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"Child Support" or "Child Extortion"

The book "Father and Child Reunion" does a terrific job of articulating how this has happened over the last 30 years and what we need to do to fix it.  The author was on the board of the National Organization of Women (NOW) for more than one elected term and fought for female equality for many years. Only when the pendulum swung too far did he begin focusing on the issues that men need fixed.

Today women can choose to kill a fetus without the male having any right to participate in that decision, yet the male is enslaved for 18 to 23 years by that decision with child support - even if the woman tricked him purposely (by committing fraud) by saving his sperm and impregnating herself intentionally. The women's movement claims "my body, my choice" because of the 9 months of inconvenience to gestate a fetus, yet totally ignores the 18 years of effective slavery thrust on men by the decision to have that child!  Outrageous, illogical and driven by a powerful feminist movement with no counter balancing men's rights political force.

The woman can leave a new born baby at a fire station "no questions asked", yet again the male must pay 18 to 23 years of child support, representing basically all of his disposable income and, in Massachusetts 40%, of his after tax income. This is effectively slavery.

A women has the right to ongoing financial support after marriage only because more than 85% of the time she gets physical custody of the children - yet with no accountability for how that money is spent. Is it all going to the children? Of course not - it is many times what the children need.  Yet a man has no continuing rights of support on anything that the may have woman contributed to the marriage - Why is financial support a commitment for after the marriage when nothing else is?  Could it be because the divorce industry and government profit from this ongoing money stream -- of course it is. 

Since a contract requires a quid pro quo to be enforceable, many experts are saying there is no longer an effective contract in marriage under these laws. Women have all the rights and men have all the responsibilities.  The law is decades behind the times and so sexually biased that virtually every divorce proceeding is completely unconstitutional today. These kangaroo courts deny men equality, due process and force men under duress of jail and losing access to their children into effective slavery.

Men currently pay child support of about 4 to 10 times the actual cost of raising a child.  They should pay only 50% (maybe with some adjustment for daycare in the preschool years). This would be true "equal rights for women".  Independent sources like Money, Kiplinger's and the U.S. government estimate the total cost of raising a child today at just over $100,000. Yet a man with an income of $75,000 will barely be able to afford his own apartment after a divorce under these laws and will pay a total of $351,000 in child support over 18 years! He should be paying $50,000 (half)!!! That is SEVEN TIMES the actual COST OF RAISING THE CHILD.  No one can even argue this is just the new alimony, and therefore a holdover to decades past and completely inappropriate in today's world where most women work - and all should after the kids are in school. The myth is that women get poorer after divorce, that FACT is that men do. Women do very well even after just the second year with this level of financial extortion done by hold the father's children hostage by the state.

As men generally we all have an innate desire to protect woman. Women generally have an innate desire to nurture.  Yet when the children arrive you can bet that that nurturing support of the husband quickly turns to the children, and the husband now is the target of nagging and no end of responsibility instead.  Woman got what they wanted - the kids - and now the father is disposable.  Well the facts are in children do MUCH, MUCH better with exposure to both parents.  Funny 10 million years of evolution got this better than the social engineering of judges and legislators. 

Most women will turn on their husbands in a divorce and provide nothing in return for up to an 18+ year "salary" the state forces men to pay women.  Attorneys encourage this because it is the best way to maximize attorney's fees and the percentage of the divorce estate that will be divided up among the divorce industry players, who add little value but collect $250 BILLION per year from broke families who are often in financially desperate straights during the transition.  This industry clearly does far more to hurt children and families than it does to help them due.  Ethics do not exists in this industry really - they all live off the pain of the suffering families.

Restraining orders, designed to protect battered women, are used to abuse men by throwing them out of their house, gaining control of the children and setting one party up as the default winner, so the other must spend a fortune on lawyers to get anything out of the divorce. Again constitutionally illegal by any measure, but happening every day. I have been told between 50% and 90% of restraining orders are completely bogus with no physical violence or physical threat of any kind EVER happening. I have been told Virginia has 1,500 restraining order outstanding at any one time, while Massachusetts, with a similar size population has over 50,000! DO you think this means men in Massachusetts are 33 time more violent than in Virginia? Or might it be that Massachusetts attorneys and judges have a different standard and perspective on restraining orders which generates higher legal fees and lower "exposure" for the judges who are afraid of showing up on the six o'clock news with a single incident of a woman beaten due to fear from powerful woman groups - funded by government and out of control - and therefore takes away the rights of 99% of the men for the 1% problem! Un-American - Unconstitutional and immoral I think.

What would you feel if the "company" you worked for (your wife) fired you and you had to pay them 18 years worth of severance pay.  This is exactly what happens to men today - the only difference - you don't have to do anything wrong to get fired (no fault divorce).

It is time for a change. Shared parenting with equal parenting rights and responsibilities won an 85% approval in the non-binding referendum in Massachusetts in 2004.  This would require a presumption of 50% parenting time to each parent (baring extreme circumstances of unfit parents, which gets lots of publicity but is the rare exception, not the rule).

It is LONG PAST time for a change. We must band together to FORCE judges, legislators and others in this entrenched industry to a new model of divorce for the future of our children.

This industry has become terribly corrupted, even though driven by some good intentions.  Federal kickbacks to states encourage raising child support collections bias every decision made by judges, who get increased budgets and staff for every dollar they route through this state collection system. The family courts are an out of control monster feeding on the pain and suffering of children, wives and husbands at their weakest point. There is no accountability to anyone, as they have past laws making them not liable for anything.

It is time for serious change!!!


This CHILD EXTORTION system is eating us alive!
It is nothing but alimony by another name!

Do you realize that the average father often pays more than 3X the actual cost of raising a child today in Massachusetts to the mother? With only $50,000 in income over 23 years he would pay $299,000 (today's dollars without any inflation adjustment). That is why this is child extortion, not child support. Dad should pay 50%, not 3X!

Child support would be 1/2 the actual cost of raising the child, which according to many independent sources is about $100,000.  Therefore the dad today pays SIX TIMES what he should by any truly independent measure. (See the actual figures here) Not to mention the mother gets all the tax breaks and $20,000 carve out PLUS all "Child Support" tax free.  Why? Because the people who run this CIRCUS are making a mint. It is their daily bead. There are literally HUNDREDS of MILLION OF DOLLARS each year and they get a piece of it every day.  John Flaherty, of CFP) has a great chart that shows how the mother has a standard of living FAR above the father even when the father is earning 50% more than her!!

This is a travesty -  it is unconstitutional and unfair. It is not equal rights for women and simply empowers women to abuse men.




Judges and the state get federal kickbacks for increasing child support - creating a direct conflict of interest. The more child support is paid the more money the judicial system gets for its judges. Some states actually pay some of these funds into judges pension funds to create an incentive to drive UP child support!! This is illegal, immoral and unethical and our "judges" are doing this every day!
A loving father of 2 beautiful girls, kidnapped by the state and being held hostage for child extortion so I can see them 2 weekends per month.  BTW I signed a prenuptial agreement with my wife. We both agreed to keep our assets separate, share household expenses, have no alimony and many other provisions.  Yet she now lives in the house I built 8 years before I married her, which she never paid $1 for (in violation of the prenup), while I have no income and I am under court order to pay over $5,000 per month for this house plus $800 per month in "child support" while I live in a rat hole apartment.