passed!
No longer will a Wife be granted sole Custody of the children of the
Marriage and receive consequent Maintenance money from her Husband.
This means that there is no advantage for a Wife to seek sole Custody
as she
will only be seeking to lose the company of her children for half the
and will get no money.
Marriage breakdown will end overnight!
Long live marriage and true protection and care for children.
Roger Eldridge,
Chairman. National Men's
Council of Ireland,
Knockvicar, Boyle, Co. Roscommon
Tel: 00 353 (0) 71-9667138
Email: familymen@eircom.net
Historic news from Belgium: Fifty-fifty shared coparenting legislation
has passed by majority voting!
Last evening the Belgian Commons has passed presumptive 50/50 joint physical care and custody legislation by mayority vote of 90 votes in favor no votes against it and 36 votes abstained. This gives Belgium the primary for being the first country worldwide in introducing true presumptive coparenting legislation on the national scale.
The presumptive coparenting legislation will now be forwarded to the Senate where votings will be a formality and will then come into effect 21 days after the has been published in the states journal, which is now expected before the coming summer starts.
After that the standard starting point for all Belgian court ordered post-divorce parenting arrangements will be that the children will be cared for one week by one parent and the next week by the other parent alternatingly, etc. etc.
Congratulations Belgium!
More reports will follow later.

Peter Tromp

FatherCare Knowledge Centre Europe